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Saving Grace

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Kiss the Rain

Itís sometimes easier to live in a dream world where anything is possible as opposed to living in the real world where everything seems impossible.

Since I was a child, Iíve crafted stories in my head. Filling notebook after notebook, Iíd write until my hand was numb. I write for the sheer joy it brings me and will do so as long as I have a story to tell. Yet, my dream has always been to share my imagination and to let others become captivated in the tales that have been so intricately woven inside of my head. Writing is my passion. It brings me great joy to share my passion with others.

Why romance? You write what you know and I consider myself either a hopeless romantic or a romantic fool. I have a dream of the perfect man, nicely equipped with all of the flaws and excess baggage that makes him real. We all know that the ideal man doesnít existÖ only that he is perfect for us. That is what I love to write about; two imperfect people finding perfection in each other.

I grew up in a small town in the foothills of North Carolina and now reside in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio where Iíve been for almost three years now. My hometown and my present residence are as different as night and day, although thatís what makes it so wonderful. Change is inevitable in the process of self growth.

I have three completed novels. The Long Road Home and Kiss The Rain that are currently posted on AuthorMe.com and Saving Grace which will soon be available for purchase through Scheherazadetales.com. I am currently working on my third novel, The Witness.

Jamie's publisher has just released her novel "Saving Grace." She's using the pen name, "Nicole White."

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