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Fun Boy

By Khaled M.Kh.S. Alnobani (Jordan)


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She was desperately irritated at what has happened. The past could not be changed. Surely we decide the future?. At last there is something to play with. Her thoughts were not coherent and her feelings were obviously shattered. Her boy friend was the last cover and she lost him. At last he asked a kiss and that was that, it was the end. Even if she gave it to him, he would leave her and stop respecting her. What alas.

“Come and take me now,” she phoned her boy friend.

“I am not ready, I am sleeping.”

“How could you be sleeping and you are talking to me.  Come now, I am ordering you.”

“I am a man. A girl cannot order me;  go to hell.”

“The hell on your side. Get lost,” she said without any feeling.

“What do you think of me? A fun boy, I am a man, ” she heard that with a very funny tone.

“A man does not do this.” She affirmed.

“Give me what I want.” Those words appeared without any respect.

“You will not stop asking”

“You still here.  I will get what I want from you.  Just give me time,” he told her.

The boy was setting in his apartment, watching TV. Suddenly a crash happened outside the window and he wanted to go and see what happened but he lowered the oven temperature and directly went to the window. There were three cars.

“How could you all make such a crash with three cars in this empty street?”

“Shut your mouth,” one of the men said.

“You are not polite and I know how to punish you. Just wait.”

He closed the window and said:

“I think who ever interrupts such a person will get such a reply. They do not know the least amount of traffic law.”

He went back to his TV. The news was beginning.

“I think that a film is better than this dull bloody news.”

“Do not you think that Jevara?”  he looked to the picture on the wall for the international rebeler.”

Instead of switching to a film, he went into deep sleep during the  news.

“Insanity, which I will live with by the end of my life….,” he dreamed.

“How can I avoid this?” he said to himself when he woke up.

The first thing he did when he got awake was call his girl friend.

“Oh my love I am so sorry. Just forgive me. I was not serious. Just forgive me.”

She said: “Game over.”

He had lost her for ever.
He would go into the same steps again to get a new girl. The hardest part is trust. He wanted a good girl, not a scandal.

The second girl or the coming girl will be one of his old girl friend friends. Her name Simil.

“Can we go to the cafeteria?”


She closed the door before anything  happened.

“But why? I just want you and me to have a lunch”

“I am not hungry”

“Then it is because of that?”


“I thought there is some thing else “

“No there is nothing of what is in your head”

“Then let us go to the café”

“This is good”

“Let us go”

“I feel in need for something but I do not know what”

“Can I help you?”

“Yes you can”

“I want a cigarette”

“Oh no” he said in his deep heart. This is not what he searched  for. He must get rid of her immediately.

“Sorry my phone is vibrating”

“Aloooh, yes it is me. Is this true?  Are you serious?”

“I am sorry, I must go now my darling, I must go. There is an accident and my brother and mother was in the car I must go to the hospital”

When he left her, he said to himself,“It was very close”
“She could end my last pennies”

That night he decided to go home on foot. In his way there were two people who stood in the way.

“What you are doing here”

“I want to go home. Go away”

“You must give us your money”

“Where you think you are….”

“Give us the money”


In no time there was blood and a long cut in the face.

“You busters”

“Give us the money”

He put his hands in his pocket. There  were two dinners.

“Take this. This is all what I have”

They searched him carefully then went away.

He began hallucinating and talking to himself.

“What luck? I didn’t spend the money on a girl.”

“What I can do more”

“This is my biggest mistake”

“I should not leave my girl friend”

“She was always paying for me”

“What a stupidity?”

“A kiss…a kiss…a kiss”




He decided to go to her and do whatever to convince here to forgive him.

“With that cut in your face, you should search for a goat to be your girl friend,” were the last words he could hear from her.

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