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A Typical Day in the Kingdom of Darkness

Spiritual terrorism

By Tony Esezobor

Copyright August 2004 by Tony Esezobor



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To the memory of my late father, Pius O. Esezobor whose hard work and love for me helped in moulding my early life.


God Almighty our heavenly Father. He inspired this work.

My wife Zilaifa Esezobor, for her continued encouragement. She is my first reader.

Our children also.

Mr. Kunle Aluko was a blessing to this work.

The venue of the meeting is located at the bottom of the ocean. It is nearly three thousand miles below sea, right beneath an impassable angle. Shooting out from the water in pyramid formations are massively positioned rocks, which appear organised to form dreadful alleys. Standing at one end of one of the alleys and looking through this corridor of darkness, you could have a faint view of illumination at the opposite end. It isn't so bright because of the constant haze, which is characteristic of this environment. Uninhabited by man or animal, fishes are as though removed from water on approaching this Triangle. The location is Wimunda Triangle.

Underneath this scenery is a mighty city and a gigantic citadel stands proudly at the centre of this city of activities. Spirits are busy, visiting human agents are busy too. Businesses are transacted as anywhere else in the human world. Right in the middle of the city and deliberately located beneath the Wimunda Triangle is the Citadel of Iniquity, and there is an imposing edifice built up to represent this Citadel. Inside the building, in a conference room, are five demons. It is not the usual conference setting. It is very close to a natural gallery.

Satan has just walked in amidst pin-drop silence. He is strangely disposed today, as always. He comes in with an air around him. You may understand it to be pride. He carries on as if he controls the world and you'd think he created it. He is of a stern disposition. He is neatly dressed and could pass for a model. A typical gentleman, he is a serious business executive in a blue-black blazer, finely lapelled and centered with gold studs large enough to represent buttons.

Except for the sound coming from his shoes, the air around this finely dressed gentleman is romantic but intimidating. In his hand is a flat portable briefcase, which turns out to be a laptop as he places it on a stool by his throne. On this computer is connected a satellite internet facility which allows him a view of the universe at a glance, and at the touch of a button. A technology he improved upon since taking the Messiah to the pinnacle of the temple in that epic temptation, twenty centuries ago.

Seated to his left and right before him, are the highest officers of his kingdom. They are Controlling Spirits and Spiritual Powers in charge of high places. These Spirits are given power to control man's imaginations, thoughts and actions. They are five in number, excluding Satan himself, whose inclusion makes them six, one of the numbers of Satan.

The scene opens at a Council of Satan Meeting (CSM). Principalities and Powers are in attendance. Demons and other lesser spirits are not allowed within earshot. Outside the meeting room, there are fierce looking guards with no intention to yield ground.

Their form and shape portray very handsomely built beings. With appearances resembling well-proportioned giant athletes, they appear perfect in design. They are of light coloration, bronze and somewhat like beautiful polished brass. Their uniform is similar to what you’d think the Roman soldiers in the olden days wore. Their helmet, is a coloured metal. A plate-like object extending down from the head-piece between the eyes serve as their nose cover. On the back of their helmets are shield-like ledges extending at an angle from ear lobe to ear lobe around the back of the neck. This shield serves as neck cover and protector, while it allows for maximum movement of the head.

At the top of their helmets are ridge-rows of coarse hair-like material. There is a chest cover on the upper portion of their bodies that is held in place by straps which loop over their shoulders, crossing down behind them and passing under their arms, and well reattached to their chest cover near the waist. Except for the crossing straps, their backs remain bare.

The garment on the lower portion of their bodies resembles a skirt of pleated metal-like material with one pleat being dull in colour and the other bright. Their skirts end at the knee. Around their waist is a wide belt. On each side of their belts are hosters containing some sort of objects. Their boots are constructed of the same material as the rest of the uniform, only that they are tougher. The front of their legs are covered from the knee down with the back of their legs opened except for straps that wind around and connects the back to the front of their boots. The boots totally enclose their feet. Their arms are completely bare.

Inside the Citadel, the principal demons who are Council Members give reports of their various departments and jurisdictions about this global arena. It’s 2.00am on Saturday morning.

Council Members:

Satan: King of the Kingdom of Darkness

Abaddon: High officer of the Kingdom in charge of war and conflict.

Affliction: High Officer of the Kingdom in control of untimely human death.

Temptation:Human Affairs Officer of the Kingdom

Wickedness:Head of Elementary Spirits, Witches and Wizards, Water Spirits and all petty Spirits.


FIRST REPORT: Abaddon Warder: Warder-General in charge of hell.

Other characters:

Satan: Reports have reached me that there is Evil drought in the kingdom. Demons Escorts: They receive and commandeer lost are hungry. Do you want them to eat souls to hell. my fingers?

Abaddon: Your highness. It’s blood money thatLost Soul: An unfortunate Christian. has lost its value. The blood of the guilty is not as valuable as the blood


(1&2): Two angels of God.of the innocent. Your highness, you know yourself how difficult it is to spill innocent blood. We gain more

Initiate: A young Agent.

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