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In the Crosshairs of a Mother's Eye

By Rebecca Crawford

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Copyright 2003 Rebecca Crawford




 The days seemed to fly by.  Liz hung out with Robin and Lee sometimes, but often she went off alone, as they seemed to be striking up quite a relationship.  It started out being their last summer together, but it still turned out being a memorable one.

     It was now the end of July and tomorrow Liz and Robin would be returning home.  Lee came to the cabin to see them, but it was Robin, he had on his mind.

    Liz looked curiously at Lee and asked, “So, what are your plans after this summer?”

    Lee gave some thought, “I think I will take Robin as my hostage!”

    Liz laughing, “Lee! You’ve already done that.”

    “I’m really not sure what I want to do.  I’ll probably continue to work at the stables until I figure that out.”

     “I hope I get to see you again.”

     Lee and Robin exchanged glances, “Oh, I think you will.”

     “Okay, you two, what gives?”

     Robin turned facing Liz, “Lee asked me to marry him.”

     “What! You’ve only known each other a few months.”

     “Chill mother hen, we won’t tie the knot until next year.”

     Liz started laughing, “I guess I always have been a bit of a mother hen to you, Robin.”

     “You can say that again!”

   “I really a.m. happy for both of you, and you make an attractive couple.  I guess I’ll be seeing you after all, Lee.”  Liz walked over giving Lee a hug.  “You take care of yourself.”

     Lee was all smiles; he knew Robin was everything he wanted.  “I will, Liz.”

     “Well, I guess I’ll just retire to my room and leave you two love birds alone.”  Liz said as she walked to the bedroom door.  “And thanks for everything, Lee, you made this summer fun.”

     “I enjoyed it too.”

     “Good night.”

     “Good night, Liz.”

     When Liz shut the door Lee planted a kiss on Robin’s lips taking her by complete surprise.  He released the pressure speaking with his lips next to hers.  “My white dove, I’ll never let you fly out of my life.”

     Robin giggled, “You better clip my wings.”

     Lee laid back against the couch grabbing Robin and pulling her to him.  “Since this is our last night together, what do you want to do?”

     “I want to sleep with you.”  Robin said without batting an eye lash.

     “That’s pretty much to the point.”

     “Lee, there’s no beating around the bush.  You say how you feel it right?”

      Lee slowly slipped his hand up her shirt touching her soft firm breast.  He softly messaged her nipple until it peaked, “Right.”

     Robin could feel him grow hard and firm beneath her, as she sat astride him.  She whispered in his ear, “I’m yours anyway, so why not start now.”  She began licking his bottom lip, gasping as he unbuttoned her jeans slipping his hand inside.

     Robin pulled off her top baring herself to him.  Lee reached around unsnapping her bra, exposing her pink hard nipples.  He pulled her to him sucking on them softly, feeling the heat beneath his hand in her jeans climb.

     Robin unbuttoned his shirt throwing it open observing his strong rippled hairy chest.

     Lee removed his shirt completely then lowering Robin onto the couch.  “Are you sure this is what you want now?”


     Lee stood up taking off his jeans and underwear; he was hard with a full erection.

     Robin removed the rest of her clothes as he hovered above her on his knees.  Lee straddled atop her, looking deep into her eyes and soul.  He lowered his mouth engulfing the hot, wet, mound between her legs.  Robin sighed with desire grabbing his hair in both of her hands, relishing the sweetness his mouth was giving her.  “I want you now, Lee.”

     Lee lifted his head and ran his tongue up her belly taking her mouth with full force, probing deeply inside.

     Lee pulled his mouth from hers, “You taste sweet and delicious.”

     Lee immersed his erection into her, now feeling as one.  He slid in and out of her, his climax nearing with every stroke.  Robin’s breathing increased as she came to the height of her yearning need for him.   Lee stopped a moment to prolong their joy, kissing her and biting her neck tenderly.

     “Please, Lee, give it to me, I need you now.”

    Lee plunged into her with force.  It sent them both into a spiral of orgasmic splendor.  Lee stayed inside of her, taking her face in his hands, “To me, you’re already my wife, I will cherish you and care for you always, Robin.”

     The tears of happiness streaked down her face.  “I love you, Lee.”

     Lee and Robin lay naked together for a while, exploring each others beauty.

     “We had better get dressed, Liz may come out.”

     “Lee, she knows we’re in love.”

     “Yes, but I’d rather she didn’t see my bare butt.”

     Robin giggled, “I guess your right.  She might want you if she saw your masculine physique.”

     Robin and Lee got dressed and sat back down on the couch.

     “So, do you think I’ll keep you pleased?”

     “Lee you don’t only please me; you touch the very core of my soul.”

     “I’ll be coming to Helena in a week, so prepare your parents.  You’ll be my bride.”

     “Like you said, I already am.”

     Lee got up from the couch pulling Robin up with him, “I need to go, and you need to get some sleep.”

     “I’ll miss you, Lee De Marco.”

     “One week.”

     Robin walked Lee to the door kissing him one last time for the night, “I love you, Lee.”

    “I love you too, my dove.”

     Lee left in his truck, Robin stood at the window watching his headlights get further off in the distance.  She went to bed crawling quietly under the covers so as not to wake Liz.  She could still smell the faint hint of Lee on her skin. She fell asleep with him consuming her mind.

     The next morning came with bright sunny skies.  Liz and Robin were up early gathering their belongings, placing them into Liz’s car.  Robin was glad Lee wouldn’t be present for their departure.  She would rather have the memories of last night to keep with her until Lee came up next week.

     They drove back, sad in one way to see the end of summer, but excited in another of the new beginning that lay ahead.  They arrived home at 8p.m. that night.  Robin hurried off for home, as she was excited about breaking the news of Lee to her parents.

     Grandma and Grandpa Shamblee were happy to see Liz, and loved hearing about the wonderful time she had that summer.  They were even more excited when they heard about Robin and Lee. 

        Liz’s beginning date for her military training was August 12th.  With just a few weeks left, she felt she should spend the time with her grandparents and visiting some of her other class mates.

     The next week she spent going to the movies and horse back riding with Gretchen, a friend from school.

     Liz went to see her recruiter three days before her departure date to get the details and plane tickets.  He instructed her to pack a small bag of personal items as she would be issued uniforms upon her arrival at the training base.  He told her to be at the Army in-processing post in Helena the day of departure to get her physical, and paperwork done.  Afterwards she would be taken to catch her flight to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina.

     The morning Liz had to leave Grandma Shamblee was up early fixing her a wonderful breakfast.  They sat together at the table. Grandma stared at her with a gleam in her eye.

     “What is it Gram’s?”

     “I was just reflecting back on your life with us.”

     “That can’t be the only thing to cause the sparkle in you eyes, Grandma.”

     “Well, Liz, you may find this odd, but I have been dreaming of you and a dark haired man with light blue eyes.”

     Liz nearly spit her food out.  “What did you say?”

     “I told you, you would think old Granny has fallen off her rocker.”

     “No, Gram’s, not at all; I’ve had the same re-occurring dream all summer.”

     Grandma’s eyes fell to the table.  “Your mother and I, we had a connection between us too.”

     “What do you mean a connection?”

     “I mean, I felt things and saw things about her, she did the same with me.”

     Grandma lifted her eyes looking at Liz.

     “Grandma, this is weird.  Why didn’t you ever tell me?”

     “Oh, I don’t know.  I guess I thought it would spook you.”

     “Maybe a little, but I have always had feelings about you I couldn’t explain.  Remember that time you fell?  I came running home, I don’t know why, but I guess this is the reason.”

     Grandma watched as Liz spoke to her, letting her come to the realization of their spirits.  “Liz, I must warn you.  Something evil will cross your path.  I don’t know when or how, I just feel it.  I do know you will overcome it.

     “Thanks, Gram’s!”

     “I’m sorry, Liz, but it’s what I feel.”

     “I understand Gram’s. I’ll just have to deal with it when it happens.”

     “Yes dear, but you’ll be ready.”

     Liz looked at Grandma like she was a crystal ball. “Thank goodness for that at least.”

     Grandma Shamblee patted her hand.  “I’ll miss you while you’re away.”

     “I’ll miss you too.”  Liz got up hugging Grams.  “I know Grandpa hates to say goodbye, let him know that I love him.”

     “He already knows that, honey.”

     Liz kissed Grams, “I better be going.”

     “Yes, its time.”

     Liz grabbed her bags and headed out the door.  She stopped looking back one last time at the home she had always loved, then got into her car and headed to the in-processing center.  Liz arrived at 7:30 a.m. and entered the facility to a usual rush of activity.  The female sergeant behind the desk gave her a wary look.  “Your social security number, please.”

     Liz rattled off her number, and then was sent to the first station for blood work.  She spent half the day being examined and getting shots. It was noon when the facility finally finished with her.  She was taken to a room filled with other new recruits, it had an American flag in one corner with a podium standing near it.  The entire group was sworn in under oath to defend their country. 

     Afterwards they were given meal tickets and instructed to go next door to the restaurant for lunch.  They were to report back at 1:30 p.m. for the bus that would take them to the airport.  Liz walked to the restaurant. Once she got inside she made her way over to the pay phone and called Robin.



     “Liz!  Where are you?”

     “I just got through being poked and prodded in every way imaginable.”

     “Oh, it sounds like I’m missing all the fun.”

     “Did you tell your parents about Lee yet?”

     “Yes, and unbelievably they are very happy.”

     “That’s great, Robin!”

     “Liz, you better call me when you can from boot camp, so I know your okay.  Plus I have to keep you up to date on me and Lee.”

     “I will, Robin.  I love you, just had to call, for some reason I was missing you.”

     “I’m a great friend that’s why.”

     “Yeah, you are.  I’ll call you when I’m able, okay?”

     “You better, take care Liz.”

     “I will.  You stay out of trouble.”

     After exchanging good byes they hung up.  Liz was excited and scared at the same time.  She got into the buffet line and made herself a plate.

     Liz returned back at the appointed time and boarded the bus.  She already had her flight tickets in her bag.  She sat next to a plain looking girl with glasses that was a little on the frail side.

     “Hi, I’m Liz.”

     “Hi, I’m Mary.”  She said in a shy voice.

     “Looks like you’re going to Ft. Jackson also.”

     “Yes, I joined to be in administrative work for the reserves, but I still have to do boot camp.”

     “You’ll get through it, Mary.  It’s a mind game, just remember that.”

     “Yeah, I guess.”

     Liz liked her sweetness, “Maybe we’ll get the same unit.”

     “That would be nice.”

     It was a thirty minute ride to the airport, which seemed like ten minutes.  When they arrived, the male sergeant driver stood up turned and facing all of them yelled, “You are now the property of the United States Army!  You will conduct yourselves in a proper manner at all times!  Exit the bus and form a line outside.  I’ll then take you to your boarding area.  When you arrive in South Carolina you will look for the Army sergeant at your exit gate.  Is this understood?”

     In unison they all replied, “Yes, sir!”

     “I am no sir!  I a.m. a sergeant of the U.S. Army!  It’s “Yes, sergeant!”

     “Yes, sergeant,” they all replied.

     They all exited the bus, forming the line outside.  There were eleven guys and nine girls. Each had a look of uncertainty on their faces.

     The sergeant took them to their boarding area, and each checked in for their flight.  Liz and Mary hung out together.  At least they knew each others names, which provided some comfort in their new unknown adventure lying ahead.

     “So, Mary, where are you from?”

     “Great Falls, Montana.”

     “So why are you only going reserve?”

 “I didn’t think that I was suited for active duty, and I didn’t want to be away from my family.   What about you?”

     “I’m going active duty under a four year enlistment.”

     Mary slid the glasses up her nose. “I never wanted to give that much dedication.  I wish I had your courage.”

     “Mary, you do and you’ll see that when basic is over with.”

     “Thanks for your positive support, I hope I do.”

     “You need to believe in yourself more, Mary.”

     “I’ve just never been good at sports or such.  I was always good in my studies though.  I graduated valedictorian of my class.  My dad, who is ex-military, felt it would be good for me to go into the military.  He thought it would toughen me up.”

     Liz giggled and hit Mary’s shoulder, “The positive part you should think of right now is that you should have no problem in acing your written test.”

     Mary finally grinned, “Yeah!”

     “See you’re getting more positive already!”

     The speaker announced their flight number and that it was time to board.”

     Liz and Mary boarded the plane.  Once everyone was in their seats, Liz swapped with a guy so she could sit next to Mary.

     The two of them sat talking the entire flight.  It put Mary at ease having Liz around.  The stewardess announced their arrival to South Carolina and began preparing everyone for the landing.

     Liz, grabbing Mary’s hand said, “Here we go.  The journey of the unknown now begins.”

     Mary looked at Liz, “Well put, I just hope I make it through.”

     Once the plane landed they exited the craft finding the sergeant holding a sign saying ‘New Recruits Report Here’.

     Liz thought to herself, ‘Any dummy could get through this’.

     The new soldiers began gathering about the sergeant, until everyone was present. “Listen up new recruits! When I sound off with your name, you will say, here drill sergeant!”

    The sergeant rattled off the rooster of names that he was expecting to be there.  After completing his list he took them to the bus waiting outside the terminal.  While they were getting on the bus the sergeant stood shouting, “We, the Army, are now your Mommy and Daddy!  You will do what we say, when we say it!  If you can’t handle the pressure, then you’re in the wrong place!  You will take a seat and there will be no talking!  I and all other sergeants will be addressed as drill sergeant at all times!  Is this understood?”

     They all sounded off, “Yes, drill sergeant!”

     The doors to the bus shut and the bus left the airport.  It was a long ride.  Liz let her eyes soak in what she could see of the South Carolina landscape, as the bus turned and twisted through it.  The lights on the bus lit up.  They were entering Fort Jackson, the drill sergeant stood up, “Here is your home away from home, boys and girls!  When you complete your training here, we’ll have made you into men and women of the U.S. Army!”

     The bus came to a stand still.  Liz was looking outside the window and saw other drill sergeants gathering outside waiting.

     “Let’s go soldiers!  Off the bus!”

     They all cleared off the bus in a hurried manner.  The guys were immediately separated from the girls.  The drill sergeant Liz and Mary got was a woman.  She stood looking meaner than a coiled rattle snake.

    The female drill sergeant not only looked manly, she had a deep voice, “Alright ladies, form a single line!  You will now be taken to your holding barracks for the night!  Expect to rise early in the morning!”

     The girls immediately got into a single file and the female drill sergeant led them to their barracks.  When they entered there were rows of double bunks and lockers to the far wall.

     “Place your personal items in a locker and claim a bunk! Do you hear me?”

     All the girls sounded, “Yes drill sergeant!”

     “Lights out in fifteen minutes!  Now let’s go, move it!  Move it!”

     All nine of the girls ran to a locker, changing into night clothes and hustling into bed.

     “You will not be allowed to wear makeup, or hair ornaments!  You are not here to be beauty queens. You are here to be soldiers!  Is that understood?”

     They sounded, “Yes drill sergeant!”

     With that said, the female drill sergeant left the bunk room.  Mary was four lockers down from Liz.  Liz looking in her direction, noticed Mary on the verge of tears.  Liz went walking over to her, “I told you, Mary, it’s just a mind game.”

     “I know, but they’re so mean.”

     “They’re supposed to come off that way so you’ll do what they say, you’ll get use to it.  Expect to hear shouting for the rest of boot camp.”

     Mary looked at Liz trying to give her a smile.  She pushed the glasses up her nose.  “I guess I will get use to it eventually.  I’ve just never been spoken to like that before.”

     “Its only eight weeks, Mary, come on we’ll bunk together tonight, I’ll take the top.”

     They crawled into bed pulling up their covers.

     “Thanks, Liz.”

     “I didn’t do anything yet, but you’re welcome anyway.”

     The drill sergeant came back into the room, “No talking!”

     They sounded, “Yes drill sergeant.”

     The lights were shut off and the room was as black as the bottom of a coal mine shaft.  Liz lay there in thought, ‘I a.m. going to get sick of saying “yes, drill sergeant” by the time this crap is over’.  It wasn’t long before sleep came to claim her away to the world where the dark haired man with icy blue eyes, he was handing her flowers.




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