Grandma's Kitchen  (from our first book)

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Grandma’s Kitchen


            Grandma Penny frowned as she walked out of the house onto the front porch where her grandchildren were arguing.  The hot, humid weather didn’t help their moods at all.  She knew she had to do something fast to get them in better spirits.

            “I guess it’s time for me to ‘grow down’ and play with them,” she thought.

            She dashed back into the house and grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil.  As she stepped onto the porch, she yelled over the noise.  “Hi! I’m from ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’, and if you’ll please be seated, I’ll take your lunch orders.  May I suggest our lettuce and tomato sandwich with grape drink followed with a slice of angel food cake?”

            Taylor’s blue eyes sparkled with excitement.  “Grandma, may we help prepare lunch?” she pleaded.

            Phillip joined in, “Yeah, Grandma, we know how you like us to play Bible games.  I have an idea for one we can play while we help.”

            “Well, we are shorthanded at ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’, and I could use the help,” replied Grandma and she sent them off to wash their hands.

            Grandma sliced tomatoes while Phillip distributed two slices of bread to each child.

            “To get the game started, I’ll go first,” he said.  “Bread reminds me of Jesus’ body.  Does anyone know why?”

            Tori spoke up, “When Jesus broke bread with His disciples, He said, ‘take, eat, this is my body’.  Now it’s my turn.  I think of our memory verse a couple weeks ago.  ‘I am the bread of life:  he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.’  John 6:35.”

            Little Miranda said, “Tori, that’s almost like the verse our class learned.  ‘I am the bread of life.’  John 6:48.”

Grandma exclaimed, “This is great, children.  Doesn’t it feel good to share what you have learned? Robert, why don’t you go around the table and put mayonnaise on everyone’s bread?”

            As Ricky held his bread out for some mayonnaise, he stated, “Mayonnaise is white, and white stands for purity.”

            Everyone laughed as he added, “It’s also the color of my hair.”

            Little Miranda, who is very mature for her six years, said, “Grandma, you know what this red tomato reminds me of?  Jesus’ blood.  I learned in Children’s Church that if we don’t know Jesus, our hearts are black with sin, but Jesus’ blood makes them pure and white.”

            As Taylor placed her tomato on her bread, she remarked, “I always thought tomatoes were vegetables, but last year in school, my teacher told us they’re actually citrus fruits. Fruit reminds me of the fruit Eve ate, which is how sin entered into the world.”

            As Ricky placed a piece of lettuce on his bread, he said with a grown-up air, “Lettuce is green and in Sunday School, we learned green stands for eternal life.”

            Robert announced, “Since Grandma’s letting me pour the drink, I’m next.  Grape drink is purple, and that stands for royalty.”

            “It also was the color of Jesus’ robe,” explained Taylor.

            “It makes me think of the wine Jesus said was His blood,” added Phillip.

            After the children had finished their meal, Grandma gave them each a piece of angel food cake.

            Tori said, “Grandma, I think I know why you chose angel food cake today.  I’ll bet it reminds you of the verse you asked us to learn last week.”

            “That’s right,” Grandma agreed.  “Let’s all say it together.”

            In unison, they quoted Psalms 91:11, “For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.”

            As the children were getting ready to leave, Robert approached Grandma.  “Since Phillip thought of our game for today, may I think of one for tomorrow?  Please, Grandma?”

            “Yes,” Grandma replied.  “As long as we’re sharing something we’ve already learned or learning something new.  I’m looking forward to seeing you children tomorrow.”

            As she waved goodbye, she thanked God for grandchildren who were so eager to learn God’s Word.



....Grandma Penny

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Copyright 2003 Grandma Penny

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