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What Christmas Means to Me

By Grandma Penny


What Christmas Means to Me

Christmas is a Joyful Time of Year
By Tori

Christmas means a joyful time of year. It makes me think of giving. There is so much joy going on. Christmas is all about Jesus. You know itís easier to celebrate Christmas if you know Jesus. Jesus' birth was on Christmas. Thatís how it got itís name. The first word spells Christ. This reminds me of a story about when Mary had baby Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem. Christmas is the most joyful time of year; knowing that Jesus was born on that day.

What Christmas Means to Me
By Ricky

Christmas is a very good holiday. You can get a lot of presents but the most important thing about Christmas is thatís when Jesus was born. Celebrating Jesus Birthday
By Nicole

Christmas is the best time for me. It brings friends and family together. Everyone smells joy in the air and everyone is celebrating Jesusí birthday. Itís a matter of opening gifts and celebrating my Lord and King. I LOVE YOU JESUS.

By Shani Lynne

Christmas is not about getting stuff. It is about JESUSí birthday. Next Christmas think about him.


Some kids donít get any thing for Christmas; so this Christmas, Iím offering them some stuff.

What Christmas Means to Me
By Robert

When I think of Christmas I think of good times. When Christmas is here you are suppose to share and have a nice time, and love each other. Mary gave birth to the Lord's Son on Christmas. Thatís why this day is so important. On this day the wise men and all the shepherds came to the stable. How did they know where to go? Not only did the angel Gabriel tell them where to go, but there was a star that lead them to the stable. It was a long and hard trip. The reason Mary and Joseph had to go to Bethlehem is because they had to pay their taxes and then they had baby Jesus that day in a stable because there was no rooms in the inn.

What I think about Christmas
By Miranda

I think that Christmas is a good time of the year. It is my favorite holiday. Do you know why?

Because it is Jesusí birthday. Christmas is a time that family and friends get together.

In some places of the world, they donít celebrate Christmas like we do. I know a little girl who doesnít get a lot of stuff for Christmas. Our Bible Club is going to do something for her this year at Christmas.

At Christmas time I like to decorate the tree. This year, Grandma is going to show us how to make old fashioned homemade decorations for the tree, like she did when she was a little girl. I think it will be fun.

What Chrismas means to Me
By Phillip

Christmas means having fun with your family, spending time with your family, seeing all the beautiful lights, decorating the tree, eating all the food you can eat, celebrating Jesus's birthday and buying presents for other people. How could I forget? We get out of school for two weeks! And oh yea, buying the best present for Grandma. That is what Christmas means to me!!!!


....Grandma Penny

© Copyright 2003 Grandma Penny

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