Dr. Jacob Hevi


Personal Data
Family Status:  Single          
Country of Origin: Ghanaian
Date of Birth: 07.03.1946
Place of Birth: Alavanyo- Dzogbedze
Parents: Maria Kitsi and Josef Hevi
Special Qualifications
D. Phil (Ph. D).  European Ethnology (habilitation)
D. Phil (Ph.D.).  Moral Theology
International Research Fellow
Pastor and Pastoral Counsellor  
1962 – 1967 St. Mary’s Seminary Secondary School, Lolobi / Ghana.
n     General Certificate of Education (G.C.E. O' Level)
1967-1969 St. Theresa’s Seminary (Gymnasium), Amisano  / Ghana.
n     General Certificate of Education (G.C.E. A’ Level)
1969-1972 St. Peter’s Regional Seminary, Cape Coast. /Ghana.
·                   External Licentiate in Theology
1973-1975 St. Peter’s regional Seminary, Cape Coast/Ghana
          1975   Ordination to the Priesthood
1976-1980   Academia Alfonsiana, Lateran University, Rome, Italy
1978     Licentia Theologiae (Diploma in Moral Theology)
1979     Doctor Theologiae (Doctor of Moral Theology)
           1989- 1991 University of Oxford, Emgland
1991    Master of Philosophy in Social Anthropology
             1992- 2000 Leopold-Franzen-Universität Innsbruck, Austria
2000         Doctor Philosophiae in European Ethnology (Volkskunde)
1975 – 1976 Assistant Parish Priest: Ho Parish/ Ghana                                            
1981-1989. Pastor: Fishing Communities, Cape Coast / Ghana.
                    Spiritual Director and Counsellor Ghana
                    Professor of Moral Theology St. Peter’s Seminary (Cape Coast)[1]
                    Visiting Lecturer: St. Victor's Seminary, Tamale (Ghana.)
                              Subject: Moral Theology
1987-1988 Visiting Lecturer: Cape Coast University, Cape Coast/Ghana
                    Subject:   Ethics of Religions of West Africa[2]
1988 International Research Fellow: Hastings Center, Briarcliff  Manor. N.Y. U.S.A.
1982-1989 Chairman: Faith and Culture Commission, Ho Diocese/ Ghana
1982-1989 Resource Person: National Ethics Commission, Ghana
Patents and Publications


Co-Founder and Contributing Editor of African Renaissance (Academic Journal Published by Adonis-Adibbey Publishers, London  

1985 Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults Liturgical Perspective, In: AWACC Seminar Report, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Lagos.
1987-1988 Biblical Ethics, In: Biblical Pastoral Bulletin, No.5: 1-18; No. 6:1-17; No.7: 25-47
1989 In Ghana Conflict and Complementarity, In: Hastings Center Report (Supplement) July/August: 5-11
1995 Kosmologie, Mensch, Religion und Tod unter den Ewe in Südost Ghana, In Grenzgebiete der Wissenschaft, 44. JG. 4: 327-342
1996. Kultisches Leben am Wallfahrtsort: Ein Beitrag zum Brauchtumsphänomenologie, Grenzgebiete der Wissenschaft, 45, 1996, 4: 317-331
2004. The Relevance of Values to Values to African Renaissance, In: African Renaissance, June/July 2004: 179-185 


1975.  Amavi, In Anthology: African Plays for Playing, ed. Michael Etherton, Oxford: Heinemann African Writers Series
1980     Leadership in the Ewe Community of South – Eastern Ghana and Implications for Christianity, Rome/Italy
2000 Kulturelle Werte in der Familie über das Jahr 2000 und darüber hinaus: Prinzipien, Politik und Realität, Hamburg: Verlag Dr. Kovac
2002 Cultural Values and the Family Beyond Year 2000: Principles, Policies and Reality, Parkland: Dissertation. Com (ISBN: 1-58112-163-6)
2003. Radical Leadership for a New Millennium: Fulfilment of Fundamental Values, Chula Vista: Aventine Press (ISBN: 1-59330-031-x)
2004 The Challenge of Authenticity: African Culture and Christian Commitment, London: Adonis and Abbey
2004 The Spirit Sets Free: African Spirituality in the Service of Hope and Joy, London: Adonis and Abbey Publishers
Language Proficiency
Ewe (Excellent); Akan (good); English (very good); German (very good), French (good); Italian (good)
Poetry, Theatre Scripts, Greeting cards
Additional Responsibilities
Caring for Refugees and others in need
Catholic Scretariat,
P.O.Box 350,
HO. V.R.
Tel.: +233-(0)20- 91 92 866
Fax: +233-(0)91)- 277 20
 Yahoo: jacobhevi@yahoo.com