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Pleading for Terri

By D.E. Austin


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A great many people in America believe that we have endured the loss of

two people who are very dear and beloved to us, he who was "papa" to a

great many of us, and woman named Terri Schindler-Schiavo for whose life John

Paul pleaded, a woman who despite the Vatican's and our own pleading has just

been put to death in as cruel and inhumane a manner as possible. At the

behest of her husband and with either the silence or the cooperation of the

courts, a woman who was conscious, who smiled for her mother, who needed only "a

feeding" tube to sustain her life, was denied both water and food for

fourteen days. A great many of us fought an ongoing, desperate battle

to save this innocent woman. I would like to submit for your consideration

excerpts of my own pleading to save this woman, and assure whoever will

listen that a great many people in this country fought far more valiantly

and tirelessly trying to prevent that which a great many of us believe

was euthanasia at the least, was at the worst an act of murder. I'll trust

that you will understand that some of that which I submit is anguished,

frantic pleading, some of it desperation. I submit it only in an attempt to

persuade you, if you believe as I do that this was unjustified mercy killing at

the best, that we fought desperately to prevent it.


-barring evidence to the contrary, no one knows. The presumption must be

that she wants to live. It's a simple matter of common sense, black and

white. If we don't know, we must assume that she wants to live.

-she has suffered in this state for fifteen years now, longer than

almost anyone else in a state like this. Terri will have a very special place

at the right hand of God. And make no mistake, it has happened again, an

innocent individual allowed to die by the state. People, wake up. This

is the most obvious sign imaginable that we will all very quickly now see

the face of God. Decide for yourselves if you are ready

-A mother is pleading with us all. Think of your own mother. Would she

not if your eyes were open, blinking, plead with every breath she takes

that you be fed. A mother is pleading for the life of her child

-The reason for all of this seems so perfectly obvious to me. That

which happened 2000 years ago is now happening again. Terri is not the

Savior. The savior is risen, and will never again die. But God, in as obvious a

manner as possible, has come again, is residing in the body of a woman who at

the behest of others is being put to death, the government, it now seems,

simply allowing it to happen. I pray this now with every beat of my heart -

God, please, enough. She's done enough. Take her. And then, however, I have

to pray the most important prayer of all - God, your will be done. And we

can't, therefore, give up. A mother pleads with us, just as a mother

pled two thousand years ago at the foot of a cross. A mother looks into her

daughter's eyes, a daughter who is alive and smiles. A mother is

pleading with Terri, please - don't leave me, not yet, not until God decides.

Terri longs to go, has suffered that which is incomprehensible to us, has

suffered for fifteen years now, has suffered in ways not seen in two thousand

years now. And yet - how can any of us believe that Terri's smile for her

mother is not the same most important prayer - God, your will be done. And

that it the point of it all - God, your will be done. It is my belief that it

is God's will now that we just don't give up this time, must fight on for

the life of this innocent woman, must trust that no one other than God has

a right to do what is being done to Terri. Will we win? I don't know. None of

us do. God alone knows. But it just seems so obvious to me that God is

watching each and every one of us now, is calling on us to make a


The choice I have made, the choice I believe God is calling me to make,

is that I just do not give up, that I do whatever I can to save the life

of this woman. I plead with all of you, don't give up. Governor Bush,

perhaps the president. They're our only hope now. If you haven't done so at

least once today, plead with them, any way you can. And how can we doubt -

2000 years to the day. Let's save Terri, plead with God that we are all

sinners, give us another chance - plead with God to let us try to make the world

a better place for everyone. And if we cannot save Terri today - God,

your will, with this world, be done.

-Because of that which is an openly declared and perverse argument on

the part of the political left in this country that anyone other than God

can presume on a matter of life and death, it is now morally requisite that

the political left in this country be abandoned by those of us who will

identify ourselves as liberal Catholics. I realize that once the political left

has lost its most numerous base, this country and political liberalism will

face an inquisition which will make the Spanish Inquisition seem tame. But

this case in Florida is definitive and nothing more than a matter of common

and moral sense. It is as blatant and obvious a sign as possible that it is

now sinful to support the political left. Nor is it any longer possible, as

I have, to abstain from the political process. It is now morally

requisite to support and vote for those candidates who respect fundamental

principles regarding life. Even if, as I do, you think George Bush's and a

Republican congress' foreign policies a mistake, they have proven themselves today

as the only possible moral choice in this country. And those of you who as

I do believe in prophecy, stay awake, keep your eyes open. It will happen

quickly now. God is about to unleash wrath which Spain of former times couldn't

have imagined. Do not - do not be on the wrong side now, or you will be on

the wrong side for eternity.

-Please go to and look at the videos, particularly the

swab test, and tell me that this woman after three days in not now suffering

horribly from thirst. I believe this is God's last attempt to gently

plead his love for us and ask all of us to come to our senses. I believe, if

this woman is allowed to die, that we will see the other side of God, a

wrathful God from whom you will not be able to hide no matter how deep bit you

try to hide yourself in, a God who will slaughter half of this country and

consign it the deepest pit in hell

-Terri, at this moment, is praying the same prayer which Jesus on the

cross prayed. Father, I thirst. She is suffering horribly, possibly cannot

understand why God has required so much of her. God is whispering to

Terri, another moment, my daughter, while I plead one final time that those

who profess to love me come to their senses. Most will not, and they will

see the wrath of God. Terri will soon be with a loving God, and will

understand why she has endured this for the past fifteen years. Please, try to

understand this. God is a loving God. And God is unimaginable wrath who

has finally given up, is about to unleash wrath on this world which is

unimaginable. Please, decided now, or you will be on the wrong and

horrible side for eternity

-Selfish? I have to answer this one in order to explain why you and

your sort are the most perverse and evil self serving individuals who have

ever lived. Terri and her parents are Catholic. God at this moment is asking

Terri to hold on a bit longer, that she will be with him when it is

time. You have no idea how passionately we want this over with as well, to

have Terri's pain ended. We will not give in, however, to selfish motives

which motivate perversities such as yourself who would just let Terri go to

ease your own perverse, selfish suffering. We will fight monstrosities such

as yourself as long as necessary, until the last minute, will fight to

keep Terri alive until God, calling for her and taking her home, tells us

that the fight is over

-I've done all I can for the moment, so I think I'm going to take a

break, go back to being the same old dog for a moment. I was wondering how to

classify messages such as yours, was wondering if I might collect them

as the wit and whiles of the devil. Then I came to my senses. The devil is

crafty, highly intelligent, will come across as sensible. That sure lets you out.

-Look at the pictures just one more time. Look into the face of a

daughter who smiles her joy toward the woman she loves most in this world, her

own mother. No matter at how diminished a capacity, how can anyone not see

the most sacred emotion still alive in that daughter's eyes, love. Then

look into a man's eyes, a husband's and guardian's eyes, just once - just

one more time - see that which is just so blatant and obvious in his eyes.

And it is not too late. Don't give up. Just as living skeletons were saved

from the extermination camps, so we can still save this woman. Don't give up

- consider it as I do joy if you can just get one other person who is

with us but might be hesitating to act. And practically, now - I would urge one

call, one telegram, one email a day from everyone to the Bushes. They

don't need to be deluged by the same person again and again but they need to

hear all of us, from everywhere. Call family, friends - it's endless joy if

you can just convince one other person who might be wavering. How can we

know that that one person might be the deciding vote - the one last person

God wishes to speak to. And we just can't allow one single innocent person

in this country to loose her life - not like this - not when you can look

into a man's eyes even through a camera and see that which is so obvious.

Look one more time, talk with others - then decide not from the facts now,

but with your heart. I was police, a teacher - know what's like to have to

look into someone's eyes, decide with the heart when all the other facts are

in. And this one isn't even close. He looks calm and collected, his wits

about him, precise and logical explanations - and you simply know, know with

that deciding look that if ever there was a murderer, here he stands. The

evidence will be found. He wants the body cremated -? Just don't give


-the innermost secrets of your heart, I very much fear, might well be

shouted to the world very soon now. You, and I, will stand naked and

exposed, answering for our every thought and act. I hope at that time

you can justify your actions. To everyone who thinks going to this site at

this time would be a filthy, perverse, and evil act, you know my advice now.

Don't give up. Save this innocent woman.


-From the AP - Outside the hospice where Terri Schiavo lay, eight more

people - including a 10-year old boy and 13-year-old twin girls - were

arrested Friday for trying to bring her water.

"I don't want her to die," Joshua Heldreth, 10, from North Carolina,

said before his arrest. "I'm not afraid because God is with me."

-You seem a very practical sort. I suppose you know you're gonna get

the metaphysical from me. I think it's our moral duty, in any way we can,

to get that glass of water to Terri while she's still breathing. I mean, I'm

not a doctor myself, so all I could do is carry a glass of water to a woman's

whose dying of thirst, unjustifiably in my opinion. I mean, what I do

with it when I get there. I dunno. But I gotta try. Maybe the point is this

- I was that which the cops are now standing around the hospice, I was the guy

standing at the foot of the cross. I think I've finally leaned that I

might wanna get my butt out of the way if someone's trying to take the life

of an innocent person rather than have to say, "I was just following orders."

-- The parents say Schiavo said "AHHHHH" and "WAAAAAAA" when asked to

repeat the phrase "I want to live."

The individual Who ordered every sheriff's department in Florida to

enforce that which has been His usurpation of power belonging to no human being

on earth, the individual Who sits His throne defying all other worldly

powers, the individual Who defies and stymies the Caesar of our age, the

individual who got a good night's sleep before issuing His pronouncement regarding

a woman who has been dying of hunger and thirst for the past seven days,

the individual Who was prophesied to come - has said to a woman pleading

with Him for her life - no. Do you know who this individual is now? Do you

know who this individual is who has told a woman with the breath of God

still living in her that she may not live, who has told God - you may not

live? I will give you a hint. Look into his eyes. Look into the eyes of an

entity in the guise of a man.

There is still time. Do not give up.


-might as well give you the ending of all this now. God wins.


-Terri, we love you, baby. You will have a very special please with our

Father. You're suffering has brought many many people back to God,

including me.

-Greer gets the boot by his own Church. I'm beginning to wonder if my

previous might have been closer than even I thought. Antichrist? - the

antichrist? - an antichrist? Lemme just counter the argument that Greer

has tirelessly and diligently studied this case for years now. No doubt.

He's been presented credible evidence for years now that this girl wants to

live. Last Friday, Terri might just as well have sat up and said, is this guy

a moron or what - I want to live. Greer says no. God's given him years

now to make a decision which seems with every passing day nothing but a matter

of basic, common sense any moron could understand, and he says no. And did

you hear him yesterday, he himself admitting that Terri still had twenty

percent of her brain function rather than the one or two I might have thought

myself. And with one molocule of it functioning, and God with that one

molocule allowing Terri to say I want to live, who is this Greer to

take the decision into his own hands? I'll certainly say anti - God in a way we

haven't seen for a very long time now.

- I'll answer just one point. Why should I feel so passionately about

Terri. For the same reason I feel so passionately about Jesus Christ, I

suppose. Just because I can have passionate feelings about one particular individual doesn't mean I can't have feeling for others.

-Why should I feel so passionately about one particular individual who

I've never met in person? Well, I haven't met Jesus in person yet. But God,

in my opinion, has given me a whole heck of a lotta proof that some of my

thoughts are the whispering of a person who lived two thousand years ago - and

who still lives today.

-if not for the media I wouldn't have known about Terri? Nope. If not

for God, I wouldn't have known anything about Terri.


-it's all, in the end, are matter of conscience. It's the same reason

Saint Thomas Moor went to the Tower when everyone else said Tom - you're a

nutcase, or words to that effect. Anyway, like the family, I get the feeling

it's over, that even if she were rescued now, she couldn't be saved. So I as

well think we should let her go now. My last prayer was, God, don't let

her feel another moment's pain. Put it all on me instead. (you know, I

think God's got a sense of humor. Various little ailments I've have for years

have really been a pain in the butt for me tonite)


-Why wouldn't he allow her communion today, that in the form of a tiny

dot of bread and a touch of wine to her lips? What in God's name is the

sense of that? And that is why I'm fighting on, will not give up. What is the

sense of that which is nothing more than an attempt to separate one of God's

creatures from her God by trying to deny her communion with her God on

this day of all days. And even if he hasn't any idea what he's doing, if

this is not as blatant a sign as any that Satan incarnate in a man is at work

here? I was almost ready to say enough, was tired, not another day. And

something comes along like this which I'll plaster across boards and emails and

calls to everyone in Washington and Florida in the hopes that just one more

person realizes that which is just common sense, maybe even that one last

person which God is trying to speak to.


-Greer's last ruling - the essence and heart of 1939 Germany. It is

everything 1939 Germany was. It is every person murdered in an

extermination camp. It is every officer who said, "I am just following orders. I am

just following the letter of the law." And most obviously of all, it is the

most idiotic, blind, lacking of common sense decision in the past 2000



-one point regarding a threatening email advocating pointless violence

which I think as idiotic and counterproductive as anyone. Can anyone now

doubt that George and Jeb Bush are listening? Can anyone doubt that the next

phone call or telegram or email sent might be the last required of us by God,

that a president and a governor who are decent, moral people will say -

enough, it is time to rescue this woman? Do not give up. Use caution, common

sense, but argue for this woman now, plead for her life with every breath you

take. Do not endanger others. Stay calm and use common sense. My point -

they're listening to us, listening to every word. Keep pleading. Don't give up.

I believe it is the most sacred duty of any government to safeguard the

lives of its citizens, and it is now obvious that the executives of the

governments of the United States and Florida must see to it that this

most sacred duty is performed. They can no longer restrict themselves to

"the letter of the law." This would be no different than the statement made

at Nuremberg - "I was just following orders." I believe that the

executives of governments in this case are now, by every moral and common sense

standard, entitled and required to take whatever measures are necessary to save

this woman's life.

- over that which you and I know in our hearts is criminal by every

common sense standard.

- I was looking at a video of Terri last night, her mouth open, her

eyes blinking as she looked this way and that. There was something about the

expression in her features which seemed striking and familiar to me,

something I couldn't quite identify - until it suddenly so seemed

obvious. It was a look of marveling wonder in her features, something almost

childlike, something we might see on the faces of others who we suppose

"in their own world" rather than ours. Who or what was it that Terri was

gazing toward in wondering amaze? I'll always believe that Terri, in ways the

rest of us can't understand, has been gazing into the face of God these past

fifteen years. She came back for moments, smiled for her mother, a

smile you and I know with our hearts was something so much more than reflex or

anything of the sort. If with a half percent of the capacity the rest

of us have, you and I know in our hearts that Terri's smile for her mother

was the emotion of her own heart spoken for her mother, the love of her heart

for her mother.

And then Terri turned her eyes back to God, a God who has asked of her

patience in ways incomprehensible to the rest of us. I'll always

believe that Terri has been saying yes, your will be done, for fifteen years

now. And why should Terri be so important to us? I can only believe that

Terri is all of humanity in ways we haven't seen in a very long time now, Terri

simply the one person in the world at the moment to whom God wishes us to

devout our attention, not to the exclusion of others, but in a very special way.


-I'm searching desperately for consolation, for myself, for those who love

Terri as passionately as I do. And for me, that consolation is the

certainty that Terri is one of the greatest saints who has ever resided on this

earth. How can we know what she has gone through for these past fifteen years?

How can we know what prayers she has prayed? For herself. For us. Terri

must have prayed a million times, please, Father, I want to come home. And

God says, please, my daughter, a little while longer. If you say yes,

Terri, just a little longer, you will by your suffering show love for your God

which will lead multitudes to heaven with you. Can anyone possibly doubt

that Terri has said yes to God, again and again for the past fifteen years

now? Can anyone possibly doubt that Terri is still saying yes to God, that

Terri is saying yes to God at this moment - that Terri is saying,

Father, your will be done. Terri is now home. Remember us to our Father, Terri.

- The last ten minutes of Terri's life, for me, are just one more of a

multitude of signs that Terri is one of the most faithful saints who

has ever lived on this earth, that an ordinary girl with faults no

different than our own has been chosen by God to share in the work of His only

Son, in a very special way. Terri, my beloved - I'll always believe God said to

her - you've said yes to Me for fifteen years now. Terri, I'm going to

ask of you now, for another ten minutes, to endure that which I ask of only

a very few, that which I ask only of those who love Me with a heart

proven by suffering the world cannot imagine. I'm going to ask you to endure that

which My own beloved Son endured when He cried out, "my God, my God,

why have you forsaken me." Terri, My beloved, for ten minutes now you will

be alone, separated from those who love you with sincere and honest

hearts. Know they are with you Terri, a mother who waits in agony crying out

the love of her heart to me. Know that a brother fights earthly powers to

be with you. And know that by this final proof of your love for Me, you

will lead millions with you to heaven and to Me. We hear now that Terri's

eyes were open, that she was frightened - that she knew exactly what God was

asking of her. And you and I know with a certainty the world will never

understand that God is now holding Terri very closely to his heart,

that the rejoicing multitudes of heaven surround Terri as she stands with our

Father's arms around her; that God is saying - here is my beloved

daughter who has proven her love for me.



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