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The Mystical Vampire
Chapter 2

By Letricia Chandler (USA)

Chapter 2


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Chapter 2

I found myself in his arms flying above the town. Never the less I ordered him to let me go. I didn’t know what he was planning to do next. It was about ninety to a hundred feet in the air when he let me go.

            While falling I found a way to stop. I grabbed the long toenail of the dragon’s third toe on his left foot. I tried to hold on to the dragon until he started sneezing. Then I slipped off the toenail and onto the dragon’s tail. When fire flowed from his mouth, I trembled with fear. I finally looked up at the dark stranger. He offered me his hand and I paused but then grabbed his hand because I did not want to fall to my death. He pulled me back on the dragons back with him. I was glad to be back on the dragon’s back with the man instead of hanging off the dragon’s toenail. We were flying in the air for quite some time and the height started to make me sick. I was brought to a small island cave off the coast of Europe.

         Inside the cave was lit by candles; the room was lined with silk and roses. The aisles were lined with statues that led towards a long black marble coffin. I sat down beside the pillar of snakes on a velvet bench. I felt him come up behind me and as he slowly touched my face and began to whisper:
“Life is dull and has confusion between mortals and the essence of death.” He said. “Death, the beauty of the night, the howling of wolves crying to the endless night of the moon. The essence of hate roaming through the hearts of the undead and the sweet taste, the passion of the great smell of blood and the struggle to live and die - all that will remain forever, lasting, eternity.”

         I started to feel dazed and started to faint. The vampire’s eyes turned a bright red and I could almost see his long white fangs; then I fainted. Later I found myself in a dark place until some candles started lighting by themselves. With light I saw a tall vampire feeding on a young girl. There were other vampires in the same room. Actually, they weren’t doing anything special - just standing around; I was hiding behind a curtain hoping not to be caught. But, it was already too late. I slipped on a corner of the curtain fell forward. I grabbed the curtain and the whole fabric came down, making such a noise anyone could have heard it. The tall vampire wearing a mask walked up to me and reached out his hand, wanting me to grab his hand.

 When I woke up I was back at my father’s castle and in my room on my bed. I had been stripped from all my clothes and placed in a black see-through gown. As I was trying to find out how I got in the gown and back into my room I heard a noise far off in the royal court dining room. I got out of bed, grabbed a robe and walked out; I walked down the long hallway. When I got towards the noise, far off down, the father was continuously driving his cock into a young nineteen-year-old maiden bent over a long cherry wood table. My father’s hands were on the young girl’s breasts; pulling at her small hardened pink nipples with his fingers. Then he was kissing down the left side of her neck.

         I could hear her scream, “Oh, your royal highness!”

         I decided to walk by and continued my search. Soon I saw a young peasant male, about eleven -years-old with black hair and black eyes, wearing a sandy color shirt and pants. The boy gave me a black rose and a small scroll, warning me to head back to my room. Then he introduced himself as Jack and walked away. I walked down the hall to my bedroom.

         Shutting the door back in my room, I turned around to see the vampire standing and smiling with his fangs still showing. He asked me if I had slept well. I tried to turn away from him but he just started to walk towards me. I felt him come closer and closer until my back was up against the bedroom wall. The vampire’s lips touched the left side of my neck as his breath started to raise the hairs in back. Happily he was interrupted by a nearby guard trying to inform me that the Russian embassy’s army was starting a war with my brother’s wife’s country Japan. Once I received the information the vampire lost interest and left.

        Japan was a small country made up with about four different islands. The part Eric’s wife was from wasn’t very big but it had tall buildings designed by ancient nobles around a thousand years ago. I ordered the guard to send word to Japan; telling them I was on my way with my army, food, and supplies. Sadly, it would take three days to get the stuff. He was to tell their army to meet me in China.

  Continued next week

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