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The Prize Egg

By Victoria Costanzo

Copyright 2004 Victoria Costanzo

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Jack and Tabolt Bunny were getting ready for their

first big, Easter Egg Hunt,which they wanted to have

for their forest friends.

Their den was filled with eggs.

"Talbot,"said Jack,"I think we have gathered enough


"Yes,our chicken friends are very tired,"said


"Now all we have to do is paint the eggs,"said Jack.

"Let's go to Mrs.Rouge's paint shop,"Talbot

suggested."She'll help us pick out some great


And off hopped Jack and Talbot to Mrs.Rouge's paint


"Good afternoon, Jack, "said Mrs.Rouge,"And good

afternoon to you too,Talbot.How are you both today?"

"Fine,"said Jack.

"Feeling very hoppy today,thank you,"said Talbot.

"Mrs.Rouge,"said Jack,"Talbot and I need your help

picking out colors to paint our eggs for our first big

Easter Egg Hunt."

"Okay,come with me."

Mrs.Rouge went to look on the shelves at the back of

her store.


"Let's see, it looks like we have lots of red, lots of

yellow and some blue.And then there's white, and

there's also black.

Jack looked at Talbot, and they both looked at Mrs.


"Well, Jack said,"I think that will be good for now."

"Yes,agreed Talbot."

"We'll take them all!Thank you, Mrs. Rouge."

"You're welcome," said Mrs. Rouge. " Now go and have

yourself an egg-cellent time."

And Mrs. Rouge burst out laughing at her egg joke.

"Jack,"said Talbot," I wonder if we should get more

colors?"Mrs. Rouge didn't have any purple or orange...

"Well maybe later we'll go to Uncle Earl's Over the Rainbow

shop,and check out what he has, said Jack." For now let's

get started with these eggs.

Jack takes the paint cans and some eggs and places them

on a small table were he will be working.

Talbot turns around to ask Jack something but instead he's

shocked on the huge mess that he made.

"What are you doing Jack?" said Talbot.

"I'm painting the eggs," said Jack.

"Your dropping paint all over the floor and your stepping

in it.Now you and the floor are a colorful mess," said Talbot

"Why didn't you place a sheet down on the floor to catch the

paint? " asked Talbot.

"Sorry,Talbot I didn't mean to be such a messy bunny," said Jack.

As he looked down at the floor and his feet.

Talbot asked Jack with a very puzzled look on his face."Where

did you get the other colors from?" I don't remember buying

purple or green.

Sounding very confused." What do you mean?" I don't have those colors,"

said Jack.

" Just look again on the floor or your feet your covered in purple and green.

said Talbot.

So Talbot checked out what he had and realized that the drippings

mixed together. And when you mix certain colors together you get

new colors.

" Okay Jack let's start mixing together some colors," said Talbot.

They both worked on mixing colors and found out that ...

By mixing red and blue together you made purple.

By mixing blue and yellow together you made green.

By mixing red and yellow together you made orange.

By mixing blue and orange you made brown.

By mixing red and white you made a lovely pink color and

black and white together just made grey.

They were both very excited on what they had figured out.


"Talbot,"said Jack," I was wondering if we should make

a special egg?"

"A special egg,"wondered Talbot."Why make a special egg?"

"So if someone finds it there could be a special prize to go

with it,"replied Jack." What do you think?"

" That's a good idea, Jack, "said Talbot.What should

the prize be?"

" The prize could be a big hollow chocolate egg, and

inside could be Grandma's homemade raisin and

jellybean oatmeal cookies."

" That sounds like a Great Idea!" exclaimed Talbot.

" What color should we paint the prize egg?"

" I'm not sure, "Jack replied. " Let's go ask Grandma if

she will bake the cookies and we'll decide on the

color later."

Grandma said yes and the bunnies went back to work

painting the eggs.It took days and days, and still they

had no idea on a color for the Prize Egg.

When they had finished painting all the other eggs,

Talbot asked Jack to see what colors were left.

" We have some green,and some brown, and a little bit

of yellow, " he replied.

" Then we will just have to use up what we have left, " Talbot said.

The day of the Big Easter Egg Hunt arrived and all the

eggs had been hidden in the forest.The special Prize

Egg had been hidden by a log near a creek.

All Jack and Talbot's animal friends were ready to

start looking.

" The one who finds the oddly-painted egg will win the

prize, " said Talbot.

" What's the prize? " everyone wanted to know.

" The prize is a hollow chocolate egg with Grandma's

special raisin and jellybean oatmeal cookies inside,

" announced Jack.

Off everyone went to find eggs. What hours of fun they

all had.At last it was time for everyone to come together

and check their baskets to see if the Prize Egg had been


Jack yelled out, " Who's the lucky one?"

No one answered.They just looked around at each


" Well, someone has to find it! " said Talbot. "Look


Everybody went back to the forest to look for the

special egg, but they soon realized they had found

all the eggs except for that special one, which nobody

could find anywhere.

" I'll go to where we left it and see if it's still

there ," said Jack.

Jack took off to the spot where he placed the Prize

Egg, but it wasn't there.

"Someone must have knocked it out of the way while

walking," he decided.

As he walked back he shook his head to Talbot to let

him know that the Prize Egg wasn't there.

Everyone looked very disappointed.

Then Grandma said, " Well, let's open the cookies and

I'll bring out some of my homemade carrot cake, and

there's plenty of carrot juice, so we'll all keep having

a fun time."

So that's what they all did.It was food, games, and

plenty of laughter.

A week later, Jack and Talbot were out with Grandma

picking berries and dandelions. As they walked closer

to the creek Talbot almost passed out .

" What is that smell?" he wondered." Could it be a skunk?"

" No, it must be a litterbug," Grandma said." Someone

left their trash behind.

Grandma followed that stinky,stinky, smell all the

way to a log by the creek.She bent down and laughed.

"I know egg-actly what it is."

Talbot and Jack hopped over to Grandma, laughing at

her laughing at herself.

" Why, what's in the log?"they asked.

" Not in the log, my dear bunnies," said Grandma, but

next to the log."

" What? What is it?" they asked.

" Well, the next time you paint an egg,don't use

colors that match the ground-you camouflaged it."

Talbot asked Grandma, " What does camel-large mean?"

" Camouflage, bunnies, means to hide something-to

hide something very well without actually hiding it at

all.You see, you painted the egg so it blended into

the colors of the ground.You chose the green, brown,

and a little bit of yellow, which matches the ground

very well,and so no matter where it rolled no one

could see it and they just kept going by.

"OOOOH, so that's why no one found it, "the bunnies

said with a laugh." Well, now that WE found it let's

get rid of that rotten egg and put it far, far, far,away."

Which they did and held their noses while they

walked off further in the woods.

The End

Copyright 2004 Victoria Costanzo





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