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Scarlan’s Run

By Larry Brenza

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he lead Alleosauroid thunders to the ground
holding its scorched hide where the electrodischarger
made contact. the others rumbled
to a halt scant yards away from the
weapons, inviting them to try again, to attack
The Tricerasauroid, already positioned directly in
front of Scarlon, waves his great forelimb in a sign
for calm. He grumbles out through the sides of his
mouth, because of the way all Sauroid facial features
are in that their snouts overhang their lower jaws, a
distinguishing characteristic for all descendants from
the long line of Terriblis Lizardis.
Almost immediately Scarlan’s translator interprets
the grumblings as, “You’re not going to get away
with this hu-maan!”
Scarlan smiles to hear his own words transferred
back into sauroid through the speaker connected to
his harness which criss-crosses his chest, laden
with other techno marvels that assist him in his line
of work, “But I already have, you great moldering
mound of luddrix! (which is a cuisine the sauroids
eat consisting of the soft entrails of certain farm
raised animals). I’ve signaled my ship. I’m outta here
in twenty!”
“Please, Scarlan....”, The Tricerasauroid starts,
trying to sound sincere.
“Oh, so you do know my name, you putz.” (an




The Tricerasauroid distracted for a second by that bit
of euphemism continues, “Let’s go back to my
compound and talk this over. I’m sure there’s a price
you and I can agree on. That little devise can get me
an Arriticcus (a Sauroid word) of wealth! You can
have a share of it.”
“Nothin’ Doin’ Rex fodder. Besides, this was never
yours! I was duped into stealing this for you, and now
I’m just setting things right. Next time if you want me
to steal this for you, ask me... you do know my name.”
Scarlan smiles at the Tricerasauoid, holding up the
discharger in a gesture other than just showing him
he’s holding them at the ready. At that, the
Alleosauroids spread out and two advance toward
In a staccado of blinding flashes, the electrodischargers
char the body of the first alleosauroid and
cripples the second.
“Enough!!” The Tricerasauroid trumpets, almost
bursting Scarlan’s eardrums. He grimaces in pain but
still has one discharger pointed at him and the other at
the alleosauroids. Then, all at once, Scarlan switches
them off and lowers his arms. The Tricerasauroid
hesitates, unsure what Scarlan is going to do.
Scarlan and his equipment suddenly become
translucent and disappears.


2004 L. Brenza



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