Varlar Gallery - Map of Elfame


       By Kenneth Mulholand


The entire story is three vols. in length, each containing twenty four

chapters, prologue and epilogue.


Varlarsaga was begun in the early 1970's and completed

(first draft) mid 1980's.Reworked and revised over the intervening years,

and now in final polishing. This tale's bibliography encompasses more than a

hundred source works (available for scrutiny) and has its essence in

Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. It is five hundred thousand words duration,

(the size of L.O.T.R.) and has links to it in style, content and scope. (Not

that I claim it to be of like genius.)


It is slow to begin with, and gathers pace over the initial chapters, and on

toward the conclusion of 'Escape' Vol.1.


'Recovery.' Vol.2. and 'Consolation.' Vol.3 take the reader across a vast

landscape of discovery and revelation. Illustrations and mapping are




'Beyond the Dreamtime' is a novel size work written in 1991, and deals with

early peoples and their journey across the lands and islands that takes them

to the inhospitable, empty continent of Australia, pre human habitation.

Epic in content, yet individual in characterization.


Both works and sample illustrations and maps, can be viewed at




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