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The Mystical Vampire

By Letricia Chandler (USA)

Chapter 1


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The night was cold; the wind from the trees was blowing slightly. I decided to document my life and journey from whence I came. It has been almost six months, and there is something making me uneasy. Someone is watching me, but whom? Maybe I should start from the beginning.
         It all started, I believe, a hundred years ago. When I was more troubled about becoming the next empress, which I hated the most. I guess before I continue I should introduce myself.
         My name is Leena, daughter of the second highest powerful royal family across France and Romania of The Royal Empire. I lived with my father, James Louis, and my only brother Eric. My father's castle was built in France. It was beautiful; the tall stone lay out with the colorful glass windows. The castle stretched hundreds of miles covering thousands of acres. I never spend much time outside, for the weather was sometimes unpredictable. But inside the castle seemed like a whole other country. If maps were given to owners of castles maybe I would never have found myself lost growing up.
         The highest family was different than your average family but yet, one of the most respected royals of their time. The grand emperor Vulgar and his son Jason both came from a long line of nobles. No one knows if Jason's mother lives with him or even lives at all. And as far as anyone remembers, Jason was the only child. Their castle lay along the coast side of Romania.
         By the time I was to turn eighteen both emperors, James and Vulgar, gathered designers in my father's castle. The two royal families were planning a grand party for the coming of their sons but only one was to become Grand Emperor. It was one of the moments when I didn't care who ruled my family. I just didn't want to rule beside an ungrateful fool of a prince. Back then I was one of the only women who would rather fight for her family's honor then to marry it out like all the other royal women.
         Nevertheless I attended the grand party due to the fact that, as a warrior and a grand duchess, I had no choice but, to go. As you will know a grand party was in order. Everyone who was anyone was invited. Over a thousand nobles were expected to arrive within an hour. Of course I was forced to wear a silk majestic rose color evening gown that my father picked out for me. It was floor length and shone like diamonds in the light. My long black hair was put up on top of my head in ringlets. My father's maidens painted my eyelids dark red to hide my crystal hazel eyes.
         The party itself was held in an elegant ballroom. The ballroom could hold every noble that was invited and maybe nine hundred more. Long black sheer linens hung from the ceiling. The walls had wild bright green vines that barely touched the ceiling. Tall candles were lit in the archways of the room. Tables were placed a long wide window displaying food from across the country.
         Rich intoxicating fruits sent their sweet fragrance in the air as peasants brought in huge barrels of desirable wines. The grand emperor was sitting on a black gold throne on a balcony that viewed the whole room. I sat at my father's feet as he stood by the father of the next highest emperor. Both of the emperors, James and Vulgar, ordered their sons, Jason and Eric of the two kingdoms, to step to the front of the room.
         Though only two boys were there, everyone gathered around them. The highest emperor's oldest son was Jason, who was thin not like a weakling but someone who really did not care about bulging muscles. Jason had short brown hair, light hazel eyes, and his clothes were a dark brown shirt and dress shoes, perhaps to take attention off his ugly canary yellow suit. At least my brother was smarter, for he wore a red dress shirt and a black suit with a tie. Everything on him, from his black short hair to his dress shoes, was perfectly fitted though he wore a goatee which was clean shaven. It made his bright auburn eyes shine like crystal. He was so handsome that all the young ladies flocked around him. By the time the boys reached the balcony the grand emperor was prepared to speak.
           “The time has come to issue rights to the new rulers of our empire. After the long pause the grand emperor said, "I will name the third prince at a later date." Then he told the people to enjoy the party.

            Then the grand emperor retired to his chambers for the remainder of the evening. The people started to talk among themselves. They wondered who this third prince was. Why would the grand emperor pause right in the middle of his honorable speech? The music started up to pull the party back together. As I left my father's side, my brother had left too.

             Eric, my sweet and loving brother, pretended to introduce himself to a young maiden about his age, with long blonde hair, wearing a long pink dress that tried to hide that she was to give birth to his heir in two weeks. But, you wouldn't see their secret in her light blue eyes. While my brother got all the praise for his great manly achievements for the empire; I was too busy fighting off friends who are brothers. They were both black haired, brown eyed boys with different tastes in clothes. Michael liked his green shirt and shoes with a black suit, and Carlos liked his white shirt and shoes, followed with an orange suit. From my point of view, both of them could make you vomit.

         Believe it or not, the prince was honored for everything. I was ignored by my father since I was five after my mother had died of loss of blood. Still it was a shame when father set me up with a prince that couldn't tame a wild fire. That was until I met the other brother. Across France there were rumors that the evil son was in town. Okay, so it wasn't that he was evil; it was that they mentioned him as the wolf. So the peasants were crazy, maybe insane. Of course I wasn't one to believe them all at once. Maybe if they proved it. What am I saying; as princess I had a reputation to consider.

         Nevertheless a party had been going on for some time and, with the nobles now in groups, I was starting to get bored. Everywhere I moved people were talking about the grand emperor's speech. They really needed a new topic, but the one bad thing about nobles was that they didn't change gossip so easily. Well, I knew someone or something was watching me from afar. So I walked out onto the terrace to get some fresh air. The terrace was covered in assorted flower pedals. It was almost the perfect spot to see all of France and Romania. All the villages' fires lit the place up like stars as the black sky fell behind. I just stared out from the terrace, gazing at the people below running and screaming “Run for your life!”
         Leena looked puzzled. Then she walked forward to get a better view of what was going on down there. Then she realized she was standing on top of a black dragon. The dragon was long and black with red eyes; his body was huge - about eighty-two feet long and twenty feet wide. The dragon had millions of tiny scales all over its back and down its spiked tail. His wing span was fifty feet, stretching out on either side.
         I started to scream. That's when I saw the one prince upon the dragon that every peasant was talking about and the emperor wouldn't listen to them. This tall masculine man with long blonde wave-like hair. His eyes were black with a crystal blue ring around the pupils. He was dressed in an ancient black robe over his pure black suit.

  Continued next week

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