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Try your hand at online editing


AuthorMe invites you to try the latest open editing system - wikimedia!

Follow the directions below to look over the very short story Larry Brenza wrote to accompany his original illustration. Larry would appreciate it if you would help him improve his story. Feel free to change anything and everything, but we do ask that you key your story to Larry's illustration.

We must ask that you register for this editing function. Otherwise we will have no way to control irresponsible contributions. Please follow the instructions below"

  1. Click “Enter” below when you are ready to start.
  2. When the page opens, click Register” on the right. (Or “Log In” if you have already registered.with our Wikiediting system)
  3. Enter a username in the Username field. (You do not need to use a password you may have used on AuthorMe in the past.)
  4. Enter a password in the “Password” and “Confirm Password” fields.
  5. Enter your email address
  6. Click “Submit”
  7. If necessary, click the page you want to edit, under "Menu" in the left menu.
  8. (Example: Nightmare’s End”)
  9. Click “Edit” under in the rightmost column.
  10. Scroll down to the text and make your changes!
  11. Click “Save” at the bottom of your page.
  12. Now your changes are a part of web page on display.
  13. Was that "quick"? That's what the Hawaiian word Wiki means!



(If you’d like to post a manuscript for public Wiki editing, please write us.)


Thank you!


Larry's original manuscript is presented below. Compare!

Read Larry's article, "Writing for an Illustration." Click here.


Nightmare’s End

By Larry Brenza

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allenger waited on the hillside at the

appointed time. He had to prepare himself.

Taking out the pouch the mage gave him, he

shook the crystalized potion into his hand and

put the contents into his mouth. As instructed, he

waited until he tasted metal and then swallowed.

The mage guaranteed him it would work. It had to,

he had been a pawn of the deamon for too long. This

should protect him when the dread Cra’chow

Tsunambee, a shape shifter, used its charming spells

on him again.

And there it came.

This time in the form of a green dragon. It sailed

through the air like the gulls he’d seen while at sea.

As it landed near him, Dallenger could almost swear

an oath that he saw it smile at him. “A-ah!


Prompt as usual.” It said as it winged to

the ground.

“Have I a choice?” Dallenger replied.

Cra’chow hesitated just a moment and replied, “Ah,

no. You do not my friend. Sha-hall we begin?” Which

ment Dallenger had to submit to Cra’chow’s charm

breath. One of the natural powers of a shape shifting


Dallenger approached the dragon and inhaled as it

exhaled an invisible cloud of natural charm potion.

Dallenger thought to himself, “This had better work.

The town’s depending on me. And not only that, if I

fail, what horrible fate awaits me at the hands of this

deamon.” A moment of light headedness and as his

eyes opened and focused, he was staring straight

into the snout of Cra’chow.



“Ah-h, my friend, whaa news you bring me tohooday?”

It breathed out.

Dallenger had never noticed before how hideous a

green dragon’s nostrils were. He could see at least a

finger length into the snout. Bumpy and moist, little

thick hairs atop each bump. He realized in that second

he wasn’t under Cra’chow’s power! He quickly

recovered and said, “Ah, Supreme Cra’chow, there is

talk of a wizard gathering in town very soon. Secret, of

course, but one of which I shall learn where, never


Magic was Cra’chow’s weakness. He could never

amass enough. It fed off its power. The more it had the

stronger it got. “M-m-m. Maybe I should accompany

you into town and ‘make friends’ with a wizard or two?

M-m-m? Hee-Hee, m-m-m...”

Interrupting its thoughts, Dallenger said, “A green

dragon will be noticable, yes?”

“M-m-m? Oh, yes, quite . I think I-I shall go as an elf

high-priest, no? Yes!” In its confidence of Dallenger as

a lacky, it began to transform in front of him. It

stopped walking and its snout and wings began to

shrink. Dallenger noticed that the body itself began to

grow smaller. He could see Cra’chow’s eyes transfixed

on a far away point, and decided he should strike now!

As the shapeshifter continued to morph, Dallenger

drew his hip daggers and decided to strike Cra’chow in

its shortening, vunerable, fleshy neck. Quickly, he

readied his arms over the back of the neck and struck

both daggers in at the same time!

“Ca-a-ack!!” It choked and spasmed and struck out

forward with an ever diminishing dragon-like claw. It

was like holding the reins of a bucking horse!

2004 L. Brenza



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