How to find a Literary Agent

It’s not bad to have a literary agent. This person will know the market and its opportunities in a way that none of us writer/author types can appreciate. (Also, many publishers restrict their acquisitions to agency representation.) The agent also requires a fee, often just to consider taking you on as a client. But, if you can live with that, start your search this way.

As a matter of practical advice. Don’t start off your career by planning to make enough money by writing to, say, pay your monthly bills. Please get real. This is a bitter road to walk, unless you have valuable contacts in the industry.

Otherwise, consider writing like a hobby, with the goal of someday pursuing literary work on a full-time basis. Some day.

1. Select a few agents from standard reference books in the library, or even Writer’s Digest.

2. Alternatively, look up an agent on-line. For example, use They have a list and search engine which will help you with your selection.

3. Write the agency as directed by their directory listing .

4. Hope and pray for the best.

Bruce L. Cook, Editor