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Try your hand at online editing


AuthorMe invites you to try the latest open editing system - wikimedia!

Follow the directions below to look over the very short story Larry Brenza wrote to accompany his original illustration. Larry would appreciate it if you would help him improve his story. Feel free to change anything and everything, but we do ask that you key your story to Larry's illustration.

We must ask that you register for this editing function. Otherwise we will have no way to control irresponsible contributions. Please follow the instructions below"

  1. Click “Enter” below when you are ready to start.
  2. When the page opens, click Register” on the right. (Or “Log In” if you have already registered.with our Wikiediting system)
  3. Enter a username in the Username field. (You do not need to use a password you may have used on AuthorMe in the past.)
  4. Enter a password in the “Password” and “Confirm Password” fields.
  5. Enter your email address
  6. Click “Submit”
  7. If necessary, click the page you want to edit, under "Menu" in the left menu.
  8. (Example: Nightmare’s End”)
  9. Click “Edit” under in the rightmost column.
  10. Scroll down to the text and make your changes!
  11. Click “Save” at the bottom of your page.
  12. Now your changes are a part of web page on display.
  13. Was that "quick"? That's what the Hawaiian word Wiki means!



(If you’d like to post a manuscript for public Wiki editing, please write us.)


Thank you!


Larry's original manuscript is presented below. Compare!

Read Larry's article, "Writing for an Illustration." Click here.


King of Thieves

By Larry Brenza

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eneath the ancient abandoned city, in its
substructures and tunnels which connect
some of the buildings in a maze of sewer
ways and storage rooms, Bascom Pensa
makes his home. A thieves’ thief, a highwayman’s
trickster and a lawman’s nightmare.
He lives here in a maze of twists and turns. This is
where he keeps his riches. He’s explored and rigged
these tunnels so he feels safe to stash away his
collections of swords and gems, rings and knives. A
room full of expensive clothes in one room of his
underground kingdom.
A dead end and trapped storage area houses his
chests full of gold coin and precious stones. Goblets of
diamonds lay about a table in a room where he
frequents on his way out of his lair, to stock up on
tradeables such as jewel encrusted knives, huge
broaches of semiprecious gems. He reaches into a
table top chest and grabs a handful of coins for a
night’s outing.
He has everything an adventurer could want except
a moments’ peace. He lives a life of looking over his
shoulder and double backing around streets to lose
the track of anybody who might be following him, real
or imagined. When he’s in a town, he’ll sleep in a flop
house instead of a travelers’ inn so as not to attract
the attention of anyone who might be looking for a
rich man to rob.


He is learned in the art of stealth and deception, of
how to avoid notice while he is plying his trade, but
wouldn’t stand a chance against some strong arm clod
in a bar who bumps into him and is itching for a fight.
Though his reputation has grown over the years, he
has few friends. Mainly, the ones he’s come up through
the ranks of adventuring with, from his early days.
These few who knew him when he could barely untie a
knot, let alone untrap and unlock a chest with a single
tool. These he calls friends.
The others are associates of the guild and contact him
when a job needs to get done right. He picks and
chooses his adventures now, growing more paranoid
with each outing.
More and more of his clientele assign him capers
which are near suicide to any other but him, and more
and more they want to attach him to a band of
characters in which one of them has been assigned the
task to try and kill him (after the job is completed, of
course) so he won’t collect his outrageous fee. Many
have tried this ploy, much to their chagrin, when he
shows up in their bedroom in the middle of the night
with the head of the would be assassin in a bag and
giving the client a choice to now pay him quadruple his
fee or to add their head to the sack!
Bascom Pensa has many, many enemies, all of whom
are just waiting around the next corner.

2002 L. Brenza



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