Who Am I?

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Who Am I?


         The children were excited when they arrived at Grandma's Tuesday morning.  Monday had threatened to be a boring day, but once the children had started sharing what they had learned from the Bible, it had become one of the most enjoyable days they had ever spent with Grandma.

         As soon as they finished breakfast, Robert led the small troop, including Grandma, to the front porch.

         He announced that they were going to act out Bible stories and characters.  When Miranda and Ricky were afraid this was too big a task for them, Grandma promised she would help them.

         Since this game was Robert’s idea, everyone agreed he could go first.

         “Since there are only six of us, I’ll need to use certain objects for characters, and I’ll try to explain as I go along.

         “This mop is the High Priest,” he explained.  He propped it up and pulled some coins from his pocket and dropped them into a small leather pouch. He laid the pouch on the porch rail beside the mop. Then he disappeared around the corner of the L-shaped porch.

         He reappeared, glancing over his shoulder frequently.

         He approached the mop, picked up the pouch and counted out 30 coins.  He pretended to shake hands with the soldiers and walked away, carrying the pouch of coins.

         The children asked for another clue.

         Robert placed the broom next to the mop and explained. “These are Roman Soldiers.”  He then summoned Grandpa to the porch.  He whispered something to Grandpa, who knelt, as if in prayer.  Grandpa stood up and Robert, looking toward the mop and broom, kissed Grandpa on the forehea

       Phillip thought, “Roman Soldiers, 30 coins, someone praying….”  He jumped to his feet and yelled, “The kiss of betrayal!  Judas betraying Jesus.”

        Phillip, taking his turn, asked Grandpa to walk slowly ahead of him.  As Grandpa disappeared around the corner, Phillip sat on a bench at the end of the porch and sadly hung his head.  He put his hand to his ear, as if listening to someone and shook his head “no”.  Again, he listened and shook his head a little harder.  A third time, he listened.  This time, he jumped to his feet and exclaimed, “No!  I don’t know the man!”  He turned his head as if to see where a noise was coming from.  He threw his hands to his face and sobbed loudly.

         With tears in her eyes, Tori said, “I know who it is.  It’s Peter denying Jesus.”

         Tori decided to do something simple.  She and Ricky were kneeling in front of a basket with a baby doll lying in it.  Miranda yelled. “It’s Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus!”

         It was Miranda’s turn.  “Grandma, will you help me?” she asked.

         Grandma whispered to Miranda to act like she was pushing the basket into the water.

         Miranda hid behind a large plant to watch the baby and basket.

         Taylor yelled out, “Baby Moses in the Bulrush!”

         Taylor placed the plant in the middle of the porch and disappeared around the corner.  As she reappeared, walking toward the plant, she stopped and placed her hand to her ear, and removed   her shoes

        Robert yelled, “Moses, take off your shoes, you’re on Holy Ground.”   He told the story of  Moses and the Burning  Bush.

         Grandma suggested they let Ricky end the game.

         As he stood with his arms outstretched, everyone yelled, “Jesus on the Cross!”

         After lunch Ricky and Miranda fell asleep while Grandma and the older children prepared for Wednesday’s Bible study.

         As Grandma waved goodbye to the last child, she was in awe at how much the children knew about God’s Word.



....Grandma Penny

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