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A Typical Day in the Kingdom of Darkness


By Tony Esezobor

Copyright August 2004 by Tony Esezobor



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Satan:          Affliction, you’ve been waiting for me to afflict you with my wrath. You’re my most sluggish officer in this Kingdom. Look how long it takes a man or woman to die of AIDS. Have you noticed that some people who got infected with HIV as teenagers are forty or fifty years old now? Just take a look



(Satan strikes his keyboard and

promptly turns the laptop around for

all to see.)



Affliction:    Your highness, look what I’ve discovered about that. I heard two angels of God discussing the other day. One of them was Divine Health, and the other was Longsuffering; they were with Mercy and Grace on that evening. You remember Grace? The angel who worked with Jesus during His earthly ministry?





Satan:(Interjects). Stop giving me headache. Cease indulging in foolish history. Just give me the information.

Affliction:    I am sorry my lord. Their discussion bordered on how God has preserved people with HIV, so they can repent before they pass away. They said God has also preserved them for His glory and that if they could exercise faith in Him, they could be healed. Beyond this, they said God would never allow any sickness that would be above their strength to overcome them even though they don't survive them most times.

Satan:Who is in control here? (Satan is furious and raging. The other council members take a bow). God or myself? Do you want me to chain you up forever? Why do you seek to intimidate me?  You are a bloody traitor.







Affliction:    Not so my lord. My laboratory is working on releasing nothing less than eight to ten incurable diseases each year.

Satan:          That’s still too small.

Affliction:     We actually release more than that number annually. The Westernside have a way of finding solutions to most of them. Their preventive measures could be as high as ninety percent effective; so that we’re left with only a few major incurable ailments at the end of each year.

Satan:          You can deceive humanity, not me.

Affliction:   Not so my lord. AIDS is one of them. Others are Cancer, Diabetes, Stroke, Parkinson Disease, Heart Failure, SARS etc.

Satan:          That's been long ago.

Affliction:    Yes, but, I introduced SARS and AIDS.  Man can only manage them.  They can't cure them.





Satan:          You need to be wise. Consult with Temptation. Let him work with you. Liaise with him to make men break God's word and sin. This would create the necessary opening for greater affliction. It will even make the existing diseases more powerful. Learn the secret - sin makes sickness powerful, plenty of sins make sicknesses complicated and death to easily occur.

Affliction:    We’ve achieved one success though. All of the newly introduced incurable diseases are now being released with contagious elements. Unlike cancer, diabetes, and most other incurable diseases, when you contract the newly released ones, you become a victim. As I mentioned earlier, SARS and AIDS have contagious elements.



I’m not trying to apportion blames, rather, I’m only highlighting our obstacles. More drugs are being manufactured to deal with diseases. I must report here that Christians are


praying more and many of them have now started chewing Divine Health Tablets. One scripture reading a day keeps them healthy for at least one day. It’s also called Children's Bread. This bread is baked in the word of God. God's people have learnt to eat it very often.



Satan:          Stupid fellow. If a wall cannot allow you passage, why not jump over it? Leave those Christians for sometime. Sooner or later they’ll forget themselves. Focus on and afflict the unbelieving.

Affliction:   Many of the unbelievers are yet ignorant. But a few have learnt to eat from the crumbs that fall from God's Children's tables.

Satan:          I see. You appear to need the services of Unbelief.  You see, you need to take from men that which they hold fast to in order to break their guard. Those who hold fast to what they believe must be attacked by Unbelief. If it doesn't work get False Doctrine to try aerial attacks. I’ll order Leviathan to release Unbelief and False Doctrine to you immediately after this meeting.  You must commence work a.s.a.p. When men live long, they have more time to repent and rescue their souls from hell. I won't condone it.





Affliction:    Your highness, we haven't relaxed at all. Look at world mortality rate. It has increased considerably and Acrifa is at an all time high. It’s still relatively lower in the Westernside but we’ll introduce and increase incurable but only manageable diseases to the Westernside first, before it spreads to the Thirdside.

Satan:          Make me happy some more.

Affliction:    We’ve adopted a method.  We wish to carry out rapid and intense attacks on family heads.  We believe that when you strike a shepherd, his sheep will scatter. We’ve had some success in Acrifa. Fathers, and in a few cases mothers, don't live up to age fifty before we afflict and knock them. This enables us to break up families and raise wayward children, who in turn fill the labour market, thereby increasing societal crime. A good setting for Abaddon you might say.





Satan:          You appear to have concerned yourself with sicknesses only.

Affliction:    Not so my lord.  We’ve afflicted Acrifa and have overrun it entirely, irrevocably and hopelessly with poverty.

Satan:          You boasted in a similar fashion during the regressive and depressive wars we fought over the Westernside. That project died prematurely. Look around today. Do they appear like they once suffered depression and recession?

Affliction:    My lord. The magnitude of poverty we’ve unleashed on Acrifa is unprecedented. Greed and Selfishness have sent me some spirits to assist.  We’ve ensured that their Poverty Alleviation Programmes are run by men and women that are controlled by Corruption, Greed and other spirits. LEPAD and ARB are make-belief Acrifa’s developmental initiatives. It’s to distract from more redemptive initiatives.



Poverty has positioned spirits in villages, towns and cities. Many of his men are in people’s homes. I can say for sure that eighty percent of homes in Acrifa are afflicted by Poverty. He’s not just residing in their homes and with the families, these spirits are transferred from generation to generation.

Greed and Selfishness are doing marvellously. They’ve performed creditably by ensuring that when God's angels namely, Wealth and Health minister to humanity, Greed and Selfishness quickly intercept those benefits. Then, they put them in a few greedy and selfish heads to ensure that such blessings don’t spread.



Satan:Ummh! (He listens with more interest).

Affliction:    I forgot to mention that Fake Drug is having a tough time presently. After doing so very well over the decades, he’s experiencing a hard time now. May be more strategically committed brainstorming will help him. Whatever, he has to be assisted. He’s worked so well to ensure that the afflicted remain helpless. I’ve suggested that he be more tactical by luring highly placed personalities into fake drugging. This will infiltrate and weaken the authorities. Although, right now, Fake Drug is very sick. He was severely wounded in the last battle over the coast of Acrifa; let's hope he recovers quickly. Meanwhile, I’ve told Hard Drug to mind the duties left by Fake Drug, as well as his.

Satan:          How about Hard Drug himself?

Affliction: Hard Drug is losing steam in Acrifa and Centreast. He’s becoming less and less fashionable in these areas. Hard Drug finds Satmerica, Notmerica, and Euron better atmosphere to operate. Acrifa and Centreast are difficult terrains. Moral observance in Acrifa and Centreast is still very religious and medieval.



The new approach is this; Poverty is to withdraw his spirits from Satacrifa. This will boost Satacrifa's economy, thereby allowing Economic Refugees from other parts of Acrifa to invade the country. While there, they’ll learn to use hard drugs by learning from the slaves of Drug Addiction and his legion. After some time, the Economic Refugees will return to their various countries and spread the vice.



Satan:          Brilliant! Brilliant!! But don't lose focus of sicknesses. And ensure you give equal attention to drug addiction, since it’s a good avenue for physical afflictions and moral and mental imbalances.






Affliction: We are also trying to re-enact the feat we achieved not too long ago with Chicken Pox, Small Pox, Malaria, Dysentery, Tetanus and so forth. The difference is that instead of using micro-organisms as parasites or germs only in the spiritual realm, we are also using Demons and real Spirits to afflict people. They have instructions to afflict humanity with Cancer, Stroke, Ulcer, Diabetes, Parkinson and so forth, at will. These Parasidemons can't be viewed through microscopes and no medicine can ever cure the ailments they represent, unless they exercise faith in God.

Satan:          I see.

Affliction:    Evil customs have become veritable tools in our hands against Acrifa. I mean female genital mutilation. This is a good and free source of human blood acquisition. Although the quantity is very little, it nonetheless is appreciable, given the fact that it is unsolicited. Custom and Tradition and their Spirits are losing ground to God's angels, namely, Modernity and Civilisation. Evil Custom and Tradition have formed an alliance with Religion in order to deal with God's angels of Modernity and Civilisation. If they can work together, it will be very difficult for humanity to be free from their bondage.



Ignorance has combined well with Custom and Tradition to make genital mutilation appear a decent and reasonable observance. Although, its practice has dwindled considerably, it still thrives at the grassroots and in some major Acrifan towns and cities.



Satan:          You need to also broaden your focus on those Christians. When afflicting them, ensure that you afflict every area of their lives. Afflict their families, finances, faith and whatever else you can lay a hold on.

Affliction:    Barrenness is doing a good work. I have told him to station at least one spirit against every newly wed couple. The job is to ensure that newly weds have problems with child bearing. When they fail to achieve this, they ought to ensure that those who eventually conceive are attacked throughout conception. So that out of every ten pregnancies, one or two children are killed at birth.





Satan:          Prayerlessness should work closely with you.

Affliction: Thank you for getting the point. I mean, I bring many afflictions upon the righteous. But their Lord has been delivering them from all of them because of their prayers. It’s really important that I work with Prayerlessness. It’s also necessary to allow Prayerlessness to work with Abaddon. Because naturally, during conflicts and wars, men and women are given to prayers.



I believe I need Prayerlessness and Faithlessness in my patrol team. They’re to lead twenty four hours surveillance from pole to pole, over and across the equator, to and from the ends of the earth, wherever human life exist.




I hope I won't be asking for too much if I request that Discouragement and Bitterness work with me also? Our duties are complementary. Sometime ago, when you and I went to the Distant East to afflict Job, you remember we left Discouragement and Regrets behind to work on Job's philosophy. And we made them hide themselves inside Job's friends. As for Bitterness, he made himself comfortable inside of Job's wife.



Satan:          This has been my concern really. I wanted to mention the need to work more with Discouragement, Bitterness and Impatience. God's angels, namely, Long-Suffering and Endurance have overfed those Believers with the Fruits of the Spirit. If we don't work well against their emotions, then we can't get them to sin on impulse.  You have my permission though.  Your mission is important to my projects. Only make sure you guide against idleness.





Affliction:    You wait and see. I’ll manifest as a great fight of affliction. I’ll move as a mighty burning furnace against those Believers. I’ll cripple their faith as I tried against Shadrach, and his brothers. Every time they listen to God's word, I’ll plant thorns that will choke the word of God they hear, so that it doesn't even germinate, let alone flourish. I’ll invade Christian homes with persecution, poverty and sickness, so that they will appear like cords around the homes, - binding cords of afflictions. I’ll tie persecution to poverty. I’ll tie bad luck to persecution and frustration to bad luck. I’ll tie discouragement to frustration and backsliding will do well to stick with discouragement in the lives of the Christians. So that as they are solving one problem, they are having another to deal with.





Satan:          Do you remember what you did to the Hebrew children when they were in Egypt? What you haven't mentioned yet is how you intend to make the Spirit of Burden to finish them off.

Afflictions: Yes, I remember the Hebrew children under Pharaoh in Egypt. I made them carry family burdens they couldn't stand. While under burden, they were told to look for straws themselves and were expected to finish their normal daily jobs. As if that wasn't enough, I made sure every male child was slaughtered. I made them build Rameses and then isolated them in Goshen. I made whips which I put in the hands of soldiers who flogged and rubbed in their afflictions. My lord, I’ll make them believe it is God that is afflicting them. I’ll make them regret the day they were born. They’ll think that affliction springs forth from the dust or that trouble springs up from the ground. That is, they’d think them natural, thereby making me untouchable and unnoticeable.



I’ve made a list of Christians who haven't been visited by Evilday. Evilday has a computerised database on them already. Some Christians have redeemed the time set for their visitation by praying, thereby neutralising the evil cloud that Evilday placed over their homes. Evilday will repeat his visits. He’ll never give up. I have detailed Lightaffliction also to try and make incursions where us the tougher ones have failed for the moment.



Satan:         You must strike their shepherds and pastors also.

Affliction:    Don't be bothered my lord.  You see, the pastors are easier to deal with. They encourage others. But no one encourages them. Self Righteousness is doing a marvellous job on them. They don't voice their problems so that their followers don't think of them as weak.  You know they aren't supposed to have problems; they are supposed to be above all problems.



We’ve already projected sicknesses against some of them. If they suffer personal problems they can't solve, they aren't likely to have enough faith and boldness to deal with the problems of their followers.



Satan:Oh wait a minute. What is that I hear? (Satan taps his laptop control button and observes in silence and with interest).



(There is the noise of commotion elsewhere. Satan must excuse himself from the Council Meeting. Others stare but must all wait; he zooms off towards the direction of the noise. He notices two angels of God contending with two demons over a soul. Satan joins in the altercation. Swords are drawn; the air is stiff and tense as lesser Spirits escape for dear live. The venue is at the entrance of a dark tunnel leading into hell).



Evil Escorts.



Evil Escorts:Master, this soul is ours. He died a sinner even though he was a Christian. His sin was lustful thoughts. He loved lustful imaginations while on earth and he nurtured it.

Satan: Since this is so, why are you being challenged as if we stole the soul? Isn’t he rightfully ours?. (Satan addresses God’s angels). Look here, you Intruders go and tell your God that this soul belongs to me and I worked hard for him. Go and work for yours.

Lost Soul:    Don't touch me like that. I’m a Christian.  You can't take me to hell. I don't belong there.

Evil Escorts:When you get to hell, you won't have the temerity to talk like you do now. (They address each other). Let's take him in chains. Put a shackle on

his legs. Satan: Throw him into the fire.

Intruders:    Stop! Don't throw him in.  You will pay dearly. You know better than to incur God's wrath.

Satan:(Satan interjects). But the man was living with lust in his heart. Although, he was not committing the sin physically, he always imagined it.

Intruders:    You’re right. God is not a man that He should lie.

Satan:          If you know so, why then do you stop me from claiming my soul?

Intruders:    He won't go to hell.

Satan:          This is unjust. I can as well walk into Heaven myself. Sin is sin. A sinner is a sinner.

Intruders:    Neither will he come to Heaven.

Satan:          You must be confused, both of you, and your God.

Intruders:    Look down.







(Looks in the pointed direction). So?


His wife is a woman of faith. She has prayed over her husband's corpse for about eight hours now.


(He laughs in an ugly manner). When did lengthy prayers begin to raise the dead?


God responds to the faith of importunate seekers.


I don't get your meaning. (Turns to his Evil Escorts). Move this fellow immediately.


(They quote a scripture). It is written. Satan believes in God and he trembles.



(Satan escapes by vanishing. He leaves a trail of smoke behind).



Intruders:(They break the chains off the man). Go and tell what great love you've experienced.



(The Intruders release him from the Evil Escorts. The Escorts are chained and taken captive.)


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