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By Elaine Lee


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A man took Dee by the neck masked by his hooded jacket. She had no idea who. Glaring deep into her eyes he could see the fear swelling up. He forced Dee against the brick wall; his head moved to face her. He unzipped his jacket to unmask his identity. It was Scott Bonnington.

He transferred his weight onto her, breathing heavily with a cold harsh breath, making her unable to breathe.

"I’m not telling you again Dee" Scott said moving closer to her face

Dee, frightened, winced as she was helplessly pinned up against a wet brick wall in an alleyway. Shaking her head barely, she could not bear Scott and his friend hovering in the background. It was not going to happen, not over her dead body. "No" she struggled to say "Never"

Scott grinned; he had to admit he admired Dee for her bravery. The grin dropping from his face as he squeezed harder until Dee made a tiny choking noise "You’ll do as you are told, I’m not telling you again" he said huskily.

Tears filled Dee’s eyes, closing them, imaging what could become of them, the pain was unbearable. She wanted to say she would leave them alone, but she knew she would be lying "I can’t do that" she breathed

Scott wanted to know why Dee was not listening to him, what did not she understand? All Scott wanted Dee to do was leave him alone. Scott narrowed his eyes, so much Dee could not see his pupils "Do you wanna repeat that?"

Dee began to shake a little "No" she breathed again before coughing "You’re mine Scott and that bitch is never going out with you"

Scott saw red and struck Dee across the face, she let out a slight scream as Scott let go of her, making her drop to the floor. Dee stared to cough and whimper. Scott just watched over her with disgust. Taking his left foot, he pressed hard on Dee’s collarbone, wincing she managed to look at him in the face. Scott’s eyes were now wide and he was breathing hard. Despite this, he spoke in a level tone

"Just remember what I said" he said as dee cried out in pain "I’m not in a habit of repeating myself" he told her as he took his foot off her collarbone

Dee relieved from the pain, looked up at Scott bleeding and slightly bruised in a compassionate manor. Almost crippled from the pain, dee spat out some blood from her cut lip, before looking Scott deep in the eye "And you remember what I said", she said breathlessly.






"So come on," Dee said with a dirty grin "you must be jealous that I’m going to see them" laughing a little to herself she reached inside her school blazer pocket and pulled out a hair scrunchie.

Standing with both hands in her thick winter pockets of her jacket, Chris Anderson looked at her friend Dee for a moment. Sometimes she wondered if her close friend smoked or snorted a class a drug, but she knew things were far worse than that. Dee (real name Diana) West is far from the class beauty; a wearer of glasses having inherited her father’s frail eyesight, long face, bad acne and generous overbite which she has been ridiculed for most of her teenage years. Tall, wafer thin and thick brown hair, Dee constant ridiculing for her appearance has lead to her silent misery. Unlike Chris who has spent her infant and junior years at Riverston, Dee joined only 20 months ago after leaving a tough comprehensive school and has since developed a friendship with Chris and relationship with Jamie Parker.

Chris shook her head "no dee, I’m not," she said frankly and she was not, seeing a pop group in a concert was not something she found any cause to be jealous over.

Dee touched her fringe, slowly pulling it strand by strand. Narrowing her eyes, she stopped grinning and looked at Chris with intense "Okay fine" she said quietly. Dee wanted Chris to be jealous, she wanted everyone to be jealous of her.



"I can’t believe we have chemistry! This really takes the mick" Natasha Lane spat as she slammed her locker door shut "I’m pissed"

Natasha Lane is one of Chris’ oldest friends at Riverston School, they both joined when they were four and both have excelled into bright pupils and receive constant appraisal from the junior and senior staff.

Natasha is smart and honest, but can be selfish and very spiteful at times (has been called a ‘bitch’ on many occasions and has never taken offence). Sometimes Natasha shows no compassion for others, but still manages to fool a few with her over-concerned nature. Natasha does care about her friends, but if there is something, she wants her scheming (derived from her cunning nature) will allow her to stop at nothing.

Chris rolled her eyes; here we go again Natasha’s Monday morning rant and curse "Never mind Lane"

Natasha kissed her teeth as she fixed her padlock, letting it go it knocked into the door "I don’t think teachers know what they’re doing" she began, looking at Chris "Chemistry before noon is serious business"

Chris rubbed her eye "so is our GCSE’S Tash"

"Whatever" Natasha got Chris’s point as they began to walk to the lab she could sense something was wrong and she wanted to find out. "What’s with you this morning?"

Shaking her head "nothing" Chris replied, she did not think Dee’s petty behaviour this earlier on was a need for topic of conversation. Chris stared endlessly as the pupils of Riverston School passed back and forth to their lessons. As usual, the top corridor packed with everyone trying to get to their lessons on time, carrying heavy bulky books, bags and folders. There were even a few new pupils struggling to carry their briefcases, smiling Chris saw one little boy carry it with both arms.

Natasha was not convinced; she knew it had something to do with dee. "Where’s dee this morning?"

"Dun no" Chris shrugged "In the lab?"

"Scene" Natasha said as they approached the lab seeing Dee and her boyfriend Jamie run in. her stomach began to tighten at the thought of Jamie and Dee as a couple, up until this day she is still outraged and very jealous over Jamie’s love for Dee. The very thought of Jamie and Dee together made Natasha’s blood boil, she could not understand what Jamie saw in Dee what it was that made him love her so much. Natasha did not think it was fair that she and Jamie were not together for she knew her love for Jamie would be far stronger than Dee’s. Natasha has often told herself that if Jamie knew really his girlfriend and why she was really going out with Jamie, their relationship would be finished and promised her self that during her last year at Riverston things were going to change. Chris nudged Natasha in the arm "I see the entertainment has arrived" she joked

Natasha did not laugh

"It is very essential that you study the periodic table as it will be of use to you in your exams" Mr Vermont began in his strong Mauritius accent

A few eyes rolled while others huffed, but Mr Vermont did not care for he had his qualifications and was soon to be out of Riverston.

"Make sure you carry around this handout that I will give you in moment" he added tightly

Looking at the clock Chris groaned, she could not believe that it was only ten minutes into the lesson. She swore to herself that her lesson had been going on much longer, taking her pen; she began tapping her open textbook. Sitting on the backbench with Dee, Jamie, Natasha, and Chris sat closet to the wall leaning and tried her best to look attentive as Mr Vermont conducted the lesson.

"When you look at these tables, you will see the element numbers and how they are divided into segments," he continued as he eyed his pupils. He could see the ones who were listening just by the body language and the ones who were not by the eye rolling and their faces looking in opposite direction.

Natasha yawned, she hated science like a dose of poison ever since her first year when her test tube exploded by accident in a chemistry practical, in her defence she had told herself how was she to know not to hold the test tube too close to the heat. Rubbing her eyes she glanced at Jamie who sat next to her, inhaling his aftershave she suddenly felt warm inside. Natasha loved being near Jamie, every opportunity to talk or to touch him mattered to Natasha, and made everything she was doing worthwhile. Glancing at the clock, it was nearly twenty past nine; Natasha leaned forward resting her palms placing her head on top.

Twisting strands of her fringe with her fingers, Dee gazed at the blackboard, rocking back and forth, Dee’s mind began to wonder. She asked herself where Scott would be taking her on their first date, would it be the pictures. The park or even going shopping? Dee knew none of that mattered just as long as they were together, even though they weren’t officially Dee knew they would be soon. Still fiddling with her fringe, Dee flexed her left hand a few times.

Jamie looked worriedly at his girlfriend’s strange behaviour "Dee, are you alright?" he whispered

Dee did not reply, instead she began to rock and back and forth

Break time could not have come any quicker for Chris, despite having the unwanted pleasure of Monday morning prefect duty in the canteen she was glad for the break from lessons. Chris has been a prefect ever since she impressed the head of her schoolhouse Miss Falkirk at last years swimming gala. Walking into the school canteen, the smell of turkey burgers, hot chocolate and toast hit her like strong scented perfume. Feeling queasy Chris took a deep breath and stood by an empty table. There were pupils already lined up against the wall and ready to buy and eat. Chris nodded at them and immediately a stampede of year 7 and 8 pupils ran in trying to overtake each other. Suddenly Chris stuck out her arm grinding the rest of the line to a halt.

"Please wait," she commanded

Unhappy with the command a small boy spoke up "Why? You let him go"

Chris shrugged "Too bad, you’ll have to wait your turn"

The boy made a face as he crossed his arms "This takes the mick" he said giving Chris a dirty look

"Yeah, you’re well out of order," cried a ginger haired boy who stood behind him

Chris looked at the ginger haired boy and it was Gerry Andrews. A year seven pupil whom she recognised from her house meetings, his high number of detentions and suspension cost the house the title of ‘winning house’ for the term. Despite Gerry’s bad behaviour, he is an excellent swimmer and football striker and often chosen for swimming and football teams.

Chris did not care about anything Gerry or his friend had to say "I’ll tell you what I’ll show you what out of order is when I make you go to the back of the line"


"Like I said" Chris said through a smile "Wait" backing away slightly she checked to see if the queue had gone down, in that split second space of time Gerry and his companion showed Chris the v sign.

Suddenly someone tapped Chris on her shoulder, turning it was Scott Bonnington.

"Hello" Chris said giving him a blank look, turning away she sent fifteen pupils in, who ran in determined not to miss any food. Chris put her arm out again in front of a year eight-girl "Wait"

Scott stood with both hands in his trousers pockets and leaned against a table behind him "I thought you need bringing back to the land of living" Scott smiled

Chris’s stomach twisted, suddenly felt a bad taste in her mouth. Looking at Scott, Chris realised there was something about Scott that she did not like "and you were gunna do that were you?" she asked flatly "With your presence"

Scott has smiled faded; frowning at Chris he both hands out his pockets, he did not like Chris’ tone and he wondered what the meaning behind Chris’ comment was.

Scott Bonnington is tall, handsome, and athletic and had many admirers in Riverston. Scott has managed to keep his personal life private, allowing rumours to circulate which have all yet to be proved. Scott too has spent his infant and junior years at Riverston and too is a grade a pupil in all subjects, gaining him offers from some of the borough’s best colleges. Standing at just less than six feet, with dark brown hair, brown eyes and chiselled facial features, Scott has the potential to be a male model. He is charming, sexy and ambitious, but he is also be manipulative, callous and no matter what the consequences are Scott will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

As Chris sent the remaining pupils into the canteen, she knew Scott was watching her. Meeting his gaze, Chris studied him for a moment. Chris could praise Scott on his good looks and did not question the fact he had countless girlfriends, but underneath his looks some thing has always made Chris feel uneasy. Growing up in school Chris has never taken much notice of Scott as she had either passed him in corridors or on the stairs, Scott has never been more than just a name to her, but now looking at him he was now a face.

"Wa gwan" Natasha said walking into the canteen, ignoring Scott she looked around

"Hey Tart" Chris smiled

"Feeding time at the zoo going well is it" she smiled

Scott eyed up Natasha, surprised to notice how pretty she looked today. Scott noticed Natasha had cut her hair, it was now short sleek and shiny. She was wearing mascara, clear lip-gloss and could smell her Armani perfume. Coming from afro-Caribbean background Natasha’s skin glowed with health and her eyes were deep and yet bright. Petit, but yet athletic Scott had never paid much attention to Natasha’s looks in the past as they have never been civil to each other, but looking at her today made him think of reconsidering.

Natasha could see Scott looking at her from the corner of her eye, she wanted to look back, but she chose not to. Natasha wondered why Scott was on prefect duty today, because it was day off, instantly she knew Scott was up to something and had a fair idea what it was

"Yes, the animals come in by two by two" Chris joked

Natasha laughed, "Anyway, I know what I come in for" pointing at Chris "Miss Falkirk wants your homework, she says she wants to get all her marking done tonight. So, speed up"

Chris made a face "Yeah, tell her I’ll give it to her later"

"Good, cos I don’t want her hollering my name out in the corridor anymore" Natasha said pointing to her self

"Yes mum" Chris said trying to keep a straight face

"Yeah yeah, anyway see you in English" Natasha said before turning on her heels and running down the steps

Chris checked her watch; it was time to clear the canteen. Clapping her hands, together Chris informed everyone they had five minutes to eat and leave. Despite not appreciating his presence ignored, Scott kept quiet looked at Chris. Scott was interested in Chris, he wanted to know what Chris Anderson could do for him, and he could not wait to find out.




Mr Powell is year eleven long suffering English teacher, he has been teaching at Riverston for fifteen years. His pupils are not impressed with his teaching skills due to his short temper and tantrums, such as kicking doors and tapping the desks with his non-shatter ruler. Despite this, former year eleven pupils have rated Mr Powell as a good teacher but it is now a matter of opinion. Mr Powell is tall, slender, dresses in tweed jackets, tight trousers. He wears glasses, which fastened together at the side with plasters. He is a heavy smoker and smokes fifteen a day, this has lead to rumours claiming he spends half an hour in the toilets every lunchtime smoking. Unfortunately, for Mr Powell, he has proved the rumours true as wherever he goes the smell of nicotine lingers around him.

Natasha, Chris, Jamie, Dee and Scott sat at the back row desks leaning across their open English textbooks. The rest of the class potted around, chatted, and paid no attention to poor Mr Powell who tried to conduct the day’s lesson. Jamie yawned as he pulled himself up, sighing with boredom he crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair.

"As we are all aware, punctuation is very important is very crucial where the subject of creative writing is concerned. You must gain knowledge of the importance of each piece use and use it correctly," Mr Powell said pacing in front of the blackboard

Natasha rolled her eyes and swore under her breath before she buried her head in her arms. Chris turned to the classroom window, which looked out onto the junior playground and sighed.

"It is forever a pleasure" Mr Powell continued raising his voice a little to override the chitchat in his lesson. Not that it made much use as notes started to pass around desks to desks, as usual this English lesson was another losing battle. "To read a piece of writing, which has the correct use of punctuation" Mr Powell stopped pacing and glanced out to the corridor "Always a pleasure indeed" he sighed as yet again he has lost the war against his year eleven pupils.

Dee crossed her arms as she watched Scott from the corner of her eye, she could see he was looking at Chris and she wanted to know why. Dee had not heard anything about Scott liking Chris and she hoped for Chris sake the situation was not visa versa, Dee enjoyed Chris’ friendship but she was determined not to let anyone stop her from being with the boy she loves.

Scott watched Chris; he had to admit to himself that she was very pretty and had a figure which most of his past girlfriends would have loved. He liked Chris’ long mousy hair, her bright green eyes and saw that her skin was flawless. Scott felt there was something about her that he liked but his interest in Chris is business and he intended to keep it that way.

It was great relief when school ended, cars drive in and out of the school car park coming to collect lost property that waited anxiously to be collected from school. Dee, Chris and Natasha walked home, while others waited for the bus. Walking across the road, Dee had been keeping a close eye on Chris for the past five minutes and it was starting to worry Chris for she knew Dee wanted to say something to her

"You know he fancies you don’t you" Dee said tightly wondering how it could be and what Chris had that she did not have.

Chris and Natasha looked at Dee and frowned "Who?"

Dee tutted "Scott"

Natasha smiled, as she knew Scott’s sudden interest in Chris would annoy Dee and that the next few weeks were to become very interesting.

Chris laughed as they passed a small church hall on the corner for she had never heard something so ridiculous in her life; she thought the idea of Scott Bonnington liking her was ridiculous.

Natasha rolled her tongue around in her mouth before crunching on polo.

"Yeah right Dee" Chris said holding out her palm to Natasha; reluctantly she put a polo mint in her palm.

Dee got irritable, she hoped Chris was not mocking her as it would only infuriate her more "He so does Chris!" she snapped

Natasha wanted to laugh, but thought better of it "Dee shut up" Natasha said crunching a polo mint

"Yeah come on Dee, I don’t even like Scott" Chris protested, it was the truth she did not in fact she found him infuriating.

Dee narrowed her eyes she did not care whether Chris liked him or not, she wanted Chris to stay away from Scott "I don’t want you near him Chris"

Natasha shook her head and wondered if Dee has lost her mind a little more than she already had, telling someone to stay away from something that did not belong to them seemed a bit rash.

An icy breeze blew across Chris’ face; shivering a little Chris was careful to choose her words "Dee, I don’t think you know what you’re talking about"

Dee stopped in the middle of the pavement and glared at Chris with intense, she knew Scott liked Chris and she hated it "Just stay away from him Chris" Dee said with conviction "I don’t want to have to get nasty"

Natasha’s eyes widened with surprise although she knew that Dee meant every word she said. Ever since Dee bumped into Scott in the canteen that morning almost 18 months ago, she has not stopped pursuing Scott for his affection. Despite Scott telling her, it was a waste of time and he would only go out with her if the earth freezes over. Dee refuses to give up, she has written letters, poetry and even bought Scott gifts to prove her undying love, but to no avail. Dee insists that she has a future with Scott and will stop at nothing to live it.

Dee has had a constant battle with her life, since the age of nine years old as having watched her mother suffer severe depression due to an abusive marriage. Ever since, Dee has felt unable to turn to anyone and has been consuming alcohol and her mother’s painkillers prescribed for her on going headaches. Dee has seen psychiatric help for the development of her violent nature and slight paranoia due to her trauma, but none of which has proved successful. Natasha, Scott and Chris are well aware of the extent of medical attention that Dee needs and how unstable she is without it, but for a few of her close friends Dee’s state of mind is a huge advantage.

Natasha looked at Chris, crunching slowly on her polo mint she smiled as Dee walked past them and crossed the road diagonally.

Natasha knew Dee is crazy about Scott and that there would be no limit for her to show her affections, she also knew Scott was desperately seeking any way to get rid of Dee and was willing to do whatever it took.

"I don’t even like the boy Tash" Chris protested as she watched Dee "that’s what’s gets me"

"You and I both know that doesn’t make a difference" Tash said shaking her head "You know she’d kill for Scott’s affections or if she thought anyone was getting in her way"

Chris started to walk "I never asked for the boy to talk to me"

Natasha shrugged "Sometimes in life we get what we don’t ask for"


The ice lay thinly on the ground as Chris walked up the road to school. As she walked ice crunched underneath her shoes, Chris made sure she took her time, as she did not want to slip. The grass and car windows glittered with frost; bonnets were half covered in ice and bare trees stood alone against the pale grey sky. As Chris walked, a sharp breeze cut across her face making her teeth chatter. Passing rows houses, which stood behind the school; she walked slowly to let the ice crunch underneath her shoes, so not to slip. Turning the corner to walk into the school car park, she saw someone leaning on the fence it was Scott. Chris cursed underneath her breath and asked herself out of anyone she could have met up with at school, why did it have to be Scott. Chris decided to slow down her pace and hoped Scott had not seen her, but it was too late. "I suppose I’d better say good morning, seeing as you had no intention," Scott smirked

Chris was not in the mood for Scott’ chitchat this morning, ignoring him she want to walk past but he grabbed her arm

Scott’s smile dropped from his face "I was talking to you"

Chris pulled free of his grip "Take your hands off me Scott" she cried

Scott did not like Chris’ attitude, but put it down to maybe Chris not being much fun in the mornings which he was prepared to over look.

"Why are you such a miserable bitch?" he asked tightly

Chris’ eyes narrowed, she resented Scott’s comment but chose not to say anything and instead walked past.

"So Anderson, when are we going out?"

Stopping in her tracks, Chris looked at Scott in disbelief as she took her hands out if her pocket "What makes you think I wanna go out with you?"

Scott sniggered "Chris, I’m no idiot"

Rolling her eyes Chris wondered if Scott smoked a class A drug or inhaled a highly potent substance "Scott, you might wanna ask yourself that question again" she said dryly

Scott frowned "And what’s that supposed to mean?"

"Do you want me to write it down for you?"

Scott felt taken back by Chris’ comment; it was not often girls spoke to him like that "I’m sorry?"

Chris looked at him dead in the eye "I’m not the school cyclist who rides every dirty and scummy bike that comes into my direction" she said harshly

Scott sucked in his breath, he did not like what Chris said and certainly did not consider himself dirty and scummy

Chris was glad she had hit a nerve "God only knows what I might catch" she spat before walking off

"Some people just catch things love, you’re gunna learn that" Scott called after Chris

Dust lay thick on the benches in the physics lab, water spots stained the seats and windows were dirty. The room was humid and smelled of damp. Natasha gave two dry coughs and waved the dust away from her face, Natasha giving an exaggerated cough "Gee wisdom, dust!" she cried

Jamie blew into the air "Blimey, this room is gunna kill one of us these days" he said making his way to the backbench.

"I think it already has babe" Natasha coughed again

Everyone scattered themselves in the lab finding themselves seats for the next ninety minutes of their Tuesday morning. Chris stood briefly in between Jamie and Natasha leaving a seat either side of them. Yawning she dropped her books and bag on the bench before reluctantly sitting.

"Alright hun" Natasha said brightly as she opened her bag

"Fantastic" Chris replied without any enthusiasm

Natasha knew Chris was not looking forward to seeing Dee after yesterday and found the entire situation hilarious, despite Chris protesting that she did not like Scott Natasha somehow knew the tables would soon turn "Yes Christina, you really sound it" pulling out an 4 pad of lined paper

Chris buried her head in her arms "I don’t wanna be here" she groaned

Natasha patted Chris’ shoulder "Neither does the rest of us, so you are gunna have to join us in our time of suffering"

Chris shook her head just as Scott entered, she tried to look away, but found herself watching him as he made his way towards her. Chris questioned herself into why she was looking back, it was the last thing she wanted to do "I take it you thought about what I said," Scott said as he sat down next to her

Natasha listened closely as she bit her lip in concentration. Her stomach churned with excitement for she knew if Dee found out Chris were talking to Scott, she would turn nasty.

Chris stomach began to twist "I thought I told you to stay away from me" she said, realising her hands were starting to feel clammy "do not know what I might catch remember" She added darkly as she wiped them on her skirt. Chris was feeling slightly irritated with herself to why she was acting like a nervous infant child.

"You told me nothing like that, " Scott said inches from her face

"Well take a hint," Chris said tipping her head back slightly, she could smell his aftershave and instantly recognised the scent.

"No, because leaving you alone would you be all too easy" he whispered in her ear as he looked to the doorway of the classroom he saw Dee staring back at him. Scott wanted to wave at her, but thought better of it. Scott knew Dee did not like him talking to Chris, which lead him to believe everything he was doing was worthwhile.

Chris did not like what Scott said, she felt even uneasy than before and felt Scott was feeding off her, like prey.

Natasha instantly noticed Dee too and slowly sat down "Let the games begin" she muttered.


Dee tapped her pen against her ring binder as she waited impatiently for Chris outside the canteen. She had to talk to her, make her realise Scott belongs to her and that is all she wanted to make clear to Chris. Dee wanted to know why they talking this morning, what was it about? In addition, what did they say to each other? Dee hoped for Chris’s sake that they were not planning their next date. Sighing with irritation as Dee watched crowds leave the canteen, sucking in her breath, she waited for Chris.

"Come on for f---s sake" she muttered under her breath. Suddenly Chris appeared behind a group of year eight girls, Dee waited until Chris was near enough to hear her.

"I wanna talk to you" Dee said stiffly

Chris knew this was coming her stomach twisted with dread. "What about?"

Chris was not sure if she had did the energy for an argument, all she wanted to do was sit down in the prefect room and read her magazine until her next lesson. Chris followed Dee into the foyer, she felt like she was walking into her schools principal’s office for skipping school.

Dee grabbed Chris by the arm of her school blazer and yanked her towards her, so close they were eye level apart "What were you and Scott talking about this morning before school?"

Chris shook her head "nothing" she lied trying to pull away from Dee’s grip, but the more she pulled the tighter Dee’s grip got "Why?"

"Don’t lie to me Chris" Dee knew Chris was lying and it irritated her "It didn’t look like nothing to me" she said through clenched teeth

Chris exhaled lightly, she wanted to tell her but she hated to have to justify herself to Dee but she knew it would only make things worse "It’s nothing Dee" she lied again

Dee stepped closer "I meant what I said Chris, stay away from him" she warned. Squeezing hard Dee made Chris flinch with pain.

Chris took Dee’s word for it. Pulling away from her grip "Dee I told you, nothing was said like I told you" she protested nervously

Suddenly Dee grabbed Chris by the neck and threw her against the wall.

Chris froze

"I told you to stay away from him Chris and if you don’t I swear on my life I’ll kill you" Dee said calmly although her eyes were eyes erect

Chris gulped and stared back at her in horror.

Chris winced Dee’s nails dug in her skin as the pain was starting to make her eyes water.

Dee let go of Chris neck; standing back, she stared at Chris with intensity and anger.

Chris touched her neck and she felt blood. Looking at her fingers, she shuddered.

Dee rubbed her bloody fingers together "Just remember what I said"




Scott watched Chris as she made her way to the back of the school library, sitting opposite the study room Scott saw Chris go in one of the rooms and shut the door. Instantly he got up and swiftly walked over to the room.

Pushing the door open quietly, Scott stepped inside and stood in the doorway. Chris acted Oblivious to Scott’s company at first, she jumped when she realised he was watching her, she gasped dropping her pen on the table

Scott smiled as he shut the door with his left foot "Hello"

Chris sighed with irritation as feeling unsure whether she could cope with Scott’s antics this morning, after seeing Dee earlier she still felt quite shaky. Picking up her pen, she could feel Scott watching her and it made her feel very uncomfortable "what does it take for you to get the message?" Chris snapped hoping Scott would disappear, plus she felt dubious of Dee’s whereabouts and felt Dee would appear at anytime.

Scott stepped towards her "like I’ve told you, that’d be too easy"

Chris picked up her textbook and threw it down "How about I write it down for you" she said harshly

Scott was feeding off Chris’ uneasiness; he could smell it like strong scented perfume. Moving even closer to Chris, Scott put his folder on the table.

Chris backed away as she felt unaware of what Scott was going to do next "What do you want from me?" she asked as her stomach began to twist

Scott pulled Chris by the arm close, lips apart Chris could feel Scott’s breath on her lips. She wanted to pull away, but at that moment, she felt weak. Scott ran his finger down Chris’ chest, she flinched she wanted to tell him not to touch her but she could not get the words out. Scott lifted Chris’ blouse and placed his hand on her stomach, her body stiffened before she pulled his hand away "I asked you a question Scott" Chris said almost breathlessly

"Not a lot" Scott replied gazing into Chris’s eyes

Natasha ran up behind Jamie before shouting "Boo!" in his left ear, jumping slightly with fright he spun around to see Natasha laughing in his face

"Ha ha, got you Jamie," she laughed as she walked towards a bench in the senior pupils playground

"Funny" Jamie said dryly with both hands in his pockets

"What are you doing out of lessons anyway?" Tash asked

Jamie shrugged "Told Miss I had a headache and wanted fresh hair, so she gave me a few minutes" looking at Tash "I take it you’re meant to be in the toilet"

Natasha smiled "Yeah, saw you so I thought I’d take a detour"

Jamie shook his head and gazed across the empty playground "Typical"

Natasha crossed her arms they approached a bench "Okay, what’s Dee West done to Jamie Parker now?" looking at Jamie as she sat down Natasha’s heart almost skipped a beat as she thought Jamie never looked so good in his school uniform.

Jamie shook his head "forget it, its poetry," he said looking over to the football grounds

"Just tell me"

Jamie looked at Natasha for a moment, they’re eyes met for second before Natasha broke the gaze with a blink "She’s just is so hostile these days, I know something is bothering her and she won’t tell me"

"Considering the girl is full of chemicals Jamie what do you expect?" Natasha said bitterly

Jamie shot Natasha a look, his eyes hard and erect "Don’t ever mention talk like that again" he said tightly

Natasha rolled her eyes "Like you were saying Jamie" she said dismissively

Jamie did not show any signs of forgiveness for Natasha’s comment and suddenly became a little dubious towards Natasha "I’m just worried that’s all which is normal under the circumstances"

Natasha smiled "there had never been any normal circumstances where your girlfriend has been concerned Jamie"

"And what’s supposed to mean Tash?"

Natasha rolled her eyes "Forget it"

Jamie frowned at Natasha, for some reason he could sense Natasha was holding back something "Ok Tash, what’s going on?"

Natasha sniffed "Nothing"

Jamie sensed whatever Natasha was holding back it was serious "Just tell me Tash," he demanded

Sighing Natasha knew this was her chance to play a part in Scott’s little game and benefit a little, for years Natasha has been fighting for Jamie’s affections and finally she was going to win the battle "You have no idea what the hell is going on around you"

Jamie did not like where this was going, but he wanted to find out "What are you talking about Tash?" he barked

Shaking her head Natasha took a deep breath "For the past 2 years your girlfriend has been obsessed with Scott and I mean obsessed Jamie" Natasha began "think of lock of hair tied to a bedpost and throwing your puppy out the window obsessed"

Jamie went pale "I don’t believe you"

"Ask her then, or better still ask Chris" Natasha choked with laughter "Dee threatened her yesterday warning her off Scott, telling her if she goes near him she’ll kill him" sighing Natasha shook her head "I feel sorry for you Jamie, you really haven’t got a clue"

Jamie stared at Natasha, trying to work out if Natasha was telling the truth. He wondered how and when Dee had fallen for Scott, why she was desperate to keep Chris away from Scott and why was it now he was finding out

Natasha could see this was going to take a while to sink in with Jamie, knowing everything was going to destroy him, but she knew Jamie’s devastation was to be her advantage and in the end, Jamie would be hers. "You and I both know how unstable she is"

"I don’t f---ing believe you Tash, you’re lying!" Jamie shouted, "You’re lying!" his voice echoed around the empty playground.

Natasha continued "Jamie, I’m telling you she never loved you, it’s Scott she wanted, it was never you"

Jamie began to feel sick; he asked himself if what Natasha was telling him would explain Dee’s behaviour and why Dee had not taken his calls for the past two months. Jamie had not told anybody that it been difficult to get in touch with his own girlfriend as every time he spoke to her, she would make excuses saying she had other things to do and say she would speak to him another time. Jamie felt at his wits end at times, but convinced himself Dee needed space and nothing between them changed " she loves me Tash, how can she love Scott? You’re not making f---ing sense!"

"Don’t mean s--- Jamie" Natasha paused as little looking at Jamie she could see his eyes were filling up with tears "Unfortunately for you, everyone knew she never loved you, accept you," she added uncrossing her arms

Jamie did not want to hear anymore, he could not get his head around it all and was not sure if he would be able to. Backing away, he headed for school’s exit.

Natasha sighed, glancing at her fingernails she licked her lips and reached for her pocket tin of Vaseline from her shirt pocket. Natasha smiled as she stood up, dusting off her skirt she skipped back to her lesson.

Dee locked the cubicle of the toilet and at on the toilet, carefully she rolled back the left arm of her school blazer to her elbow. Taking a pair of scissors out of the opposite pocket Dee dug them in her arm, drew a line, and stopped before her wrist. Wincing, she began to write Scott’s name on her arm, pushing aside the pain Dee did not finish until she had written his name. Sighing with relief Dee looked down at her arm, smiling she sat back and let her blood dry.

Chris looked at her watch when Natasha returned, frowning she noticed Jamie was missing. Frowning at his absence, Chris nudged Natasha "Where’s Jamie?"

Natasha shrugged "f--- knows Chris"

Miss green looked up and then at Natasha "Where’s Jamie?" she asked full of concern

Natasha picked up her pen and clicked her lid "Dunno miss, didn’t see him"

Miss green sat back in her chair for a moment, puzzled at the sudden disappearance of a pupil "Well, where’s he gone then?"

Natasha turned over the page of her textbook "Could have gone to the school nurse miss"

Miss Green stood up "I’ll go check" heading for the door she pointed at the class "Get on with your work until I get back please year eleven"

Chris watched miss green leave the classroom and turned to Natasha "Jamie never goes to see the nurse, he can’t stand medical people"

"Yea, well maybe he decided to bunk off, he’s turning over a new leaf" Natasha crossed her legs and was definite she knew of Jamie’s whereabouts, she was certain Jamie would be drowning his sorrows in alcohol while trying to come to terms with the fact his relationship with Dee is over. Natasha knew whatever the consequences were; she was not going to take responsibility it was going to be Chris.

Scott rolled his eyes as she saw Dee coming towards him, sighing with irritation he really did not have time to deal with her this afternoon. Scott hoped Dee would walk past, but he knew Dee better than that for he could knew she was about to give him one of her undying love speeches. As Dee became closer, Scott noticed she was pulling up her sleeve

"Scott" Dee called out "You need to see something"

Scott’s eyes narrowed, wondering if he wanted to see what Dee had to show him "I really don’t care", he said trying not to sound curious

Dee stopped and showed Scott her arm "Look"

Scott’s eyes widened slightly and questioned if he was seeing things

"It’s your name Scott, you see. I wanted to show you" Dee said looking at her arm as if it was a piece of artwork, "I did it today"

"Why the f--- did you write my name Dee?" Scott asked finding it hard to look away, never had he seen anything like it. Scott was convinced Dee needed more than professional help for her mental problems

Dee looked at him, eyes warm and smiled showing her brace "I wanted to Scott, I wanted to show you how much you mean to me" she replied "It’s important you know Scott"

"Dee you’re f---ing nuts, what does it take for me to tell you I’m not interested in you"

Dee’s eyes shifted from side to side "and what does it take for to you to realise that I am interested in you, which is why I did this"

Scott fell silent for a moment, as he stared at the dried blood and split skin, which spelt out his name, he could see where Dee had dragged the instrument into her skin, which made his realise how serious the situation was becoming.

Dee looked down at her arm once again, smiling she admired that fact she had Scott’s name written on her arm. She knew it was not as effective as writing it across her chest, but she hoped Scott knew how she felt.

Scott shook his head, he needed to get away from Dee "You’re beginning to scare me Dee" he said backing away

Dee’s smile faded "Don’t be scared Scott, it’s nothing to be scared of"

At that moment Scott knew everything he was doing was worthwhile, if dating Chris just to keep Dee away from him was what it took then he was willing to do so. Scott was not sure how effective his plan would be, but it was a risk he was going to take. Even so, this plan would give Scott enough time to think of another where he would take matters into his own hands.

Chris called out to Natasha as she headed for the school gate "Wait up"

"Hey Chris, I can’t stop" Natasha said hurriedly

"Where are you going with Jamie’s blazer and bag?" Chris asked noticing Jamie’s blazer was under Natasha’s arm

"Gotta drop it off to him, he left it behind" Natasha replied wishing Chris would mind her own business

Chris eyes widened "Is he alright? What’s happened?"

Natasha rolled her eyes "Nothing, he just needs his stuff" in an effort to get away from Chris Natasha ran on ahead "speak to you later" she called out.

It was not long before Natasha reached Jamie’s house as she dropped his back and blazer on the doorstep, she gave a sigh of relief "Damn that was heavy" she said aloud before ringing the bell

Breathing a little heavily she waited, looking up at the front house windows she hoped someone was home as she was not prepared to carry Jamie’s stuff all the way home. Sighing Natasha rang the bell again "Come on, someone open the door" she said

Suddenly the door opened, Natasha pointed to Jamie’s belongings beside her "Can you take this for me?"


It had just gone one o’clock in the morning when Chris turned over, staring at the clock she sighed. Chris could not sleep. She did not why; she could not decide whether it was guilt, fear or insomnia. She knew she had to stay away from Scott, but admitting to herself she was finding it hard as she thought about him non-stop. Chris wished she did not but she did. Chris could not understand why she would want to get herself involved with Scott, she had sworn to herself on numerous occasions that she had a dislike for him, but that seemed to be irrelevant and she wanted to know why. Rubbing her stomach Chris could still feel his lips on her skin from earlier and his fingers on hers. Sighing Chris lay back down and dreaded her day at school.

Jamie threw a glass bottle at his bedroom door; the smash was unheard to loud distorted sounds of heavy metal, which boomed through his stereo speakers. Kicking his school bag across the room and pushing all his belongings off his dresser onto the floor, Jamie’s eyes welled up with tears as he saw his reflection his bedroom mirror.

Almost sobbing Jamie screamed aloud "How could you do this to me!"

Natasha smirked the next morning as she met Chris; there was frost on the ground, which decorated the streets with white ice and tiny specks of sleet from early this morning. Clutching her folder, Natasha knew Scott got to Chris and knew that Chris was walking on extremely thin ice.

"Late night?" Natasha asked casually

Chris shrugged "Just couldn’t sleep" she yawned

"Are you thinking about what Dee said to you?" Natasha asked carefully as they walked into school

Chris glanced around for both Scott and Dee, despite not wanting to see them she wanted to know where they were "How can I not? It’s hardly something that I can wipe from my mind"

"Well Chris" Natasha sighed "at the end of the day I know you like him"

Chris wanted so much to deny any attraction she felt towards Scott, but it was true she was starting to like him. After she was alone with Scott in the library, Chris spent most of last night thinking about him and even fantasying about what it would be like to go out with him. "I know he is and it’s frustrating because a week ago I stand to be in the same room as him"

Natasha shrugged "If that’s the case, go out with him" Natasha felt amazed to how fickle Chris was acting, she was surprised how quickly Chris declared her attraction for Scott she wondered if Chris ever disliked Scott at all. Natasha was willing to place bets Scott would have Chris’ knickers in his hands by tomorrow lunchtime.

Chris felt a little relieved at Natasha’s semi approval and did not feel as much guilt "It’s not as easy as that though is it?"

"Well all you have to do is stay away from Scott and you’ll be fine" Natasha pointed out, but she knew that was more chance of the river Thames freezing over on the 4th of July.

Chris looked at Natasha "It’s not me, it’s Scott. He won’t stay away from me," she insisted

Natasha knew Scott’s sudden interest in Chris was not because of Chris’ beauty and brains, she knew Chris was bait for Scott’s little plan for keeping Dee away but she wondered what would Scott do if his little plan didn’t work. Natasha knew Scott was well aware of Dee’s mental state and wondered if Scott knew what it would take keep Dee away from him and whether he was willing to do it "Dee isn’t gunna see it like that and neither is Jamie, you and I both know that"

Suddenly all her guilt came flooding back Chris closed her eyes "I forgot about how much Jamie is gunna be affected in all this" Chris knew it was take Jamie months to accept the break down of his relationship with Dee, she could not even begin to think how Jamie would react to her relationship with Scott.

"Yes, it will destroy him" Natasha said firmly, even though she knew it already had

"I can’t let Jamie find out about this" looking at Natasha with worry "Please don’t tell him Tash, please"

Natasha wanted to laugh is Chris’ face and ask if she was smoking a class A drug "Chris he is gunna find out sooner or later" Natasha pointed out "Nothing says secret forever"

"I know, but let me tell him in my own time" Chris insisted, "Just promise you won’t say anything"

Smiling Natasha linked arms with Chris "Don’t worry, I won’t"

Chris smiled a little "thanks Tash"

"No worries babe"

"Oh yeah how’s Jamie, did he get his stuff?"

Natasha nodded "He’s just fine"

Jamie pulled Dee by the arm as he caught up with her; she tried to avoid him by diverting up the stairs but trapped in between two year eight pupils.

"We need to talk babe," Jamie said lightly, hanging on to her arm he did not want to let go

Dee shook free of Jamie’s grip "Just go away Jamie, I don’t wanna talk to you" she said abruptly as she pushed past two senior members of staff, who were more than alarmed as they were knocked into the wall.

"Well I wanna talk, I want you to tell me something Dee" Jamie followed her anxiously to the top step, almost tripping on the top step. "Just stop, please Dee! I want to sort this out babe" he pleaded

Dee sucked in her breath. She wished Jamie would just leave her alone.

Jamie knew he and Dee was over and what Natasha told him was true, but he was desperate to speak to Dee in hope of him of proving him wrong. He loved Dee too much to let their relationship die. "Just wait Dee" he begged, "Please babe"

Dee spun around, stood in the middle of the corridor and looked at Jamie. Her eyes erect and hard as she clutched her ring binder "Jamie, it’s over"

Jamie shook his head in disbelief "No. You can’t do this to me"

"Just accept it Jamie, we are finished"

"Why? I don’t get it"

Dee rolled her eyes, she did not have time for Jamie "Do you want me to f---ing write it down for you Jamie?"

Jamie stared at Dee in disbelief; he did not want to believe the girl he loved so much did not love him anymore. He asked himself why this was happening to him and what he had done "I want proof Dee" he blurted out "I don’t believe you"

Dee sighed as she pulled her sleeve back and showed Jamie her arm "There’s your proof Jamie"

Jamie felt sick as he stared at Dee’s arm, he could not believe it was real at that moment his entire world was beginning to crumble "But I love you" Jamie whispered

Dee shrugged "I never loved you Jamie, I love Scott and we will be together," she said calmly "You have your proof"

"No you can’t," he said meekly as his eyes filled with tears

"Good bye Jamie"

Looking at Dee Jamie knew Dee meant every word she said, suddenly Jamie wished the ground would open up and swallow him. Tears fell down Jamie’s cheeks as he watched Dee disappear in the crowds of the pupils of Riverston School.

Chris shut the door to the prefect room and stood before Scott. Her heart was thumping against her chest and her hands were feeling clammy and damp with sweat. Looking at Scott, her attraction she felt grew stronger and she wondered is she would be able to stand up to Scott. Despite the attraction she felt for Scott she knew he had to stop things before they went too far, folding her arms she tried to make the least amount of eye contact as possible. Chris took a deep breath

"We need to talk"

Scott tossed the latest edition of a car magazine aside "And why is that?" he asked trying not to stare at the hitch at the side of Chris’ school skirt.

Chris knew Scott was going to make what she had to say difficult for her, but she was determined to make herself heard.

"You know why Scott, you hassling me has got to stop" Chris pointed out as she shifted, the hitch dropped, Scott then moved his eyes to small gap in her blouse where he could see the centre of her bra.

Knowing his plan was improving by the day, Scott smiled "I’d hardly call is hassling Chris when you find it hard to resist me"

Chris was silent for a moment, Scott was right she was finding it hard to resist Scott’s unwanted attention but she knew she had to. "Scott, all I have to say that this has to stop"

Scott stood up before Chris, leaning forward "I’m afraid I cant to that" he whispered in her face, Chris felt her stomach tighten and the atmosphere suddenly become intense, sweat began to appear on her brow as she was finding it hard to keep everything under control. Chris hated being attracted to Scott, but she could not help thinking about him all the time and it made matters worse as Scott knew.

Scott slowly lifted her blouse and touched her stomach, feeling Chris body tighten he pushed her against the wall, hands everywhere. Squeezing, rubbing Scott wanted to undress Chris but knew it was too risky. Inhaling Chris’ perfume Scott was finding himself losing control, but knew he had to regain it. Chris made silent moans, unable to resist him she let him kiss her on her neck, lips and running his fingers down the crease of her breasts, also very unaware Natasha watched them through the window outside.

Scott stood by the flowerbeds in the local park patiently for waited for Chris to arrive; she had asked him at lunchtime to meet her here. Looking around he liked the park, the pine benches, picnic tables swings reminded Scott of a garden in BBC’s garden show ‘Ground Force’. By the main entrance there was a huge grass area, which surrounded by a mini fence, the flowers looked pretty in the half empty park as frost lightly sprinkled on them. The benches and the picnic table almost covered in a thin layer of ice. In the far corner to the left, the pond was silent, only very tiny ripples appeared showing life to the half frozen pond.

Tapping his finger on the railing, Scott kept an eye out for Chris and wondered why she had asked him to met him here.

Natasha widened her eyes as Dee walked towards her, not wanting to talk to Natasha Dee tried to avoid eye contact with her, but Natasha has already seen her.

"You wanna remember to take your medication on time Dee, it might help you" Natasha sneered

Dee rolled her eyes "Yes, well you should remember to keep you mouth shut"

Natasha laughed in Dee’s face as she remembered what she say yesterday afternoon "Sorry?"

"You heard me"

Natasha looked at Dee deep in the eye; staring at her for a moment, she did not blink "Don’t threaten me"

Dee eyes shifted, breaking the stare "I don’t have time for this" Dee sighed

Natasha crossed her arms "Oh yes you’re busy chasing after Scott" suddenly Natasha noticed her arm "What the f--- is that?" she gasped grabbing it

Dee pulled away "Mind your own f---ing business" she hissed

Natasha shook her head "Nutter"

Dee rolled her eyes, she did not want to hear what Natasha thought of her or what anyone else thought of her for that matter "Whatever"

"And I suppose you didn’t think your little drawing was going to send Jamie over the edge?" Natasha barked

"Who cares" Dee did not want to get nasty to Natasha, but she could see she was going to be a problem "in future don’t send Jamie to me next time, I can do without his tears and woe in my face" she said flatly

"I didn’t, it’s unfortunate for him that he still cares about you" Natasha sniped

Dee’s eyes widened "What’s going to be unfortunate is Chris not listening to me Natasha" she whispered before walking down the stairs

"I suppose you have a point" Natasha smirked before heading for the girl’s toilets.

Scott smiled at the memory of his hands all over Chris

Chris sighed a little and wished it never happened, she was angry with herself for letting herself get carried away. Chris knew she had to control her attraction for Scott before it was too late. "Yeah well, this time it’s different"

Scott rolled his eyes, he swore if Chris was going to ramble on all afternoon he would have to cut the meeting short and go home. "I’m listening," he said flatly, following closely behind her.

Digging her hands deep into her coat pockets Chris looked down at her school shoes, they were scuffed and dirty

Chris was beginning to get frustrated with Scott; she could not understand why he was so calm. She was frantic and wondered if Scott knew what Dee was capable of "Show a little understanding Scott, she wants my head on a platter" Chris said tightly

Scott had full understanding of it all, he knew Dee was capable of slicing Chris neck and he did not care, for all he wanted was Dee off his back. Scott was beginning to wonder if he should take matters into his own hands, but he wanted to see what Chris could do for him first.

Chris could hardly deny it, she was attracted to Scott and wanted to go out with him but felt resistant against it due to Dee. Chris wished things were different, but she knew nothing was going to change and questioned whether she could live with it. "It’s not that simple Scott"

Scott tutted "Yes it is, you’re attracted to me and I’m attracted to you it’s not rocket science" rolling his eyes Scott was surprised at his choice of words, he knew Chris wanted him but questioned whether he felt the same. Scott felt his plan was going well, but he could not stop thinking about what happened between them. Scott can still smell Chris’ perfume on his fingers and feel the touch of her skin against his, last night he was awake as recalled it repeatedly.

Chris knew Scott was right, she sighed glancing at the picnic tables; a small breeze blew flakes of frost of seats into the air

"I’m just worried what’s gunna happen" Chris managed to say

"It’s a bit too late for that, I mean yesterday I had you in the prefect room"

Chris’s stomach tightened "I know, that shouldn’t have happened Scott"

Scott moved closer "Yeah well it did happen " he whispered in her face







Chris sat in her father’s study, she often did this when needed peace and quiet from the rest of her family, plus there was a flash laptop, phone/fax and a huge desk with a matching leather chair. Swinging from side to side in the chair Chris stared at all her books and notes, not being able to concentrate she decided to take a break, it was ten to eleven at night and she was beginning to feel tired. Chris glanced at the telephone, she contemplated ringing Dee, but she knew it makes no use. Chris cursed herself for developing feelings towards Scott, it was the last thing she wants and can only protest in her defence her feelings are beyond her control. Chris tutted as she threw her pen down on the table, feeling irritable and questioned herself asking if she knew she was doing and if prepared for what lay ahead. Suddenly the phone rang, the high pitched ring made Chris jump, picking up the receiver she answered it

"Hello" she said nervously

"Hey beautiful"

"Hi Scott" Chris said trying to sound cheerful

"What’s the matter?"

Chris rubbed her left temple "Nothing, I’m fine" she lied picking up her pen

"I’m going to ask you again," Scott said lowering his tone

"Just all the exams and the revision that’s to be done, it’s a bit much" Chris said quickly wishing Scott had not rung her,

"And plus you’re worrying about Dee" Scott added darkly

"Yes, well it’s understandable Scott she was my best mate" Chris said tightly wishing Scott showed a little compassion.

"Exactly, she was. She isn’t anymore" Scott said bluntly "How can you be mates with someone who wants your head on their bedroom wall"

Chris rubbed her temple "I know, but I can’t help how I feel" she snapped "For gods sake Scott" she muttered, "Give me a break will you?"

Scott did not care as long as Dee was not going to be a problem to him, Scott looked up at the clock in his living room and it was a minute to eleven, sitting in the armchair by the door, he drummed his fingers on his left knee

"Not to be rude Chris, but isn’t it a little too late worrying about what gunna happen?"

Jamie Parker lives with his oldest brother Paul, for the past 15 months both their parents have been abroad working which has left both brothers trying to enjoy their own company. Honest, polite, sensitive and caring Jamie loves Dee and has often proved that by proposing to her numerous times. Despite Jamie’s good nature, he feels he is a little misunderstood and alone, which leads to Jamie’s heavy drinking, aggressive mood swings and often after drinking Jamie will lash out leaving later to think about the repercussions.

Jamie sat silently on his bed staring out the bedroom window; clutching his English textbook, he was almost lifeless as tears ran down his face. Eyes red from crying and puffy, Jamie wanted to know why he was living his worst nightmare. Sniffing Jamie could still hear Dee’s voice his head ‘it’s over Jamie’ and still visualised Scott’s name written on her arm. With his back facing his bedroom door, Jamie ignored the loud knock from his brother Paul.

"Can’t you hear or something?" he asked barging in

Jamie quickly wiped his face with his left hand, he did not want his brother to see he has been crying, "What do you want?" he managed to say trying not to sound as frail as he had been feeling

Paul sat on the edge of Jamie’s bed, leaned over and picked up the latest month’s edition of F.H.M "Just thought I’d come and see my kid brother" he replied before wolf whistling at the raven haired model the front cover

Jamie cleared his throat "I’m not very good company at the moment, so you’d better leave" he told Paul as he stared at row of houses across the road, he remembered Dee telling him she always wanted a big house with a garden and a pond. Jamie would laugh and ask why a pond, Dee would reply ‘So I don’t have to take my dogs to the park you idiot’

Paul flicked to the centre pages of the magazine and turned it vertical to get a better look, shaking his head he told himself he had two minutes with the model, she would be a very lucky woman. "Why is that?" Paul asked as he turned the page and gasping at the new model of the Audi car, tutting he told himself the entire car would need is a naked Mariah Carey on the bonnet with him behind the steering wheel.


Paul looked up at Jamie and tried not to smile "Sorry. I heard that Dee dumped you, count yourself lucky your rid of her mate"

Jamie’s face darkened as the held his textbook tightly, snapping his head around he glared at Paul "don’t you ever talk about Dee like that"

"Sorry" Paul said, clearly he was not. He did not care about Dee and had a common dislike for her from the day he had the misfortune to meet her. Paul could not understand how his brother could have gone out a girl who to him resembled a female cartoon character.

"Just what happened between you and her anyway?" Paul asked trying not to sound nosey

Jamie’s lip tightened, he was still trying to come to terms with what Dee told him and he was finding it very hard. He wanted to know why Scott? Did Scott know about it? Had he seen what she did to her arm? Jamie wondered what possessed Dee to hurt him so much, but was sure he would never understand. Jamie hoped Chris understood the situation and kept away from Scott, as it would give Jamie a chance to sort things with Dee. "None of your business" Jamie snapped turning back to the window

Paul sighed "Fine, keep it to yourself then"

"So what’s going on with you and Tash"?

"Nothing" Jamie replied with irritation, all he wanted was to be left alone

"Why?" Paul asked Jamie in slight horror

"Paul, just piss off!" Jamie spat, desperate for his brother to get out of his room

"Jamie, she’s gorgeous!" Paul cried, "I’d give her more than the time of day I can tell you" Paul wondered if his little brother had a brain default, he thought Tash was the best looking female he had ever seen. Ever since Paul met Natasha last year at Dee’s 15th birthday party (Paul had come to walk Jamie home). Paul was hooked and has a secret collection of pictures to prove his addiction.

"We’re friends"

"Yeah but you must fancy the pants off her" he asked

"How can I when I’ve been with Dee all this time" Jamie croaked, he could feel his eyes filling up with tears

Paul sniggered "but she’s always here"

"I love Dee"

"I know you like Tash"

Jamie wanted to tear his hair out "Paul I haven’t got time for this, just go away" he said with his eyes closed

Paul ignored his brother’s plea "I know you like her"

Suddenly Jamie lost his temper, looking at Paul with an icy glare "I’ve just lost Dee the girl I loved for 18 months! The girl I wanted to marry and spend the rest of my life with, now can I like someone else!" he barked, "What the f--- is this!"

Paul laughed and wished that Jamie would get a grip on himself. Closing the magazine, he held his hands up in defence "Okay, don’t start crying J"

Jamie sucked in his breath "Just get out Paul"

Paul got up and tossed the magazine on the floor, standing before Jamie he said, "You haven’t got a clue have you?"

Jamie glared at Paul "About what?"

Paul smiled thinly "exactly"

Jamie stared at the closed door for a moment wondering his brother meant by his last comment, suddenly lost his temper. Taking his textbook, he lunged it at the wall. Getting up he shoved his notes, bag, pillow and duvet onto the floor. Picking up a cup Jamie threw it at the wall and watched it smash to pieces.

Jamie looked over to his chest of draws to a bottle of jack Daniel’s whisky; breathing hard, he stared at it.

Dee rolled her eyes at Natasha "What the f--- do you want?"

Natasha sighed "I’m not about to start running you on your own doorstep Dee, so just let me pass" she said pushing past Dee to go into her hallway. Walking in Natasha noticed how dark the hall way was; she could hardly see anything "Forget to pay your electricity bill?"

Dee slammed the front door behind her and glared at Natasha, she was not in the mood for any of Natasha’s antics tonight and she certainly did not want to hear about Jamie "If you’re here to tell me to go back to Jamie, I don’t wanna hear it" she said through clenched teeth

Natasha put both hands in her jeans pockets and laughed aloud "You must be joking, I’ve seen your arm"

Dee sucked in her breath, she was beginning to lose her temper and was temped to knock Natasha to floor for the sake of a peaceful evening "Look, just say what you gotta say and go"

Natasha sighed with disappointment; she had hoped Dee would be a little nicer to her considering the news she had to tell her "Do you wanna drop the attitude?"

Dee crossed her arms "Don’t start with me Tash" she warned

Natasha stepped forward "I’m not scared of you like Chris is, so like I said drop the attitude" she said tightly

Dee was silent for a moment; suddenly realising Natasha’s visit was not neighbourly. "What is all this about?"

Natasha was savouring the moment before she spoke again "you need to be filled in" she said through a smile




"I’m going to scream very loud in a minute," Chris announced as she sat down joining Scott and Natasha in the canteen

Natasha frowned as she ate her yoghurt "What’s with you?"

"I can’t be doing with this" Chris rubbed her temples "This damn place and these stupid exams"

Scott rolled his eyes "Chris relax, it’s gunna be over soon"

Natasha choked a laugh "You always know what to say don’t you Bonnington"

Scott gave Natasha a look; he was in no mood for Natasha’s sarcasm especially when it was at his expense "I try my best" he said tightly

Sighing with slight frustration, Chris sat back "Yeah well, I just wish these poxy exams would just disappear"

Natasha finished her yoghurt and put the empty pot aside "Don’t we all hun, but we all just gotta make the best of them and come out with good marks" she said simply as she settled both her hands in her lap.

Chris nodded in agreement and exhaled "I suppose"

Natasha gave Scott a look as if to say ‘ha ha, she listens to me and not you’. Looking back at Chris Natasha wanted to start an argument or at least try to make Chris feel even more guilt. "Anyway, anyone seen Parker?" Natasha found it amusing how little Chris knew off her and Dee’s conversation.

Scott tutted "Who gives a toss about him?" he muttered under his breath

Natasha heard what Scott said, but decided not to respond.

Chris shook her head "No, I keep wondering how he is" she replied feeling a pang of guilt.

Natasha shrugged "Yeah, well can’t be easy with you two going public"

Chris could not help but to feel that was a dig at her and Scott " We’re not public, we’re just friends" she protested

Scott gave Chris a look of slight distain and questioned whether he misheard Chris.

Natasha shifted in her seat, thinking to herself it was hardly the point and it made no difference to the situation whether or not she felt guilty. "Yeah ok, Chris" looking at them both she shook her head.

"We are Tash" Chris said trying to sound firm, but she knew Natasha was not convinced

"You really expect me to believe that" she said flatly

Chris felt taken back and wanted to know why Natasha was acting so self-righteous all off a sudden

Scott however was far from surprised at Natasha’s common self- righteous backlash.

Natasha could see Chris was getting upset, but did not care "I’m just telling you how it looks" she said tightly

"None of this is our fault" Scott interjected darkly

Natasha looked at both Scott and Chris in the eye; she wondered when Scott would jump to Chris’s defence. "Then whose is it?"

Scott grabbed Natasha by the arm and pulled her into the corner of the corridor. Slightly startled, Natasha gasped and then tired to break free of him

"What the hell do you think you’re doing!" she barked

Scott glared at her "I should be asking you that very same question"

Natasha rolled her eyes as she yanked her arm out of Scott’s grip "If you’re talking about this morning, I was only saying what should have been said about this whole thing"

Scott stepped closer to Natasha, breathing heavily in her face "Yeah well don’t, what I do it none of your business"

Natasha did not appreciate Scott throwing his weight around on her "Don’t tell me what to do Scott, it annoys me " she said icily

"I don’t give two hoots, I’m telling you I don’t appreciate you upsetting Chris with your rare rar chant for your damaged goods friend Jamie" Scott hissed

"Telling it like it is" Natasha sneered

Scott was not interested in what Natasha had to say, "Just hold comments Tash, you and I both know being self-righteous does not suit you"

Natasha tutted "Too bad hun isn’t it? How do you expect things to look? You’re using Chris to keep Dee away and at the same time; chancing the face, she will be a rotting corpse before she’s 21"

"Yeah so what"

"Yeah just like you, slack just like how were acting when you had Chris in the prefect room the other day" Natasha sneered

Scott rolled his eyes and asked himself of all the people to witness he and Chris, why did it have to be Natasha

"I’d love to know what Dee would say," Natasha said through a smile

"And what part of this do you play in all this Tash? Let me see" Scott pointed out "Ever since you’ve Jamie went out with Dee, you’ve been f---ing waiting for a chance to ruin everything"

Natasha crossed her arms "Well I learnt from the best sweetheart"

Scott stepped back "Damn right and what else you’re gunna learn is you have a lot to thank me for" smiling Scott blew Natasha a kiss "Don’t thank me now" he said before walking away.


"You’re very quiet, cat got your tongue?" Scott asked Chris as they stood at the bus stop later that afternoon.

Chris shook her head slightly and was beginning to get tired of hearing snipes and sarcastic comments from both Scott and Natasha, she had hoped for a little support but deep down she knew was very alone in everything.

"I’m fine" Chris said finally

Scott rolled his eyes thinking it was a bit late for Chris to be having second thoughts, he also knew Chris is going to help him in a huge way with dealing Dee. "Sounds like it"

Chris tutted as she crossed her arms and watched pupils leave Riverston for a moment

"Chris will you just forget it, what’s done is done" Scott spoke, despite feeling slightly fed up with the whole situation he did not like the silence there was between them

"It’s easy for you to say, you haven’t got someone after your throat" Chris said bitterly

Scott frowned, there was no way Chris was making him feel guilty as far as he was concerned Chris has made her bed, now she was going to lie on it. "Like I said Chris, what’s done is done" he said tightly

Chris stared as a bus drove past them; a puff of dirt and engine smoke blew in her face causing her eyes to water. Slightly irritated, Chris rubbed them before being able to see properly.

Scott stared at Chris for a moment hoping she was alright "Whatever happened now Chris, will happen and you worrying isn’t going to stop that"

Chris sighed, she knew Scott was right but it did not stop the guilt burning inside her "whatever" she breathed

Scott moved and stood before Chris "good, I’m glad you suppose" he said before touching her nose, studying Chris Scott just realised how flawless her skin was.

Chris tipped her head back slightly "Are you an only child?" she asked suddenly changing the subject

Scott shook his head wondering why she had asked him such a question "No, I have an older brother called Matt" he replied dryly

"And?" Chris urged sounding interested

Scott shrugged "and, he’s most likely to be at home being an arse"

Chris almost smiled "Like that is it?" leaning back slightly she kept an eye out for the bus they were waiting for.

"Yes it is, you can meet him if you want" Scott yawned

A gentle breeze blew and brushed a strand of Chris’ hair across her forehead, tickling her slightly she shook it away, despite knowing it was a bad idea Chris could not help to take an interest in Scott. " I don’t think so, I’ve got homework" Chris lied

Scott rolled his eyes "Why are you f---ing lying, you’re a swot Chris you aint got s--- to do"

Scott was right, Chris had spent the last two free periods in the library completing tonight’s and tomorrow nights homework and would spend her evenings watching television or sitting in her room listening to music. "I don’t think it’s a good idea"

Scott shrugged "Don’t see what’s the problem is, after all Chris we’re only friends"

"Well we are" Chris protested, half wishing she had never said it

Scott narrowed his eyes and wondered why Chris was lying, he knew she felt more towards him than friendship and he was not going to let her forget that "Like hell we are Chris and you know it"

Chris gasped at Scott’s home, tipping her at back she tried to get an overview of Castle Bonnington. Chris swore the house was the size of three houses put together "nice, very nice" Chris said in admiration

Scott could not see what was so special about his home "It’s alright" he said pulling his door keys out of his pocket

Chris looked at Scott as if he had spoken to her in a foreign language "Just alright? Your house is more than alright, it’s bloody nice Scott"

Scott opened the door with one hand and held onto Chris with the other, instantly the door flew open "Welcome to castle Bonnington" he said as if he was an American tour guide "Home to Drew, Karen, Matt and Scott Bonnington. Keep your hands inside and your head straight, mind how you go now"

Chris did a curtsy "I’m so honoured, I shall treasure this say for the rest of my life," she said in a Texas accent

Scott shook his head "Just get inside"

Chris laughed before stepping inside into the passage, suddenly gasped as she looked down at what she considered a nineteen feet passage. Chris eyes widened as she glanced up at the ceiling. Spinning around like an infant in a huge toy store, Chris stared at the large lights above her head in admiration. Chris swore she had never seen lights so pretty; looking down slightly she fell in love with the deep red wall to wall carpeting, rugs and paintwork. Chris read about houses such as Scott’s in newspapers that were selling for the wages of a first division football player.

"I’m in love with your house Scott" Chris said walking ahead as she ran her fingers along the velvet wallpaper.

Scott watched her closely, he would be lying if he did not find Chris’ admiration for his home a compliment but he did not want Chris to know that "It’s okay, it took mum ages to get it how she wanted" Scott said "It drove my dad nuts cos he just wanted everything to be finished"

Chris studied the soft deep red wallpaper and ran her fingers along the swirls in the pattern "I can imagine it did" she said in almost a trance

Scott smiled he found Chris’ behaviour quite amusing, he reminded him of the musical Annie when she first went to stay with the rich millionaire. "Where are you going?"

Chris spun around with her hand on her mouth "Oh sorry, I just got carried away" walking towards Scott "Just being nosey"

"Apology accepted"

"It’s a nice place Scott, you should be proud," Chris said looking up at the ceiling

Scott found himself staring at Chris, his attraction to Chris was getting stronger but he was in control, Scott knew it was important that he maintained control of everything.

"So what else impresses you about me Chris?"

Just then, the front door opened, it was Matt. Chris almost lost her breath; she had never seen someone so good looking up close.

Scott rolled his eyes as his brother’s poor timing "Matthew" he sighed.

Matt tossed his keys up in the air, he did not care what his brother was up to or who his latest bit of stuff was "Mum and dad know you got company" he said tersely

Chris looked at Matt and felt very impressed; she could see the resemblance between both Matt and Scott. Chris was sure girls were throwing themselves at them, especially Matt. Chris wondered if Dee knew about Matt and if she did what would happen. Chris thought Matt was fit, she knew his girlfriend was a model with six different highlights in her hair and a figure like a supermodel. Chris noticed Matt and Scott shared the same facial features, but Matt was slightly taller, has broader shoulders and wore glasses.

Smiling a hello to Matt, Chris crossed her arms. Matt put his keys into his jacket pocket, sucking in his breath he gazed at Chris for a moment. Matt thought Chris was stunning; he had never met a girl who was so beautiful and for a moment, he could not take his eyes off Chris. Suddenly Matt broke his gaze and yawned.

"Alright, whoever you are" Matt said nodding in slight acknowledgment

Chris took offence questioning if someone could be any more rude "It’s Chris and I’m fine thank you" she said trying to sound polite

Matt shrugged "Wonderful" he said with disinterest

Chris narrowed her eyes at Matt, biting her lip she wanted very much to say something but thought better of it. Looking at Matt in slight disgust, she knew Scott was right about Matt being an arse.

Scott pulled away from Chris "Listen, my room is up there and on the left. Wait there" "Okay fine" Chris agreed despite wanting to leave, she knew it was a bad idea from start. As Chris hit the first step, she felt as if someone was watching her but not wanting to turn around carried on up the stairs.

Matt shook his head at his brother "How long is this one going to last Scott, six, seven minutes?"

Scott rolled his eyes before walking off into the kitchen "You’re becoming at real bore do you know that?"

Feeling resentment against Scott’s comment Matt followed him into the kitchen, Matt caught the door before it hit him in the face.

Scott opened the fridge and took out a can of coke

Matt took an apple from the fruit bowl on the kitchen table, peeling off the label he stared at Scott with disgust "Just admit it, you’ve never cared about a girl yet. So, what’s innit for you?"

Scott tutted "Mind your own business Matt" he said dryly slamming the fridge door shut

Flicking off the golden delicious label off his fingers, Matt kicked the kitchen door shut "for once in your life Scott be honest"

Scott shot Matt a look, slamming the can of coke on the work surface he stepped closer to him "You wanna be careful what you say Matt, people might start believing you" he whispered in his brother’s face

Matt shook his head at Scott "this must have something to do with Dee, let me guess you’re only with Chris to keep Dee away"

Scott did not answer; instead, he popped the can of coke open. Scott could not see why he had to justify himself to Matt who he thought was a little to self righteous for his own good. Scott did not care that Matt has worked out his motives, so what if he was using Chris as long as it kept Dee away he was happy.

Matt tossed the apple in the air and caught it "you know Dee is a nutcase and will slit Chris’ throat if she goes near you"

Scott rolled his eyes, was tired of his brother’s interrogation and he did not care what he had to say, "It’s not nice to make accusations Matt" Scott said calmly

Matt could not believe what has brother was up to, he believed Scott was growing up and has stopped playing silly games. Matt wanted to know what Scott expected to happen and did he really think Chris was going to keep Dee away from him. "It isn’t any accusation though is it what happens if your little plan doesn’t work? What then?" Matt wanted to know "What are you gunna do when you find Chris hanging from a tree, because you know you will"

Scott rolled his eyes

"I can tell you this for now, it aint going to work Scott and you know it"

Scott took a gulp of some coke and swallowed; pausing for a moment, he belched. Scott had thought about if anything would happen to Chris, he knew Dee would kill her. Looking at his brother, he did not answer instead, he pushed past Matt and left the kitchen.

Dee sucked in her breath as she stared at her reflection in her bathroom mirror. Dee knew Chris would not listen to her, she knew she would go behind her back. Dee could feel her adrenaline pumping; her heart began to race as sweat appeared at the side of her temples. Dee wanted to know why Chris could not leave Scott alone, she knew Scott belonged to Dee and if she went near him, she would kill her. Still staring at her refection, Dee turned on the tap and listened to the water run for a moment, leaning over the sink spat blood. Wiping her mouth with her left hand, unexpectedly Dee grabbed hold of the sink as if it was her only means of living.

Paul Parker rolled his eyes as he opened the front door to Natasha "I should have known that it was going to be you" he said with a mouthful of apple.

Natasha tipped her head back in disgust as bits of apple flew out into her face "I asked for the news Paul, not the weather" tutting she waved her hand as if she was swotting flies "do you mind"

Paul gave Natasha a dirty look he thought to himself how much of a rude cow Natasha was, but it still did not excuse the fact he fancied her like crazy "He’s in his room" he said not before swallowing his food. Paul quickly ran his eyes up and down Natasha and felt his stomach tighten, dressed in denim Capri’s, white t/shirt which insinuated her curves and the latest Nike TN Trainers Natasha looked fresh and fit. He wonders daily what he would do with Natasha if he were alone in a room with her. Paul hopes one day Natasha will get over her infatuation with Jamie, he was tired of watching from the shadows while she wasted her affections on his younger brother. Looking at Natasha Paul hoped that day would arrive soon, god I fancy her like mad he thought. Why can’t she fancy me like she fancies my younger brother?

Natasha frowned at Paul; he had lost weight around his face and developed broader shoulders. She was well aware Paul was a fitness freak and spent hours in the gym, but she was has not noticed the results until now, hmm not bad Paul she thought.

Paul felt a little uneasy with Natasha’s stare, wondering if she was staring at himself "What?"

Natasha shook her head; she knew Paul wanted her ever since Dee’s birthday party. She had to admit, in another lifetime, a relationship with Paul would be interesting but now she only had eyes for Jamie "nothing" she said stepping past Paul as Natasha headed for the stairs and called out "Thanks"

Not returning the gesture Paul watched Natasha walk up the stairs before walking back into the lounge.


"I was starting to think you’d left me all alone up here" Chris said jokingly

Scott held onto his bedroom door as he walked in, for a moment he gazed at her as she stood before him. Scott could see Chris’s body through her school blouse, skirt that hugged her hips and waist. Chris’ skirt hung above the knee, slightly hitched at the side. Standing, Chris almost posed as she hung on the chair behind her.

"What?" Chris asked noticing Scott was staring at her, she also wondered if she has said the wrong thing as she could sense Scott was on edge. Chris wanted to know what Matt said to Scott, she knew it was about her. Chris wished she had been born with a little more guts so she could ask Scott what Matt said and so she could tell Matt what she exactly thought of him. Despite all, that she knew it was best for her to leave, but she wanted to stay.

Scott broke his stare and shook his head "Nothing" he replied abruptly as he began to undo his tie, suddenly he began to feel suffocated.

"Look, do you want me to go?" Chris suggested sensing today was not a good day to be at Scott’s house, she began to feel like a complete stranger in Scott’s presence the longer she stood before him. Chris was hoping Scott would say yes as she was beginning to feel more and more uncomfortable by the second, she knew going to Scott’s home was wrong and at the moment she questioned her sanity to why she had acted so foolish.

Scott did not care what Chris did now "No, you can stay. Mum and dad will be home any minute now so you might as well stay" Scott replied sounding a little pre-occupied, tossing his tie onto his bed Scott sighed.

Chris knew Scott did not want her around any more than she wanted to be around, feeling uncomfortable Chris pulled out the chair and slowly sat down.

"Look I’m getting a drink, do you want anything?" Scott asked turning towards the door

"Just a glass of water please" Chris replied, in truth she did not want anything. Placing both hands in her lap, she watched Scott leave and feeling like a prisoner, she silently waited for the next thing to happen.

Natasha tapped on Jamie’s bedroom door pushing the door ajar "Parker, its me"

"I know" Jamie said flatly from behind the door

Walking into Jamie’s room, Natasha noticed it was a complete mess. There were books scattered all over the floor with papers and pens. There were plates, cups, glasses and bowls which here stacked in the corner nest to open boxes of cereal and empty packets of crisps. Natasha glanced over to Jamie’s chest of draws and smiled at the half empty of jack Daniels whisky, she knew Jamie had been drowning his sorrows and she was glad as what she had to tell him was going to make everything worthwhile. Closing the door behind her Natasha stood against the wall and could Dee Jamie looking at her, but she did not care.

Making a face Natasha saw what Jamie was watching television "Ick, can’t stand that show"

Jamie lay on his bed with both hands behind his head, he did not appreciate Natasha coming into his room and making judgment. Jamie did not need to justify himself to anyone, he had just lost the love of his life and everyone around him knew he had not yet begun to cope.

"What exactly do you want Tash?" Jamie asked tightly

Natasha narrowed her eyes at Jamie she had hoped for a better reception "I came to see you, you haven’t been in school for a while"

"I’ve been busy," he said without looking at Natasha

"I’ve gathered"

"Has Dee been in?" Jamie asked quietly as he looked to Natasha for an answer

Natasha could see the hope in Jamie’s eyes for her to reply ‘yes and she wants to see you to patch things up’, but Natasha knew it was time for Jamie to know what was really going on "No, not really" she replied

Jamie sighed, he knew he should not have Dee wanted to be with Scott, he could not understand where everything has gone wrong between them. Jamie wanted to know how long Dee liked Scott and did he know about it. Jamie’s heart sank, he would give anything to hear Dee wanted him back in his life, he missed her and it hurt him so much. Jamie knew he would never understand why Dee hurt him so much, he was beginning to realise that maybe be would not.

Natasha gazed at Jamie; she knew this was her chance to get the ball finally rolling. She knew once she told Jamie what was going on, there was no turning back and despite her suspicions Natasha could not wait to see what the outcome was going to be. "Chris and Scott are worried about you Jamie"

Jamie gave Natasha a dirty look "So what"

A smile crept on Natasha’s face "Well Chris especially, not so much her boyfriend Scott"

Jamie’s eyes widened, suddenly he sat up and spun his whole body round to Natasha "What did you just say?"


Karen Bonnington arrived home at almost six o ‘clock, by that time Scott had made Chris a sandwich, given her another glass of water and switched on the television for her. Feeling a little more relaxes, Chris sat curled on Scott’s bed and munched on a cheese sandwich while watching an episode of cable channel Nickelodeon’s ‘Sister Sister’. Scott was downstairs when his mother came into his room and found Chris on his bed; not acting too surprised Karen introduced herself. Chris slightly embarrassed she has had crumbs all over her mouth, gave a muffled hello and apologised for her indecent manners.

"I’m so sorry" Chris apologised as she dusted off crumbs onto the floor "You must be wondering why I’m in your house"

Karen laughed at Chris "don’t be stupid, I’m, glad you’re female and not male"

Chris cracked up, laughing so much her stomach ached

"It’s not funny, that’s my worst nightmare" Karen said through laughter

Chris shook her head "don’t let Scott hear you so that"

"Hear me say what?" Scott asked cautiously walking in; he was baffled to why his mother and Chris were laughing so much.

Karen took a deep breath to help her stop laughing "nothing" she said touching Scott’s cheek for reassurance.

Scott did not believe a word his mother said

Karen opened the door to leave "I’m doing quiche tonight, you hungry?"

Scott shook his head "no thanks" he replied tightly

Karen looked at Chris "Chris?"

Chris wanted to say yes, but she could sense Scott wanted her out of his home as soon as possible. Chris felt disappointed as she thought Karen was a nice person and sharing a joke with her made her forget about her frosty reception from Matt. Chris held up her hand "no, I’ve got work to do. I’d better be going"

Karen glanced at Scott; she knew she and her son would be having some stern words later. "Okay hun, nice meeting you Chris"

"You too Karen" Chris said and Karen was gone.

Scott switched off his television "sorry, mum’s not usually nice to people" he said darkly

Chris thought Scott was being a little harsh on his mother as in the short time of meeting Karen, she considered her a nice person. Chris was beginning to wonder if Scott had any good word to say about anyone, it seemed to Chris that Scott had something personal against everyone. "I thought she was nice," Chris said picking up her coat, turning around she put it on

Scott gave Chris a filthy look; he wished she would shut up. He was beginning to feel this entire charade was more trouble than he worth, Scott wondered if dating Chris was going to be worthwhile. "You don’t know anything about my mother Chris," he said tersely

Chris felt taken back and wondered what Scott’s problem was "I was only saying Scott, there’s no need to be rude" she said calmly as he picked up her school bag

Rolling his eyes, Scott headed for the door "Give it rest Christina"

Chris narrowed her eyes in frustration as she watched the door slam in her face, walking towards the door Chris could not wait to get home.

The air was cold as Chris and Scott walked, frost lay thin on the pavement and the sky was clear. Chris hung her bag over her shoulder and walked beside Scott, with both hands in her pockets she listened with hate to the silence between them both. Chris wanted to speak, but she knew Scott would either ignore her or snap back at her. Chris wondered what she agreed to go out with Scott, it was not the brightest of things to do and she knew deep down nothing was going to work out. Chris admitted to herself that everything seemed an uphill struggle; it was like walking no eggshells. Scott reminded Chris of a bomb, ticking away as it waiting to explode.

Despite being attracted to Scott, Chris was well aware of the dangers of going out with him and she knew it was time avoided them.

Crossing the road, Chris could hear Scott’s footsteps against the frost. Sighing under breath Chris longed for home

Scott heard her sigh and it irritated him, stopping dead in his tracks, he stared at Chris "Problem?" he asked darkly

Chris stopped and turned to him on the dark pavement; despite the moon shedding only a little light, Chris could see Scott’s bright eyes staring back at her. "No" she lied

Scott sucked in his breath, now glaring at Chris he knew she was laying but he was not sure how long he could keep his temper if he perused the conversation further. "Forget it" he muttered and continued to walk

Chris glared at Scott, now she was annoyed and she did not care what kind of mood Scott was in tonight for she has enough "No, come on spit it out" Chris encouraged as she followed him

Scott shook his head; he wanted to keep his temper "I said forget it Chris"

Chris tutted as she felt her adrenaline beginning to pump, she knew it was not wise that she and Scott were heading for an argument. "Why do you have to do that all the time?"

Scott took a deep breath, he prayed to himself to keep his temper. He stopped and faced Chris "Do what?" he said slowly

"Do that! Talk to me like I’m an idiot" she snapped

Scott took another deep breath, he did not have the time or the patience for this "When have I done that?" he asked trying to maintain a level tone

"You’ve been doing it all day, it’s like you put me on a bike and push the pedals!" Chris spat

Scott shook his head "Where is all this coming from?"

Chris could feel her temper rising "where do you think? Have you been awake for the past few days?" Chris swore if there was a wall near by she would have hit it

Scott stared at Chris, he wondered what she expected him to say "I think you’re very tired Chris, you need rest" he told her quietly

"Do I look tired to you!" Chris barked

Scott began to breath heavily, he knew if he stood any longer with Chris he would do something that he may regret "I don’t have time for your tantrums, I really don’t" he said tightly

For a moment, Chris was silent; glaring at Scott she wondered why she had chosen to get herself involved with Scott. Chris also wondered why Scott has asked her out, she knew it had something to with Dee and sure, she played a part in the entire affair. "Why have you taken a sudden interest in me Scott?" she asked tightly "Is it something to pass the time or did you just pick my name out of a hat"

Scott rolled his eyes and turned on his heels, walking away left Chris standing alone on the pavement.


Jamie waited by the gate, his eyes were wide and his stomach was tight with anxiety, as he stood motionless by the front gate of Chris’ home. Suddenly he heard footsteps, shoe heels against the wet ground. They were coming closer and closer. Jamie’s eyes darted to the left and he drew both hands out his jacket pocket, this is what he had been waiting for.

Chris stopped dead in her tracks "Jamie" Her stomach tightened "I didn’t expect to see you" at that moment, Chris wished the ground would open up and swallow her.

Jamie stared at Chris making her feel uncomfortable "I bet you didn’t"

Chris took a deep breath she knew from now nothing was going to be easy "Look, Jamie I-"

"You what?" Jamie interrupted as he took a step towards her "Hope I don’t get upset, lose my temper because your relationship with Scott destroyed mine!" he cried

Jamie was not interested in anything Chris had to say as far as he was concerned the damage was done.

Chris’ heart sank, she had hoped she would tell him herself or at least get a chance to tell Jamie that she and Scott were no over. "Jamie" I’m, sor-"

"I don’t wanna hear your apologies, they don’t mean anything to me!" Jamie spat "The only thing that did was Dee, but thanks to you she’s gone!" Jamie stood with both hands clenched by his side as both eyes filled with tears. He wondered how any one could do this to him, especially one of his closest friends.

Chris felt sick, she asked herself how could she have done this to Jamie and questioned how he found out, could Scott have told him? In addition, if so why? Jamie’s eyes were red with tears; he was feeling anger and despair "so when were you gunna tell me Chris? Next week? Next YEAR?" He shouted at that moment Jamie knew if he had a gun, he would have shot Chris, Scott, Dee and them himself.

Chris was stunned, as she had never seen Jamie in such a mental state. Now she realised how much of a mess everything had become, Chris could not understand why Scott had told Jamie and questioned if Scott knew how much everything would effect him "I was going to tell you Jamie, I didn’t know how. I’ve been agonising over it for a while" she protested "It only happened the one time Jamie"

Jamie stepped closer, he was not sure how much more of Chris he could take," For ages. Did you write that down or memorise it from a book!" suddenly he threw something into Chris’s face, it was dirt. "You hoar!"

Chris screamed as the dirt went into her eyes and began to rub her eyes quickly. As Chris frantically tried to gain her vision Jamie stepped closer and grabbed her arm, still not gaining her vision properly Chris stumbled slightly. "You and your boyfriend have messed up everything! I have nothing and its all your fault!" Jamie shouted in Chris’ face as she began to squeeze her arm tight. Having rubbed away come of the dirt, Chris’ eyes began to water "Jamie stop!" she pleaded as she started to open eyes. Looking into Jamie’s eyes, she saw the anger burning like flames. "Just listen, I’m sorry you had to find out like this"

Jamie let go of Chris’ arm "You make me sick!" he then hit her across her face

Chris gasped; touching her lip she rubbed her fingers together and knew it was blood. Stunned, Chris walked Jamie walk away.


Natasha frowned, she knew it was not nothing "That aint gunna do nothing love, you need TCP for that"

Chris tutted "I’ll be fine Tash" she said irritably

"If you say so hun" Natasha said wanting to break out in a smile. "I was just trying to help" Natasha was desperate to burst out laughing, looking at Chris’ busted lip she knew Jamie had lost his temper after finding out about everything. Natasha felt no need to feel any guilt, as Jamie would have found out eventually.

What did Scott expect to achieve out of all this? Why did he tell him about what happened? Chris could not believe Jamie hit her; never in her life did she think Jamie would ever hurt her. Taking her hairbrush out of her bag, Chris began brushing her hair Suddenly she stopped and looked at Natasha through the mirror. Slowly Chris developed a gut feeling she knew Dee would find out, Chris stopped brushing her hair and instead of psyching herself up for Dee asked herself what Scott’s motive was.

Later that day Scott waited outside the school for Chris, Scott felt he needed to sort things out before anything went wrong. Watching pupils leave school, there were a few moments before he spotted Chris. Instantly he walked towards her. Swearing under her breath, Chris wanted to turn back inside, but it was too late. Looking at him with disgust Chris wondered what Scott has to say after last night.

"I think we need to talk" Scott said easily as he followed Chris out to the main road

Chris wanted to tell him to go away "do you now?" she asked bitterly

Scott did not like her tone "What’s that supposed to mean?"

Chris shrugged "Oh I don’t know Scott, you didn’t wanna say much to me last night did you" she replied sarcastically "but let’s see you said a lot to Jamie"

"I’m sorry, to whom?"

"You heard, why did you have to go and tell Jamie what happened?" she demanded, "Was it to get back at me?"

Scott frowned "You’ve lost me"

Chris stamped her foot in frustration "why are you lying? Do you know what you have done?"

Scott rolled his eyes and sighed, he was in no mood for another one of Chris’ tantrums

"I never said anything to him, I haven’t even seen the boy"

Chris paused for a moment, asking herself if it was not Scott then who was it. She was sure they were alone that day. Studying Scott, she knew Scott was not as honest as he makes out and she believed him, but she was not going to let him forget the fact he walked off and left her "Whatever Scott, just stay away from me"

Scott sighed, "You really should learn to move on and leave the past behind you Chris, it’s not good for someone so young to be so bitter"

Chris gave Scott a filthy look and asked herself what she ever saw in Scott and ever possessed her to agree to go out with him "You’re such a bastard do you know that" she said icily

Scott did not appreciate Chris’ remark; despite knowing there was some truth to it "Don’t mess about Chris", he warned, " I said we need to talk"

Chris did not want to argue with Scott, she just wanted to go home. Sighing Chris hoped if she let Scott say what he had to say he would leave, her alone "Just say what you have to say Scot and go away"

Scott narrowed his eyes as Chris was starting to irritate him. Turning his head to the side, he saw Chris’s lip. Almost grabbing her by the chin he turned her head to the left "What the hell happened to your lip?" he asked suspiciously

Chris flinched, she had almost forgotten about her lip and really wished he had not noticed. "Nothing" she replied pulling back

Scott did not believe her; grabbing her by the arm he pulled her close, suddenly he realised but he wanted Chris to tell him "Don’t lie to me Chris, what happened?" he asked tightly

Chris knew if she told Scott, it would not help matters at all. She was not sure if she could handle anything else, as she was tired of the whole thing. Chris wanted everything to blow over, but she knew it was not going to happen. Chris also wondered why Scott was so concerned. Looking at Scott deep in the eye Chris slapped his hand away "I said nothing" she replied


Jamie threw an empty glass at his bedroom wall in a fit of rage, as bits of glass splattered everywhere Jamie sat on his bed and rocked back and forth. Suddenly there was a loud knock at the door. Jamie’s eyes shifted to the door as it opened, it was Paul.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Paul demanded

Jamie looked away

Paul looked at his brother suspiciously, "What’s going on?" he asked leaning on the door

Still rocking back and forth Jamie began to crack his knuckles. "Nothing" he replied breathing heavily

"Jamie?" Paul was worried, as he has never seen Jamie crack his knuckles. Paul wondered what Jamie has done, but he knew it was something stupid


Scott grabbed Natasha by the arm and swung her back hard

Natasha nearly lost her balance, but managed to stop herself from staggering "What the-"

Scott held onto Natasha "You’re some piece of work do you know what?" he whispered in her face

Natasha yanked her arm out of Scott’s reach "Excuse me?"

Scott’s face darkened, he was no mood to play games "You what I mean Tash, what the hell happened to Chris? Why’s her lip busted?"

Natasha shrugged as she rubbed her arm, sometimes she forgot how strong Scott was "I don’t know, she tells me nothing" she replied abruptly

Scott did not believe a word Natasha said, he knew Natasha told Jamie what happened and he had a good idea why, but Scott was hoping Natasha would tell him herself. "Don’t insult me, I’m no idiot"

Natasha stepped closer "So what if I do know something? What are you gunna do, beat it out of me?"

At that moment, Scott wanted to lash out at Natasha, but he knew it would be the worst thing he could so "Just tell me," he said through clenched teeth

Natasha smiled as she crossed her arms; she found Scott’s frustration very amusing. She thought it was a beautiful thing seeing Scott Bonnington squirm. "Work it out for yourself Scott, you banging Chris is going to upset one person and one person only" she said calmly

Scott glared at Natasha "Why did you tell him?"

"He had a right to know" Natasha replied proudly"

"What did you hope to achieve Tash?" Scott tutted "Why couldn’t you keep your f---ing trap shut"

"Why should I?"

"Because it makes things easier, have you no f---ing brains?" Scott said through clenched teeth

Natasha narrowed her eyes "Only for you love, not for the rest of us"

"Whatever" he said dismissively "Now that you’ve opened your mouth you’ve started the ball rolling and guess what? It wont be rolling in your direction"

Jamie stood in the doorway looking at Scott; breathing heavily, he clenched both fists by his side. Scott rolled his eyes thinking Jamie’s performance was pathetic; he did not have to worry as his visit was going to be quick and effective. Wrinkling his nose Scott could detect the smell of alcohol, sighing Scott was not at all surprised Jamie had already began drinking

"I’m surprised I didn’t see you earlier" Jamie said tightly

Scott pushed past Jamie nearly knocking him aside. Smiling Scott turned and kicked the front door shut with his left foot, "You stink of alcohol" watching Jamie he headed for the kitchen.

Jamie spun around his stomach began to tighten and twist, he wondered if his third glass of Jack Daniels was going to stay down in his stomach "What do you think you’re doing!" he spat

Scott stopped in his tracks and asked himself whether what he was going to do was going to be easier that he had anticipated. Looking at Jamie for a moment, Scott asked, "What happened between you and Chris?"

Jamie knew Chris was the only reason Scott was here; he was not going to deny hitting her. Jamie wanted to hit her and he would do it again "Guess" despite Jamie feeling light headed by the second he was determined to show Scott he still was in control of himself.

Scott was impressed with Jamie’s bravery "Do you make a habit of going around hitting females?" Scott asked with disgust, despite wanting to strangle Chris at times the thought of hitting her never crossed his mind.

Jamie stood back a little "it’s a new hobby I’ve just started" he replied sarcastically Jamie did not want Scott poking his nose into his affairs, what he did was his business and did not want to justify himself to him or any one else.

Scott shook his head in dismay; he had no idea how stupid Jamie could be.

"Did she tell you? Come crying on your shoulder did she?" Jamie asked bitterly

Scott yawned "No, I worked it for myself"

Jamie clapped "Well done"

Scott shook his head and wondered how he was managing to keep his temper under control, he thought Jamie acting like an idiot as it made him feel slightly irritable "I feel sorry for you Jamie, you’ve made things such a mess"

"Why is that?" Jamie asked trying not sound worried

Scott could smell Jamie’s fear like petrol; he could see it in his eyes as well despite Jamie’s eye looking red and blotchy from alcohol. Stepping closer to Jamie, Scott wanted to know why he hit Chris and what he expected to achieve. Looking at Jamie deep in the eye, Scott knew if he made any slight movement Jamie would burst into tears. "You shouldn’t have hit her Jamie, it wasn’t really wise was it?"

Jamie could feel the tension "What do you care? You’re the reason why me and Dee broke up" he swallowed hard "You parading around with that bitch just rubs everything in my face" he said trying to keep a level tone

Scott narrowed his eyes as Jamie, he stared at Jamie with intense for a moment "Don’t call Chris a bitch" he warned, despite her part in Scott’s game he did not appreciate Jamie insulting her.

"Too late Bonnington" Jamie shrugged

At that moment, Scott wanted to grab Jamie and hit him, but he knew it would not be a good idea and Jamie was in enough pain already "Tash told me she told you. I’m glad to see you’ve taken it so well"

Jamie’s eyes narrowed "How do you expect me to take it? She was everything to me," he said bitterly

Scott sighed, as he was tired of hearing Jamie’s sob story "I expected you to take it with a little more grace and use your brain, not hit Chris while you’re throwing your toys out your pram"

Jamie wanted to hit Scott, he wanted to knock him out cold but he knew he would not have the guts to do it. Standing before Scott in the hallway of his home, Jamie glared at Scott. He had never hated someone so much in his life. Why had they done this to him? What had he done to deserve it? What possessed them to take away something that mattered to home more than his life? Jamie hated Chris and he hated Scott, he hated Scott so much, Jamie could not think straight.

"Anyway sorry you had to find out like that, I guess I couldn’t keep my hands to my self"

Jamie glared at Scott "I didn’t ask for the f---ing details"

Scott shrugged "You complain no one tells you anything and when we do, you say you don’t want to here" Scott shook his head "Make up your mind"

Jamie was silent

Scott put both hands in his pockets "now, like I told Tash today" he began "You’ve made things worse" Scott pulled out a single cigarette "I don’t play games Jamie, it’s a waste of time" Scott looked at his cigarette before putting it his mouth

Jamie did not like what Scott was saying, he knew Scott was not bluffing. Listening to him carefully Jamie tried to work out what Scott meant.

Scott reached inside his other pocket and pulled out a lighter, lighting the cigarette he then blew out the smoke in Jamie’s face "This is it now" he said taking the cigarette out of his mouth and looked at it

Looking at Jamie through the cigarette smoke, Scott smiled "Glad to see you’re listening Parker"

Jamie was silent again as he inhaled the smoke

Putting the cigarette back in his mouth, Scott’s smile dropped his face and he stopped blinking "Because whatever happens, it will be entirely your fault"

Dee zipped up her jacket, digging inside her pockets she pulled out her gloves. Taking a deep breath, she put them on, her stomach rumbled. Dee decided to grab something to eat before she left.

Paul stood at the top of the stairs, wrinkling his nose to the smell of tobacco. Staring at his brother, he put both hands in his back pockets.

"Are you gunna telling me what’s going on?"

Jamie walked off towards the kitchen "Just mind your own business" he said curtly

Paul ran down the stairs and followed his brother "No, I wanna know what’s going on with you Jamie" he demanded

Jamie took a deep breath, he did not want to talk to anyone about anything "It’s nothing to do with you" he said through clenched teeth

Paul shook his head, he was not going to give up "I’m gunna ask you again little brother and you’re gunna tell me" he warned

Looking at Paul Jamie took a deep breath "Just go away Paul, I don’t wanna talk about it" Jamie said tightly as he held onto the kitchen sink. He felt sick and began to breath heavily.

Paul did not like what he saw, Jamie’s eyes were blood shot and his skin was pale. Paul also noticed Jamie’s forehead was sweaty as if he was suffering from a fever.

Jamie turned away from Paul and looked down in the sink.


Dee watched Chris walk up her path to her home before stepping out from behind the bushes, scared Chris screamed, as she was inches away from a knife.

Dee spat in Chris’ face "You didn’t you listen to a word I said!" she shouted

Chris wiped the saliva from her cheek and stared at Dee in horror "Dee, I-I" she stammered stepping back

"I told you to stay away from Scott!" Dee spat as she walked towards Chris with the knife, Chris could only think of the knife as she backed out of her pathway.

It was a cold and rainy evening; rain drizzled against the darkness making it difficult for Chris to focus on Dee. As the raindrops fell harder on her face Chris begged Dee to put the knife way "Please Dee, put the knife away" Chris’ teeth began to chatter due to the cold air

"Shut up! I warned you, I told you never to go near Scott. If you did, I’d kill you!" Dee shouted through the rain

Chris could feel her fear rising, she had never been so scared in her life.

Dee glared at Chris as the rain turned into a shower, soaking her fringe and face making it difficult to see Chris. Dee wanted to sliced Chris’ neck, slash her face, cut her lip. She hated Chris! She hated her so much. Quickly Dee moved forward and pushed Chris up against a brink wall, pointing the knife to her throat Dee pressed the tip of the blade into her skin and turned the blade. Chris winced as the blade twisted her skin; she was too scared to move. Tears filled her eyes as she stood face to face with Dee.

"I HARE YOU!" Dee shouted in her face

"Dee just let me explain!" Chris cried

Suddenly Dee took the knife and slashed Chris’s neck, Chris cried out in pain as the open wound bleed in the rain.

"I warned you" Dee stood back, wiping the blade on her jeans "Next time I’ll get closer" Dee warned


Dee has warned Chris, she had warned her countless times. Turning around the corner of the road and entered a dark ally, as Dee made her way she felt for her knife, suddenly she tripped and fell on the rainy pavement.

"It’s time to settle the score hun," Scott said


Chris sobbed lightly as she looked at her cut in the bathroom mirror, wincing from the pain she cried.

Attempting to get up Dee caught her breath "there’s nothing to settle Scott" she managed to say as she stood before Scott. Looking at him Dee loved him more than she has ever done; Scott belonged to her until the day she died.

Scott sighed, "See that’s where you’re wrong Dee, there’s a lot to settle here"

Dee narrowed her eyes "Scott, all you have to realise that I’m never gunna stop. I’m gunna keep going"

Scott rolled his eyes as he was tired of hearing that from Dee, he had had enough of explaining everything to her Scott could not understand why Dee did not understand what was going on. "Okay, so far your boyfriend has decided to take his anger out on Chris after your witch friend told him about me and-"

Dee stared at Scott "yes, I know about you and Chris" she said quietly "Tash told me"

Scott shook his head "Quelle surprise"

"She knew she had stay away from you" Dee said stiffly "She’s brought all this on herself"

Scott took a deep breath, he could feel temper rising. Glancing up at the sky, he noticed it had stop raining. Looking back at Dee, Scott had enough. Suddenly Scott moved forward and shoved Dee up against the brick wall, hitting her head Dee cried in pain. Ignoring her cries Scott took her arm above her head with one hand. Scott took his other hand squeezed her neck. Tears of shock and pain filled Dee’s eyes, as she was helpless

"Now, I’m getting tired with having to repeat myself to you Dee" Scott said through clenched teeth

Paul quietly knocked on Jamie’s bedroom door; waiting for a second, he called out to his little brother

"Jamie, I’m coming in"

There was no reply, Paul slowly pushed the door open and to his dismay found, Jamie was not there.

Dee tried to swallow, but coughed and almost choked. Dee did not care what Scott had to say to her, she did not care and she was never going too stop.

"What part of this don’t you understand Dee? This isn’t a game," Scott said in Dee’s face as he tightened his grip

Dee’s face began to turn red as she could not breath, she tried to restrain against Scott, but she was beginning to feel weak. Dee did not care, Scott could say all the words he liked to her, she was never going to stop. Dee blinked hard; she could just about shake her head.

Scott was starting to lose his temper, Dee was pushing Scott to the edge and he felt like he was about to lash out. Suddenly Scott lost his temper altogether, letting go of her neck Scott hit Dee across the face. "You’re not listening" Scott whispered

Dee winced as her body shook; she was in so much pain.

"This isn’t a game" Scott whispered again, the words echoed around in Dee’s head like church bells. Dee squeezed her eyes tight, trying to shut out the sound as her face stung. She could feel her eyes beginning to water. Opening her eyes, Dee looked at Scott with fear but also with determination. "I know" she struggled to say, "It’s all real and it’s what I feel"

Scott pulled Dee towards him by her neck and rammed her body into the wall, giving Dee a head rush and blurred vision. Scott’s adrenaline was pumping, his heart began to race and sweat appeared on his forehead. Glaring at Dee "YOU’RE NOT LISTENING!" He shouted in Dee’s face before repeatedly ramming her body back and forth into the wall

Dee cried out twice

"There’s no use Dee, everything that’s happening is brought on by you and EVERYONE ELSE!"


Chris left home early the next morning, despite wanting to stay at home, she felt obliged to go to school and she did not want her parents getting suspicious. Her neck was sore and she could feel the wind as an icy breeze blew. Sucking in her breath, she winced with pain.

Chris knew everything was a mess and could not see any way of working it all out. She knew her involvement with Scott was a mess and wondered why she went ahead. Chris was convinced that Tash, Jamie, Scott, Dee were playing a game, a game of chance. Chris thought they were using each other has pieces to this game as in desperation to win. Chris did not think it was even matter of desperation, it was determination on their part because they were all positive they were going to win.

Crossing the road, Chris headed left towards the bus stop. Keeping an eye out for anyone, Chris put both hands in her pocket and continued her journey to school.

Natasha applied a small amount of Vaseline to her lips, watching the crowds of pupils walk into school she kept a close eye out for Chris. Spotting her almost straight away, she waited "Morning hun" she called out putting her Vaseline away

Chris did not know whether to answer or ignore her, she looked at Natasha with disgust and wondered how much of a nasty piece of work her best friend had become "Morning" she said quietly

Natasha saw Chris’ neck and showed no signs of concern "Sorry about the neck"

"Are you?" Chris asked

Natasha knew Dee must have gone on her crazy rampage with the kitchen knife and tried to butcher Chris, but she did not think it was at all surprising "You didn’t expect it to stay all quiet did you? It was bound to come out sooner hun"

Chris spun around and looked at Natasha "what I expected is for you to keep your mouth shut, but that was too hard for you wasn’t it?" she hissed at that moment she could have grabbed Natasha and shaken her

Natasha laughed in Chris’ face "I did you a favour love, any longer you’d have been thrown out a window"

Chris shook her head is disbelief, she could not believe how much of a nasty piece of work Natasha had become "Thanks for your help Tash" she said stiffly

Natasha’s smile faded "Don’t blame me for your beaten up face, you brought all this on yourself. Dee warned you" Natasha pointed out "Everything that has happened to you are down to you, no one else"

Chris’ eyes welled up with tears, she wanted to scream at Natasha but she knew she was right.

Paul goes for a run every morning; he likes to keep fit and sees a run as the best way. He decided to take up running after he saw Christian Bale in the film American Psycho. After running for an hour, Paul was hungry, thirsty and was desperate to go toilet. Opening the front door, he stepped onto something. Shutting the door, he bent to pick up what he could see was a chain, Holding it in mid air Paul studied the gold chain with a dolphin pendant trying to remember if he had seen it before. Paul shouted for his little brother as he stared at the chain, where have I seen this before he asked himself. Jamie appeared at the top of the stairs, scruffy as he held onto the banister. Jamie was half drunk and upset, rolling his eyes he shifted some of his weight onto his banister "What do you want?"

"Found this chain on the floor" Paul said walking forward "Recognise it?"

Struggling with his vision slightly, Jamie just managed caught sight of the chain as it reflected against the hall way light. Suddenly Jamie began running down the stairs, his stomach filled with dread, grabbing it, and Jamie’s eyes widened in horror

"Oh my god!" he cried

Paul did not understand "Jamie, what the hell is going on?" he demanded

Jamie looked at Paul with tears in his eyes, face pale and wet with tears. Clutching on the chain with both hands he cried "its Dee’s! It’s her grandmother’s chain and she never took it off!"

The silence was almost deafening, Chris sat alone in her living room. Both of her parents were at work, Chris felt a little wary and had already double locked both back and front doors, plus she had drawn all curtains in the house. Chris stared at the television as tears fell down her face. Wiping them away she sniffed telling herself crying was not going to help her and that there was nothing she could do.

Suddenly she heard the sound of glass smashing, startled Chris stood up and went to the living room window "What the hell was that?" she asked aloud

Carefully Chris pulled the curtain and looked outside, but saw nothing. Returning, Chris felt convinced she heard a noise and knew she was not losing her mind. Suddenly she heard the sound of glass breaking again, this time it came from the kitchen. Chris could feel her heart in her throat at the thought of an intruder in her home. Edging towards the kitchen Chris kept her back to the wall, scared she could not believe someone was in her home after she locked herself in. feeling anxious Chris stared into the darkness leading towards her kitchen, sliding her arm upwards she switched on the hall way light. Feeling a little safer, Chris tried to make out where the intruder was in the kitchen. Frightened Chris questioned whether the intruder had a weapon and asked how she was going to defend herself if there was a weapon. Shaking Chris stood still to try to calm her down; swallowing heard she tired to think of what to do next. Chris wondered whether she should call the police or confront the intruder herself. Closing her eyes and giving herself a small prayer, Chris opened her eyes and edged closer to the kitchen. Suddenly the hallway light blew and Chris was in complete darkness. Gasping in horror Chris heard the kitchen door open with a bang and felt something hit her on her head. Falling to the floor, Chris was in complete darkness.

Jamie looked down at Chris’ body; breathing hard, he stepped over her body and threw his softball bat aside. Chris was still breathing and Jamie was glad, for he wanted her to be alive just to hear what he had to say. Jamie took Chris by the arm and dragged her into the living room leaving her on the floor t wake up.

It was ten minutes before Chris stirred, waking up with headache and aching neck. Stirring she opened her eyes, not sure where she was. Her vision blurred so she closed them again. Chris tried to raise her head, but it hurt so much she wanted to cry.

"Time to wake up sleeping beauty" Jamie slurred as he sat unsteadily crossed legged before her

Chris lay still for a moment "Jamie" she whispered

Jamie edged closer as he wiped his face, watching Chris as she tried to regain consciousness. Suddenly he jumped on her and pinned her to the ground, trying her best to fight back, she wriggled but it was no use.

"I hate you, you killed Dee!"

Chris managed to open her eyes and looked at Jamie is horror, she could smell alcohol strong on Jamie’s breath "What did you say?" she asked with terror

Jamie’s eyes filled with tears "I’ve got her chain in my house, the one she never took off not even to go in the shower" he blurted, swaying Jamie eye’s flickered from side to side.

Chris would not believe what she was hearing, she knew Scott had killed her and suddenly being hit in the head did not matter.

"She’s dead! You killed her, you and your boyfriend!" Jamie sobbed as tears onto Chris’ face, suddenly he let go of Chris, rolled back into the corner, and sobbed like an infant.

Chris managed to sit up; regaining her strength little by little, she held her head as she tried to focus on Jamie. "Jamie, I don’t know what to say," she said quietly sitting back "I-I really don’t"

Jamie controlled his sobbing and looked at Chris who knew no words could relieve Jamie’s pain "You’ve done enough, you’ve done so much already" Jamie slurred bitterly as he struggled to get up, glaring at Chris he wanted so much to kick her, jump on her do anything to make her feel as much pain as he felt. "I’ll make you pay, both of you pay for what you have done" Jamie leaned back onto the wall, trying to regain his balance he pushed himself away from the wall

Chris began to sob, "I already am!" she blurted out "JUST LOOK AT ME!" she screamed

Jamie sniffed and this time he did not slur his words "Good, because this is only just the beginning"

Chris sobbed harder as she watched Jamie leave; the next thing she heard was the front door slam. In anguish, Chris fell into a heap and cried.


Chris looked at her watch, it was ten to nine and she was about to leave. Having had a shower, change of clothes and cleaned up the broken glass in the kitchen, Chris felt a little better. Pulling on her baseball cap, Chris grabbed her house keys and opened the door and left. As she locked the door she heard the sound of an ambulance race past, following it with her eyes for a moment, she pulled the chub key out the keyhole and set off down the path.

Scott frowned at Chris who stood on his doorsteps; looking at her slightly swollen lip, he knew this visit was not going to be a pleasant

"Can I help you?"

Chris stared at Scott for a moment she felt sick as thought of her involvement with him. It was raining heavily and Chris was wet from cold. Shivering slightly a few drops of rain dropped from her nose. "Why did you do it?"

Scott rolled his eyes "I keep forgetting news travels fast" he said before walking off

Chris slammed the door behind her and followed Scott "Did you have to kill her? Was it really necessary?"

Scott headed for the kitchen "Yes I did, not that it matters"

Chris’s eyes widened in horror "It does matter! Just look at me!" she shouted "I’m the one who has been victimised for the past few days not you!"

Scott sighed "So you have a few cuts and bruises, you brought it all on yourself. You knew what you were doing"

Chris felt outraged asking herself how someone acts so negligent "Jamie almost killed me Scott because you put Dee’s chain through his letter box, he blames me!" Chris cried

Scott turned to Chris "He’s right to blame you"

Chris was not going to allow Scott make her feel any worse what she had been over the past few weeks "No, you brought all this on me. You used me you bastard!" Chris spat

Scott did not have time to witness another one of Chris’ tantrums "I really don’t have time for this" he said flatly

Chris was not finished she was determined to get some answers from Scott "Why did you kill her, you haven’t answered my question"

Suddenly Scott picked up a glass from the kitchen table and threw it at Chris, she was o taken of guard that she screamed and surprisingly just managed to miss it. "Like I said, it doesn’t matter" he said tightly

Catching her breath Chris looked at Scott "Am I next?" she asked bravely "If I talk too much or ask too many questions are you going to kill me as well?"

Scott’s eyes narrowed, he had enough of the whole thing. Scott had hoped to put an end to everything by killing Dee, not keep it going. He did not appreciate Chris asking questions as it was beginning to get on his nerves.

Suddenly there was banging on the door, swearing aloud Scott answered it, it was Natasha

"You two have a lot to answer to, do you know that!" she cried as she burst in

Scott tutted, he did not appreciate Natasha barging in like this

Holding the front door open, Natasha glared at Scott with her face full of tears "How can you two live with yourselves!" she screamed

Chris was not sure whether she liked what Natasha was getting at "What’s going on?" she asked carefully

Scott glared at Natasha "I’ve had enough for to-"

"Jamie hung himself! Took his own life in is bathroom!" she shrieked

Scott’s lip tightened; there was a moment of silence in the hallway. Drops of rain spat onto the hallway carpet as a cold rainy breeze blew in making Scott shiver.

Chris felt sick, suddenly realising what Jamie meant by making her pay.

Letting go of the door Natasha stepped forward "Look at what you’ve done! All you had to do was stay away from each other!" she spat looking at Chris and Scott

Scott frowned "Hang on Tash, I don’t think you’re as innocent in all this as you think. Everything Jamie knew was because you told him" he remarked "you working with a ulterior motive got Jamie to react-"

"Well Jamie doesn’t know that now does he." Natasha whispered as she moved closer to Chris, inches away from her face "He held you responsible"

Chris was speechless, Jamie had committed suicide and it was her fault. She asked herself if she would be able to live with herself for what she had done. Tears streamed down her face

Natasha glared at Scott "I have a good mind to go to the police"

Suddenly Scott grabbed Natasha by the arm and threw her up against the wall. Squeezing her neck Scott looked deep in her eyes, full of rage Scott pushed all his weight onto Natasha "You’re not that stupid Tash, you won’t risk your life!" he barked in her face

Chris gasped, hoping she would not about to witness Natasha’s murder

Feeling only a fraction of fear, Natasha was just about able to breathe "Why not? You’ve taken away almost everyone else’s" she managed to say

Scott was tempted to knock Natasha out, but he decided against it. Letting go of her neck, he shoved her towards the front door causing her to hit her shoulder "Truth hurt does it!" Natasha spat

"Just get out," Scott warned

Natasha looked at both Chris and Scott, grabbing open the door she left.

The sky was blue, air was crisp and there was a cloud in sight. There was a huge crowd gathered to pay their last respects to Jamie and Dee, the silent mourners at the front while the rest stood peacefully and gathered their best memories of their friends. The pupils had the day off as a mark of respect and many who did not even know Jamie and Dee well still attended.

At the end of the service at the graveside, the crowd departed leaving Chris, Natasha, Paul and Natasha’s older sister Jenny standing looking at both coffins. Jenny tugged her sister’s sleeve "I’ll meet you back at the car"

Natasha could only nod

Paul sniffed before looking at Natasha "I hope one of you can tell me why my little brother decided to take his life"

Chris looked at Paul; never had she felt so much guilt "I-I"

"You’re better off asking Chris Paul, she can fill you in" Natasha interrupted bitterly

Chris swallowed hard

Paul shot Natasha a look "I don’t care who can fill me in, I just want to know" he snapped before looking down

Chris did not know what to say

Natasha glared at Chris "Everything’s over and it’s all your fault" she said through tears, wiping her face

"Chris, are you going to tell me what’s been going on?" Paul asked tightly as he looked down as his little brother

Natasha began to sob "She couldn’t even tell you if she tried," she sobbed before walking away

Chris let the tears flow down her face, shaking her head she turned and left Paul to say his last goodbye to his little brother.


Paul slammed the front door with his foot and listened to the silence, exhaling he stood still for a second before he spoke

"You’re gunna tell me what’s going on and you’re gunna tell me now"

Natasha was quiet for a moment, crossing her arms she stared back at Paul "You’re asking the wrong person"

Paul thumped the door with his left fist in a fit of temper making Natasha jump "You’re not listening to me, I said you’re gunna tell me what’s going on and you’re gunna tell me now"

Natasha uncrossed her arms "I’m telling you, you’re asking the wrong person Paul"

Paul was not sure how long he could keep his temper under control, he felt like a ticking bomb ready to explode at the slightest sense of any human body heat. Paul felt like a gun, a loaded gun and ready to shoot "Natasha, I don’t wanna stand here all day" he started "Just TELL ME!"

Natasha jumped and wondered how far Paul was to go to get everything out of her; she wanted Paul to interrogate Chris or Scott, not her. Her heart was beating a little faster and she could feel sweat appearing on her brow, but she was determined not to let Paul see that she was scared

"I wanna know why Jamie killed himself, I wanna know why Tash" Paul said tightly "I wanna know why and I wanna know now"

Natasha knew she was not going to leave without giving Paul and explanation, she did consider lying but she knew everything had gone to far this time and lies were not going to do any good. "He was unhappy, you know that. Dee was everything to him Paul and without her, he didn’t wanna go on," she explained

Paul sniffed "And what else Tash?"

Natasha shook her head "nothing"

Paul thumped the front door again, making Tash jump "I said WHAT ELSE!"

"That’s it, he was in love with her and when she told him that she didn’t love him he wont over the edge"

Paul stared at Natasha, he knew there was lots more to the story "Carry on" he said after a moment

"That’s it Paul" Natasha sighed

Paul tried to absorb all that Natasha had told him, he could not believe Jamie took is own life over Dee. Despite his love for her, Paul knew it took something else to drive his kid brother to suicide "So what part did the rest of you lot play in all this Tash?"

Natasha frowned "I played no part" she lied.

Paul bowed his head and let tears run down his face, raising his head he sniffed. Natasha exhaled and wondered how long she could keep her tears inside; she wondered how long she could stand the interrogation.

"I know you’re lying Tash, what else happened."

Natasha stepped forward, Paul’s stomach tightened he wondered if he could handle Natasha standing so close to him, despite the anger and bitterness he felt he still fancied Tash and day by day his feelings were getting stronger. "Nothing Paul"

Paul swallowed hard as he put his personal feelings aside for Natasha "I’m not going to ask you again Tash"

Natasha was not going to let Paul bully her. Despite her understanding, his anguish she was not prepared to tell him everything, as she knew Paul would eventually find out from someone else "Like I said in the beginning, I’m not the person you should be talking to"

Paul could feel his temper rising, he felt frustrated and wanted to know why Natasha was acting so vague "I’m asking you, just f---ing tell me!" he barked

Crossing her arms, Natasha stood still before Paul and shook her head "I’m not saying a word Paul, you should be asking someone else all these questions" Natasha did not want to be the one to tell Paul what happened for she felt she had played her part in Scott’s game and wanted to bow out gracefully. Natasha felt devastated towards Jamie’s death and had hoped things would have worked out between them, she also wondered if she underestimated Jamie’s love for Dee.

Paul kicked the door "JUST TELL ME!" He shouted

Natasha uncrossed her arms and stared back at Paul

Paul lost his temper and kicked the door again, even harder, "You’d better f---ing tell me, otherwise you’re not ANYWHERE TONIGHT!" suddenly he lunged forward and grabbed Natasha by the shoulders, shoving her into the front door their faces were inches apart. In another situation, Paul would have kissed Natasha, but at that moment he snapped and asked himself how far did Natasha intend to try his patience. Squeezing her shoulders Paul shook her "TELL ME!" he shouted in her face.

Natasha gasped as she could feel intensity and Paul’s hot breath on her face, Paul had hoped he did not hurt Natasha but at that moment he was prepared to go to any lengths to get Natasha talking.

Scott rolled his eyes as his brother walked in through the door, Matt kicked the door shut and waited for a moment. Scott stood in the kitchen doorway waiting for his brother to say something, Scott knew there was nothing he could really say that would ever make a difference as what was done was done and nothing could change that. Matt wanted to say something, but in truth, he did not know where to start. Looking away, Matt went up stairs.

Natasha went to leave

"Where are you going?"

"Home" Natasha replied reaching for the door

Paul pushed the door shut "I never said you could go Tash"

Natasha looked at him "You can’t keep me forever Paul, I’m not your prisoner"

Paul knew Tash was right; keeping Tash was not going to help him or find out why Jamie took his own life. Paul wondered how long it would take him to come to terms with everything, he also wondered if he would ever. Paul sighed

"Go, I can’t stop you"

Natasha pulled the door open and was gone.

Chris stood outside of her house, it was ten to 6 in the morning, the sun was soon to set in the sky and the air was warm. Not being able to sleep Chris exhaled and enjoyed the silence as the day was about to begin, her parents were away for the weekend and Chris felt deserved of the peace. Chris did not want to think about recent events she had hoped now everything was put to rest with Dee and Jamie. Chris did not want to relive any more than she had to; all she wanted to do was get on with her life.


Startled Chris’ thoughts were interrupted by Matt "You’re up early aren’t you"

Chris nodded "Yeah, I couldn’t sleep"

"Me too" Matt who also had trouble sleeping had decided to take a early morning run, not realising what route he had taken he found himself near Chris’ home. Despite not being able, to get Chris off his mind for the past few weeks, he did not intend to bump Chris this morning but was secretly glad he had. "So how r u?"

Chris shrugged "Getting there it think"

Matt smiled "cool, I’m glad "

Chris studied Matt for a moment; there was something about Matt she liked. Despite not liking him when she first met him, she discovered Matt was not developing any traits of his younger brother. Chris wondered what Matt Bonnington had to offer and at that moment wanted to find out

"Matt do you wanna come in?"

Matt nodded "Yeah, I do"

Paul leaned over and pulled out an old photo album, sitting in front of the television in the lounge he opened it. Glancing at the pictures, Paul ran his forefinger over the photos of himself and Jamie. Tears rolled down his face as he turned over the pages, rubbing his face, Paul suddenly shut the album and placed both hands on top, he missed his little brother.

The house was almost silent except for the small hum of the television in the background, a ray of sunlight shone through the kitchen window adding a golden glow to the newly painted room. Matt stood in the passage looking at Chris

"If this is going to work, we are going to have to do it properly"

"I know"

"No games, no tricks"

"Fair enough"

The sun had finally raised setting in the sky; the clouds were seamless and scarce. There was little life on the streets, only a few on the streets and even fewer motorists, being a Sunday morning it seemed as if the world had not woken up yet. There seemed to be a mellow atmosphere surrounding, along with the clear sky and the quiet twitter of the birds it was like a brand new day.

Scott frowned at the clock, it was ten to nine and he had seen no sign of Matt. Strapping on his watch Scott wondered if Matt had slept in late as never has he been in bed later than half seven, hearing footsteps on the stairs Scott went to the door, it was Matt. Matt stopped and glanced at his brother, Scott met his glance "Where did you go?"

Matt shrugged "No where special" he replied walking off

Swearing aloud Natasha could not concentrate, looking down at open texts books and sheets of paper she felt like setting fire to her entire terms work. Nothing seemed to be going in and nothing was helping, she wondered if telling Paul what really happened would have made a difference, would it have changed what had happened. Chris still l would have gone out with Scott, Scott still would have found some way to get rid of Dee and Natasha still would have done anything to stop Jamie getting hurt. She did not regret what she did; she knew the outcome and took a chance. Natasha knew nothing would bring Jamie back and wished Paul would stop trying, she thought about Paul a lot. She felt sorry for Paul and wished Jamie was still alive but Natasha accepted the fact that he was not and it was time to move on.

Chris sat on the swing and swung herself back and forth, looking around she had not been to the park in ages. Inhaling the smell of the grass and listening to the quite chatter of the kids who swung, jumped and slid down the apparatus Chris felt a strange sense of contentment, something which she had not felt in a long time

"Someone’s quiet"

Chris looked at Matt and smiled "Not quiet, just cool. I’m just cool"

Matt studied Chris for a moment "You are alright with this aren’t you?"

Chris nodded with out hesitation "Believe me this is the best move I’ve made in a long time"

Matt leaned forward and pulled Chris up by her arms, pulling her close he kissed her forehead "So do I"

Paul was taken back to see Natasha on his doorstep

"Aren’t you gunna let me in"

Paul stood aside "You’re the last person I expected to see"

Rolling her eyes Natasha muttered "Yeah well s--- happens doesn’t it"

Paul let the door close "So what do you want?"

Natasha crossed the arms "to see how you are, what else would bring me here"

Despite everything that had happened, Paul has never stopped feeling for Natasha, as there was not a day that went by that he did not think about her. Paul was gutted about Jamie’s death but maybe something good may come out of it all, now the bitch can stop pining after my brother he thought.

"I’m fine, thanks for your concern" Paul said sarcastically

Natasha sighed "Glad to hear it" she wondered if her being there was a good idea as Paul seemed as if he didn’t want to be near anyone, not that she blamed him. Heading for the door Natasha decided she should leave " I’m gunna go Paul, have fun"

Paul grabbed her by the arm and threw her against the door "Do you know what really f---s me off about all this?" he said in her face

Feeling slightly off guard Natasha took hold off the door handle, she knew Paul liked her and now she had her proof. Natasha remembered Jamie mentioning Paul kept asking after her, but she dismissed everything, as she wanted Jamie for herself. Now Natasha was face to face with Paul, she wanted him to admit it "What’s that?" she managed to say

Paul held onto her arm and forced her into the door, not allowing her to move "That after everything that you and your friends have done, I still can’t get you out of my system. I still want you, I still can’t deal with you despite everything else!" suddenly letting go Paul knew if he held onto Tash a minute longer he would have lost control, he couldn’t believe he let Natasha get the better of him but he somehow could not help it.

"That’s hardly my fault is it" Natasha shouted back "It’s not me who has pictures all over the place and has a good play when they think about me"

Paul gritted his teeth

"It’s not me who never liked me hanging around with Jamie and was desperate to ask me out" Natasha continued knowing she was getting to Paul, knowing that everything she was saying was true much to her inner glee "thought about me day and night and fantasised about what one night would be really like"

Paul was silent

Natasha stepped forward "what’s the matter Paul? Can’t you handle it? Or is it you just can’t handle me?"

Paul swung round, eyes bright face red and flushed with anger. Glaring at Natasha, he never wanted her more than he did now

Natasha shook her head and put both hands on her hips "see", turning to go Natasha took hold of the door handle, but before she could turn it Paul moved and grabbed her from behind

Swing her around Paul grabbed Natasha’s hem of her top, pulling it up he exposed her bare, flat stomach making her almost gasp "I’m not letting you go that easily" running his hands over her stomach Paul leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, he kissed her again. God she tastes so good he thought.

Suddenly Natasha grabbed Paul t/shirt and pulled it up, within seconds Natasha and Paul were kissing passionately and pulling each other’s clothes off.


Paul looked at Natasha, running his forefinger along her nose and to her top lip; he watched her stir in bed. As she stirred she turned towards Paul, exhaling he felt her breath on his face. Listening to her breath, he kissed her on the lips and kissed her again. Paul gazed at Natasha, loving her even more that he ever did. Paul smiled as Natasha rested her arm on his pillow, taking her hand he kissed her fingers and swore to himself if Natasha ever messed with him, he would kill her.

Natasha slowly crept down the stairs, desperate not to make a sound she held onto the banister so not to make it creak. Looking back she hoped Paul had not noticed she was gone, not at least she was out the door and halfway up the road. She had not regretted sleeping with Paul, she actually enjoyed it but she didn’t wanna stick around. Reaching for the door handle, Natasha looked back before pulling the door towards her, there was no sign of Paul. Breathing a light sigh of relief, Natasha went to walk out, suddenly the door slammed shut. Natasha screamed before she was face to face with Paul

"where are you going?"

Natasha caught her breath "Do you have to creep up on me like that!" she gasped "you scared the s--- out of me"

Paul pushed her back against the door "I asked you a question"

Natasha didn’t like Paul’s tone and also did not appreciate being asked too many questions "Home, if that’s alright with you" she replied pushing Paul away "What’s your problem?"

Paul was not in the mood for Natasha’s attitude, despite spending the night with her it did not compensate for losing his brother and Paul is positive Natasha a bigger part in it and he was determined to find out how big. "Nothing, I just don’t like people creeping around me that’s all"

Natasha shrugged "That’s not my problem Paul"

Suddenly Paul grabbed Natasha by the neck and threw her up against the door "Don’t f--- with me Tash, I’m not like everyone else," he said through clenched teeth

Taking off guard Natasha could not believe what was happening, what did have into Paul? Has Jamie’s death taken everything out of him than she had expected? Not wanting to find out Natasha pulled Paul’s hand way and hit him across the face "Neither am I Paul, just you remember that" she warned

Holding his cheek Paul glared back at Natasha, not expecting that he watched her leave. 

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