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The Good Old Boy Network

By Lee W. Gaylord


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Copyright 2002, Lee W. Gaylord 

This is an essay I wrote after seeing all of the innocent people they

sent to prison.  I have started a battle against them and they have

seen my web site and one young women is in hiding because she told her

story about spending 3 years in prison because she made them mad.

Well, they are mad again.


Lee Gaylord, Founder and CEO, The Castle of Hope for Lost Souls: 

Her Children: Castle of Hope - Drug and Alcohol Addiction site, The

Injustice System, LASTCHANCE, Stairway Outreach, The Jeff Dicks Medical

Coalition - Michigan Chapter and The Crazy Old White Man from the Hood.


I hope a lot of people read this and get mad enough to react and do something about it. There is a danger to me because there are people in jail for pissing off the good old boys.


On television you see the good old boys in shows like “In the Heat of the Night” and other shows that take place in the small towns of the south.  It is not only there but it is all over the country and no doubt all over the world.


You have heard of dream weavers.  The good old boys weave nightmares.  There are many people in prison, many of them on death row.  There are also innocent people who have been executed because of the good old boy network.


The death penalty is big business and prisons are big business.  The call of the good old boys is, “Get that SOB even if he is innocent.”  Instead of solving the crime they dispose of it by convicting a person whether they did it or not. 


There is a murder case that the prosecutors want out of the way.  If it is high profile it is a stepping stone to bigger and better things for everyone involved.  The cops will frame a person because they feel that the case will help them go up in the department, for money, just to get the crime into the solved file or because they do not like the guy.  The prosecutors will work with the cops and the coroners may also be in on it.  They may use evidence that has been planted, rigged or non existent. They will use only parts of a coroners’ report that will help convict and ignore the evidence that shows the person is innocent.  They will use witness’s who are known liars.  They will even use the guilty person’s testimony to convict the innocent person.


Why won’t the judge do something about it?  Three reasons, because they are incompetent, because they were financially rewarded or because they are one of the good old boys.


Why don’t the defense lawyers do something, because of the above reasons, because they are drunk or because they are asleep?


Many innocent people will plead confess and plead guilty because they feel that if they do not they will get more time in prison.  Being innocent is not a reason to fight a losing battle. 


The defendants in these cases are poor and can not afford a lawyer so they have to use the public defender who works, in most cases, indirectly for the prosecutor not the defendant.  If they are really bad at what they do they rewarded with more cases and since they are not good enough to get paying clients they depend on the prosecutors and/or the judges for their income.


If you are rich or middle income you probably do not know or care about the good old boy network.  It does not effect you until someone in your family is killed because the wrong man went to prison for a murder committed by your family members killer.  Even then you may never know.


If you are poor you may know about it.  If you are not white you may know about it.  If you are black and poor the odds are that you not only know about it but you know someone who has been railroaded or you may have been railroaded by the good old boys.


I am willing to bet that at least 10% of the people in prison and on death row are innocent victims of the good old boys.  Using that I would also bet that over 10% of those executed were probably innocent.


But then you say, “If there is evidence that there was a miscarriage of justice in a case can’t it be corrected.”  The answer is not very often.


Virginia for example has a law that if you do not appeal a case within 21 days of sentencing with evidence known at that time you are out of luck. 


The system makes it very difficult if you are wrongfully convicted to get a chance to prove your innocence.  Even if they witnesses admit that they lied, the victim admits that they were wrong or another person confesses and the evidence backs up the confession the odds are against the case being overturned.  Why?  The good old boys network protects their own.


Those of you who do not believe me go to the internet search engine and look up innocent prisoners and you will find that there are many more than you imagine. 


One is too many.


All I ask is that innocent people are not railroaded and those that do serve at least the time they served and if the innocent person was executed they serve life without parole because my friends they murdered that person who was wrongfully executed.


Copyright 2002, Lee W. Gaylord 


For some examples of a few of those who may have been framed see the following web page

As the great grandson of the most well known Chief Justice of India (which is the highest legal position a judge can obtain in India), I would like to provide you with a quote from my great grandfather T.L.Venkatraman Iyer.. "A hundred criminals may be set free, but one innocent man should not go to prison... for that will make the entire legal system criminal"  Contributed by Sriraj Rajaram. Thank you Sriraj


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Mayor Kilpatrick  12/30/02 Mailed with letter about cohfls

Alberta Tinsley-Ababa 12/29/02 faxed with letter about cohfls