Stanley Kenani

        Malawi and S. African Area Editor,




I developed an interest in writing when I was twelve. I always liked the stories in Malawi News, a week-end newspaper. From the mid nineties, I started publishing my stories in various newspapers and magazines in my country and, in recent times, with magazines outside Malawi e.g. BBC Focus on Africa.

I have just been elected President of the Malawi Writers Union (MAWU), the position I will hold for the next 3 years. I face the challenge of making the population, with a literacy rate of 40%, begin to like reading fiction. Not an easy task, wouldn't you say? An accountant, my dream is, in the short term, to win the Caine Prize, and, in the long-term, to publish a novel with an American publisher.

Apart from short stories, I also write poems, plays and non-fiction essays on topical issues affecting my country. I am currently working my on a novel, The Auditor. I work for the Lilongwe Water Board, a giant utility company based in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi.


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