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Silent Night..

By Pooja  (UAE)

Revised 10/8/04

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The night was dressed like a lady in black, the star-studded sky become a diamond-sequined veil over her. The full moon looked like a lovelorn romantic, spreading a beautiful charm over his ladylove. The time was past midnight and seemed to falter in its minutes and seconds. Everything seemed to want to stop and watch the silent romance of the night.

The river was calm and silent. The rippling sound of the morning water was nature’s way of adding music to that divine love. Was this all just the imagination of a hopeless mind or was it something more than that. Had God weaved this out or is it the creation of passion. There was no reply to anything…but yes, they know they had to meet. Tonight, this way…and it was to happen.

He knew she would come. There weren’t any verbal hints, but he knew he had passed her the message. And she was sure what that meant. She had to wait for sleep to gently caress the eyes of everyone at home. So that she could go to him silently in the night.

There he was, sitting on the sands on the bank. It seemed like a lovely little space of heaven that the angels of the night had built for them. She sat down beside him. Not a word was uttered but their eyes exchanged a million thoughts. Gently he moved closer to her, she shivered for a moment. He looked into her eyes and smiled and gently opened the plaits of her long black hair, some of it fell over her face. He slowly ran a finger from her forehead down to the side of her eyes, moving the hair that fell on her face down to the cheekbones and touched the partition of her lips. She had small and luscious lips.

He touched her lips with his. One small kiss. She let out a sigh. There was a slight hesitance, maybe because this was her first time. He kissed once more and then again and again. Soon what was a slight peck on the lips lasted longer. By now she too learned to respond. Slowly they explored what was beyond those lips. They tasted the nectar that came from within.

Soon passion and desire overtook them, and there they were. Two souls lost in love and trying to explore what lay ahead in that twilight hour. Slowly he made her lie on the soft sand and started kissing all over her face. And little by little further explored her, with the awe and wonder of a little child. He moved down each curve of her body, rising and falling with kisses on each little exploration. With a little anticipation and lot of love he introduced himself to that untouched pond of love. His eyes were foggy with love, his lips and heart devoured and drowned in the sweetest pond. She shivered and filled up with the heights of ecstasy and bit her lips to die her scream in a whimper.

He held her like a velvet rose. He was careful not to let one small delicate petal be hurt. He entered the warmth of her with the same little fear that a person would have on tying the nuptial knot and with the care and love that was meant for her. At last they became one. Unified in soul, heart and body. His touch had transformed her into a woman. A bud had blossomed.

They lay there on that soft bed of sand in each others arms like a pair of God’s angels, set free on this tiny piece of land for tonight, just one night. They held on to each other till the last embers of the fire within faded away into the soft calmness of the night.

The first rays of dawn started to show in the distance and it was time to part. There weren’t any promises made or any forced to be kept. He said that he would leave today with the rest of his group. The bus that would take him across the border would be gone by noon.

Nobody knew when that fence made of barbed wires and stones would cease to exist. Nobody knew when the people of the two lands would put down their differences and take away the barriers they put up.

Years went by and wars were fought. People won and people lost, families died.

But still tonight, yet another musky night; when the lady with the black diamond veil is hugged by that romantic moon light, you will see that he is still there, waiting by the river bank. No messages passed, no promises made, yet she would come, silently in the night.


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