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The Mystical Vampire
Chapter 3

By Letricia Chandler (USA)

Chapter 3


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Chapter 3

Leena spent the next three days gathering up her men from the castle. These were men  her father would let her have because they were expendable to her father and the castle. Leena also went to the local shops and brought food and supplies for the trip. Even though she would be heading into a war in China, Leena was glad to get away for a while. During the three days Leena was preparing to leave she did not allow any visitors - not even the strange vampire. After three days everything was gathered and Leena and her men left the castle. They made their way to the docks where one of Leena’s father’s ships awaited their arrival.
          After Leena and her men boarded the ship, the captain gave them keys to their own rooms. The captain’s men brought all the food and supplies onto the ship where they unloaded them below decks. The ship was huge and the ocean was a beautiful blue with sparkles in the water from the sun beaming down. Leena asked the captain how long it would take to reach China.
          He said, “About a day or so.”
          The captain was wearing a patch on one eye and he had a headband, He wore black pants and a silk shirt with black boots. He ordered his men to get the sails up and said, “Let’s get our asses moving towards China.”
         Leena walked to the edge of the ship. She looked out at the water and beautiful sky, wondering where and what the vampire was doing and what was his plans for her. After a while Leena decided to walk to her room, which was cabin thirty-four. She unlocked the door walked in. It had bright red silk sheets and covers on the bed. The walls were painted black with red going through it. The floors were a cherry red and there was a big soft chair by the double glass window that she could slide to open. Off in the corner of the room was another door which led to a bathroom with a big bath tub, a sink, and other accommodations.
          Leena sat down on the chair and picked up a pitcher that was sitting by the chair on a stand. She poured a glass of rum and sat and stared out the window. While drinking the rum for a long time till, she started to get sleepy and got up. Pulling the cover back, she laid down and thought to herself, “This is a comfortable bed.” Before she knew it she was fast asleep.
          As she started to dream she found herself standing in the middle of a group of vampires. They were feeding on two young females. One of them turned and asked her whether she was going to feed.
         She said, “Yes.”
        Then she took one of the young women and bit into her neck. Oh, how the blood felt running down her throat. When Leena woke the next morning she thought that was the best night sleep she had experienced in a long time. After she was done bathing, Leena stepped out of the tub and dried herself off and got dressed. She left the room walked back up to the deck where all the men were waiting for her. The captain told Leena they would be arriving in China very soon.
          When Leena and her men arrived at the docks the captain’s men let down the sails and pulled the ramp out for Leena and her men to pass through. When Leena and her men got off the ship she could see that China had already been completely destroyed by the damn Russians.
          Leena and her men started to search for survivors while surveying the damage the Russians had caused. Hong Kong was left in ruins. Buildings were smashed in pieces and roads were lifted up till they snapped in two.
One person that wasn’t found under the rubble was too scared to move while Leena’s army tried to rescue more survivors. Some of the survivors told Leena that most of the Japanese army had been captured. They also said that the Russians were talking about taking this army to St. Petersburg to be tortured and hung for public humiliation.
          Leena and her men decided to set up tents because they knew it was going to take several weeks to clean up the mess and find all the survivors. During the weeks of cleaning up the mess, all Leena could do was to think about what she was going to do to the Russians when she encountered them. After several weeks of hard work and the sweat of cleaning up the rumble it started to look a lot better.
         Leena sent word for men to help the survivors rebuild China because she couldn’t do it herself. Also, her men had more important things to do, like getting revenge on the Russians for what they had done. Leena decided to go to Russia so they loaded up onto the ship.
        The captain asked, “What is the next destination?”
        Leena said, “Our next destination is St. Petersburg, which is the coldest part of Russia.”
        The captain told his men to pull up the ramp and hoist the sails because they were going to St. Petersburg. Leena was glad to be done with the cleanup and now she could relax on the ship until she would get it to St. Petersburg. Leena walked to the edge of the ship to look out at the beautiful ocean sky. But, it had started to get cloudy and started to rain Leena did not feel like getting wet so she went to her warm and dry room. There she sat on the soft chair and just stared out the window at the rain pouring down. Thinking about the Russians and the vampire also crossed her mind. She didn’t know why the vampire kept crossing her mind.
Finally Leena got out of the chair and walked to the bathroom where she got naked before getting into the warm bath water. Soon Leena had completed her warm bath and she moved to the bed where she thought it she could get some rest before arriving in St. Petersburg. It took her a little of tossing and turning to fall asleep, but when she did she slept like a baby. She started to dream, finding herself in a dark green room. There were bodies hanging up on the ceiling. Vampires were hanging more bodies as they got done feeding on them. Then she saw the vampire wearing a mask. The next morning Leena woke up went up to the deck where all of the men were already eating breakfast. The ship’s cook had prepared a plate of chicken breast and rolls for her, and it was the best food Leena had eaten in a long time. After Leena was done with her meal she went to the captain’s cabin.
          Leena asked, “About how long until we get there?”
          The captain said, “I think maybe an hour or so.”
        Leena walked back up to the deck where she and her men spent the next hour or two preparing themselves for battle if it became necessary. When they were heading into the St. Petersburg dock the captain came up and said, “We are at your destination.”
          A few minutes later the ship docked in St. Petersburg. The captain told his men to lower the sails and open the ramp. Leena and her men walked down the ramp onto the soil of St. Petersburg.
        St. Petersburg was a pretty big place - the buildings were ancient with delicate paintings drawn onto the exterior. Its palaces and cathedrals reflected a long history. Though the street was paved, there weren’t too many people, even though its villages were crowed. The town’s people never said a word when they passed through. Leena and the men walked for miles. It seemed like it took all day because the sun was hot and beaming down. She thought they were going to die from the heat. Finally they stopped and took a small break before continuing the search for the Russian camp.
As it was getting darker and darker, the air started to cool down so now it wasn’t so bad. They were moving along pretty well and, about midnight, they made it to the camp. She saw the Japanese army in some kind of a cage the Russians had just thrown together. Fortunately, everybody was asleep in their tents and Leena didn’t see anyone walking around. The guard that was supposed to be watching the Japanese men had fallen asleep at his post. She ordered the men to sneak into the tents and capture all the men plus all of the young males. While the Russians were asleep, Leena’s men tied them up. While Leena broke the guard’s neck by the cage she searched the dead guard and found a set of keys in his pocket. She used them to let out the men in the cage. The Japanese thanked Leena and her men for rescuing them.
          Leena and her men decided that in the morning they would bring the captured Russians with them so Leena could punish them for their crimes. Leena and her men also decided that the punishment would be decapitations and hanging when they get to the destination. So Leena and her men went to sleep for a few hours.
         As she started to dream she found herself in a cave. It was lit by candles and nothing else was there. She walked to the entrance. Suddenly the vampire wearing a mask jumped out at her.
         Later, when Leena woke up, they walked pretty much most of the day back to the ship. There Leena had the captured men brought to the lower deck where they were put into small cell rooms. Leena told the captain of the ship to head for Jamaica. The captain ordered his men to hoist sails after closing the ramp.
            Then he told them where they were heading. Leena had gone to her room where she washed up a bit before going to bed for the night. Again she started to dream; now about a comet that fell from the sky and hit France by her father’s castle. Leena’s father sent her out to investigate the comet so she went out behind the castle where the comet landed in a crater of its own making.
        Looking down at the comet, Leena could have sworn she saw something moving around from what looked like a door. So Leena jumped down the hole, opened the door and walked in. Inside she saw tubs of blood and other humans chained up. While hiding behind a barrel, she saw a whole group of vampires drinking the blood inside the comet.
           They also were talking about destroying this planet, even sucking the blood and life out of every living thing. One of the vampires saw Leena then charged her, grabbed her, and pulled her up with one hand by the throat. He then showed her his fangs and bit into her neck. Leena started screaming.
She woke up and realized it was only a dream. Shaking her head, Leena got out of bed and made her way to the bathroom where she poured some water in the tub, took off her night gown and got in the bath. The water was nice and warm and it really relaxed her. She sat there thinking that today was the day she would get her revenge on the Russians – as sickening as it was. After Leena’s bath she got out, dried off, and got dressed for a wonderful day.
            Leena walked up to the deck where she found the sun shining bright in a sky that was clear blue. The ship had already docked in Jamaica. . Jamaica was beautiful it had sandy beaches, nice green grass, and palm trees.
           The crew had already taken the prisoners off the ship and locked them in a cage where they had been waiting for Leena to get up. Leena got off the ship and made her way to where the other men were sitting. She told the men to get the stuff ready to decapitate and to hang the Russians. So the men got ropes and tied them to the hanging post. They also got the blade of the guillotine ready for use. When everything was in place, Leena ordered the execution of prisoners to start. They took the prisoners two at a time and one hung while the other lost his head. You could hear their screams all over the island. Leena got tired of watching heads roll and the other ones hang. Blood splattered everywhere, even on the trees Eye balls were lying on the ground with ears, pieces of lips, and fingers.
            Blood was all over Leena’s clothes and face but, she did not care. She showed no mercy, even cutting bones out from the bodies. She had some of her men go a separate mission to bring the bones to the four corners of the world, except the bones of the young male children, to show the power of our kingdom. The bones had the muscles still attached and blood still poured out of them. Leena ordered her men to stretch and spike their boneless skin so you can see the veins through it. After they did the executions, Leena ordered them to load the stretched skin, the male children’s bodies, and bones onto the ship.
           When everything was loaded, Leena told the captain to go back to St. Petersburg, so the he ordered his men to sail there again. Leena went to her room where she took a bath. This time her dinner was brought in. She ate while she bathed. Being tired, she got in bed and fell fast to sleep. In the new dream she was walking down a long hallway. It was bright - really bright – and the floor was bright yellow; the walls around her were a bright white and so were the ceilings. As Leena was walking down the hall, dark shadows started coming out of the walls and ceiling. Leena was scared to death because the shadows were ceiling her name. Leena started running towards the end of the hall when suddenly it got pitch black. Leena couldn’t see anything. All of a sudden something grabbed her arm she turned to see what it was, but nothing was there.
          So she continued down the hallway not knowing really where she was or where she was going. When she made it to the end of the hallway she saw a faint light. She started to walk toward it but, when she did, a bunch of spikes came down upon her from the ceiling. Just before they struck her she woke up in a sweat, realizing it was only a nightmare.
            Leena got out of bed, got dressed, and walked up to the deck. It was a beautiful morning as the ship was docking in St. Petersburg. The ship came to a complete stop. The captain told his crew to lower the sails pull the ramp down. Leena and her men unloaded the bones plus the boneless bodies of the young children.
          They dragged the bodies to the town square and dropped them down in the dirt. When the villagers saw the dead children they ran into their homes. Peeping out of their doors, windows, and other holes in the walls, they were scared to death of what might happen. Leena ordered some of her men to take the bones of the children to their mothers, telling them that this is what happens to little children when you send them into battle, especially against Leena and France.
         Leena set up a small campfire in the town square and burned the bodies while she waited for the men return. Upon their return several hours later, Leena was ready to leave.
         Leena said, “Let’s get back to the ship; we must now sail back to my father’s castle.”
         So they left the town square and headed to the ship. Once there Leena told the captain to head back to her father’s castle .The captain ordered his crew to let up the sails and pull up the ramp for they were heading back to France.
         Leena decided to relax and do a little bit of fishing because she had neglected doing this last time. She could still remember fishing with her father when she was only a little child. Grabbing a bamboo pole, she cast it out into the water. She stood there for hours but did not catch anything.
         Leena was starting to get bored so she put the pole down and walked back to her room. There she cleaned herself up a bit. The smell of burning flesh was still on her clothes and it was starting to make her sick. After cleaning herself up she started getting sleepy. So Leena pulled back the silk covers and laid her head on the big soft pillow. Soon she was asleep. As Leena started to dream she found herself in a desert all by herself. She was hot and thirsty. All of a sudden a table appeared out of nowhere. It had this bowl of red soup and wine Leena was hungry. So she sat down she started drinking the wine and eating the blood red soup. When she finished she started to feel a little sick. She started throwing up and felt things crawling on her arm. She was startled to see maggots crawling out of her skin. She jumped up, hitting and brushing her arm, trying to get the maggots off. Then all of a sudden the maggots and table disappeared. She found herself walking through the desert and falling in a hole filled with flames. She woke up and realized it was just another nightmare.
          Leena sat up on her bed for a few minutes before going to the bathroom, washing off her face and getting dressed. Walking to the chair, she started to stare out at the morning sun. There was a knock at the door, so Leena said, “Come in.” The captain walked in with a plate of steak and rolls and a glass of red wine.
         He said,” Are you ready to eat? We will be at your father’s castle in about an hour or so.”
        Leena took the food from the captain and thanked him. As he walked out Leena continued to eat while staring out the window. Finally she walked up to the deck to see how long until they would arrive. They still had a little wait so she stared out at the water.
        If she looked carefully she could see the top fin of sharks swimming out there. The ship was pulling up to the dock by Leena’s father’s castle when it came to a complete stop. The captain ordered the men to let the sails down and let the ramp down. Leena, her men, and the Japanese men grabbed the remaining bodies of the Russians. They carried the boneless bodies to the castle where her father waited. The grand emperor was glad to hear of the victory.
         He said, “This calls for a celebration we will have one later tonight. The Japanese men are welcome.”
         Leena ordered her men to place the stretched out bodies on spikes and hang them outside the castle. The peasants saw the men hanging on there and they started to spread rumors that blood was flowing in the kingdom; death was close at hand for everyone. Leena continued to enter her father’s castle where the wind was blowing softly in her hair. There was a dead silence over the crowd of nobles standing up and down the long hallways. The castle was very quiet as she entered the ballroom and went out on the balcony. The guards was still hanging the bodies up.
          Leena decided to go to her room so she left the balcony and ballroom and went down the hall until she made her way to the door of her room. Leena felt the castle was very quiet despite the fact that she was just getting back home from a great victory. If it had been her brother there would have been a victory party immediately. But Leena had to wait till tonight for her victory party.
          Leena turned the door knob of her room and pushed it open. She didn’t expect to see candles lit in the window; the black dragon was waiting outside. It was sitting on the dragon’s back, looking off towards him. When he looked back at Leena he stretched out his arm. Then the vampire told her to take his hand. So, without knowing why, she took his hand. After getting on the dragon, they flew off to a cave off the coast of Europe. Upon landing; she and the vampire entered the cave together and sat back down at the same snake pillar. Then the vampire turned and asked her, after lighting candles and some weed: “Mortals live in life without wanting death. Death lives in death without wanting life. What protects you? Do you live in something without wanting something else?”
          She asked him, “What does the poem mean?
          All he did was smile, walked towards her and whisper in her ear, “Just think about it.”
          Leena told the vampire that it was getting late and she still had a victory party to attend. The vampire said that he understood so he walked with her down the cave to the entrance where the dragon waited. Leena and the vampire both got on the back of the dragon and flew back to the castle. The dragon landed by Leena’s window, where the vampire helped Leena back in.
          After he helped her he told Leena to remember him in her thoughts and flew off. Leena walked back in the ballroom where the party was getting underway. People were dancing, some were talking to one another, the music was playing, there were flowers, and tables full of food.
         Leena’s father walked passed on his way to the throne with a develish smile on his face. He said he had an announcement to make to the nobles and the emperor.
         The music stopped. Everyone became quiet. Then my father said, “Leena, my daughter, is to marry the Greek Prince Olympus.”
          Actually, the Greek Prince Olympus was not very worthy of marriage even for me. He was short, pudgy, and had nappy white hair. His clothes were dirty with God knows what; it was hard to see what he liked to wear. But, nevertheless Leena did as the grand emperor had told her. After all, Olympus’ father, the king of England, had betrayed the European Council to the Russian empire and was put to death, which left Olympus an orphan.
         The wedding was scheduled in three more months so a party was scheduled two weeks ahead. Since the day my father announced the wedding, thirteen days had passed. The invitations grew to over two million nobles in that short time.
          Leena was getting a little nervous as the days were going by so quickly. She just paced up and down the halls nervously. Soon it was the night before the party, which meant she would have to marry two weeks later.
          She was really more afraid of never being able to see the vampire again than she was of marring Olympus. Leena lay in her bed staring up at the ceiling, thinking about the party tomorrow, and she slowly fell asleep.
            In this dream she found herself in a cave with candles lined up on the walls. There were snakes and maggots crawling all over the floor. There was blood dripping from the ceiling and some hit Leena’s hand. She looked up and saw a mutilated dog hanging from the ceiling.
          She said to herself, “Who the hell would do that to a dog?”
          Whoever it was must be a very sick person, she thought. She would not want to run into that one. Then she looked beside her and saw the dark shadow of a man standing in the corner of the cave. The shadow started to move; when the man came out of the shadows Leena could see him clearly.
           He was very tall with thin, golden brown hair, blue eyes, a bushy beard, and a mustache. He was wearing boots, a red shirt, blue pants, and he had a cleaver in his hand. He started to run at Leena with the cleaver held up in the air ready to strike. Leena started running and screaming. She tripped on a rock and came face to face with a rattle snake. As she was trying to get up the man came up behind her. He chopped off her left foot. Blood squirted everywhere. Then Leena woke up she realized it was a dream.
        Leena got up out of bed very nervously that morning, worrying because the wedding was in only two more weeks. The party would be starting pretty soon so she decided to get ready. When Leena arrived in the ballroom the third party was almost underway. It looked about like the first with the tables lined up near the windows. The band started to play loud and the nobles started dancing with one another.
        The grand Emperor did not talk to anyone. He just sat on his throne. As the third party was surely underway, the noise started to get on Leena’s nerves. She stepped out on the terrace and looked out to see if the vampire was out there. He was not out there. All she saw was a full moon, black sky, and stars. She started to feel a little lonely and very pissed because she had to marry that fool. So she decided to end all of it by jumping off the castle to her death. She climbed over the stone rail and started to jump but, before she could, a piece of stone that was supporting her right foot broke off and fell over the side. Her hands broke the fall when she wrapped them around one of the fire statues. Gradually her hands slipped off and she fell five hundred feet in the air before the vampire caught her with his dragon. Then he took the dragon and flew up to the terrace.
        When she got off the dragon she asked, “Will I ever see you again?”
         He just kissed her hand and smiled. Then he said, “sooner than you think my dear.”

         Two weeks later it was the night before the wedding. She was lying in bed. It was a very hot and muggy night she tossed and turned in bed, starting to dream. She found herself in the dungeon of a weird castle. She had never seen this castle before. It was dark and smelly down there. She saw some steps leading up and looked around to see if they were traps on the steps. Not seeing anything, she slowly walked up the stairs and looked around.
         When she made it up the stairs there was a fat short man with white hair standing above her with a bloody ax in his hand. He stuck the bloody ax with force into my hand, chopping it off completely. Blood was gashing out of my wrist and running down her arm. She lost her balance and fell down very hard on the steps, breaking her leg and a rib or two. When she looked up to see where the man was she felt something sharp go through her back. Looking down, she saw the ax sticking out of her chest. She started screaming then woke up, looking looked all around and realizing she was still in bed.

  Continued next week

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