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(For Pope John Paul II 1920-2005)

By John Oryem


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Note: Pope John Paul II (The peoples' Pope, Our Pope) will officially disappear from our sights as he will join his ancestors ahead of us. This great man did a lot in his lifetime, especially for us in the third world. We shall miss him but not his legacy and good things he has accomplished for us. I personally saw him when he was in Sudan in February 1993 to encourange Christians when Islamists were persecuting us as the world was watching silently. Some Cardinals warned him; "You are going to Sudan to shake hands with the president whose hands are full of innocent blood of our Christians." I mourn him with my simple poem together with all readers who were close to him, one way or another.




“No life ends on a period no matter how long it is lived”

                   Roger Rosenblatt


“Good people don’t live long,” they say in my village,

It was too soon for you Karol Wojtyla,

You have left us empty

After you have led us into blissful pontificate.

When we were enslaved,

             You looked straight into the eyes of our captors.

When we were in war,

            You spoke to our antagonists

Who only had ears for you Papa Karol.

Your voice threw down walls,

And humanity was restored,

          When you spoke to our despots.

 When the injured cried,

           You went to their desolate land,

Then calmly you touched their traumatized souls,

And you comforted the dying

When you brought them peace.

For your soft heart;

All human race claimed you Karol.

When others pitied your frailty,

You defied their expectations.

Today, beads shall roll,

Tears shall flow,

But sleep in peace our bull!

Millions shall pass by your casket,

Silently they shall wish you their worldly goodbye,

“Papa sleep in peace of your Lord”

Your memories shall last long in our troubled world,

Your days are well spent,

Your dreams cherished.

Papa, your guardian angel

Has invited us for the celebration of your life

Every piece of it already accomplished.

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