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A Typical Day in the Kingdom of Darkness


By Tony Esezobor

Copyright August 2004 by Tony Esezobor



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Wickedness:(Wickedness observes, as he begins

his report). I can almost tell you

here and now that those families will

never be free from Poverty. I have

locked their future and thrown the

key away deep in the bottom of the

Red Sea.

Satan: You fool. You sure haven't heard

about Holy Ghost Fire. You'd turn

up here sooner than later with a

roasted face. Idiot. I've told you to

be pro-active.

Wickedness:You’re right my king, I’ll hold

meetings with the spirits that have

controlled those families for over

two thousand years now and we shall

look for ways to prevent Fruitfulness

and Prosperity from delivering the

blessings they brought from God.

Satan: What’s happening in the Blood

Market (BM)?

Wickedness:A lot is happening now my king.

Witches and Wizards are the leading

duo at the floor of the Blood

Exchange. They supply more of the

most sought after blood groups.

Most other blood groups are less

sought after. The blood of armed

robbers for instance, has flooded the

Blood Market because no one is

buying it. It is said that it has the

propensity to make the recipients

users weak in their spirit bodies.

My Witches and Wizards are

indomitable spirits and you know

that they’re domesticated, although

we have quite a lot of them working

also on the highways. They’ve

vowed to deal with those careless

humans who drive through their

covens. Some of them actually have

their covens right on the highways.

Such highways record higher

accident rate weekly. The domestic

witches and wizards have their

activities as old as the time of the fall

of man. They’ve mastered their

skills well. As I said, they’ve taken

over homes in the villages, towns

and cities.

Annually, we intend to recruit and

initiate witch-children numbering

one point five million on earth. This

is an increase of twenty percent over

what it used to be. It’s easier to deal

with childwitches than with adult

witches. They don't question

authority. Sentimental and family

attachments are not in their

reckoning, because they are infants

and are ignorant of the consequences

of their actions. Even if they are told

to bring their parents to be

slaughtered and eaten, they'd

probably ask whether you also

require their brothers and sisters


Satan: Initiating them can be a very

difficult task.

Wickedness:Once again, you’re correct my

king. One easy way we do it

however is to give the children

cookies and sweets. They don't

usually refuse once they are alone

and separate from their parents.

This is the old method really, but it

still works.

The second method, which is just as

old but more effective, is to do it

when they are under conception.

Careless and ignorant pregnant

women have fallen victims to this


The third method produces little

result but is equally effective. Some

of our members who are nannies and

babysitters are helping to initiate

babies. Parents come to drop babies

with them from morning till late

afternoon. Some of the toddlers are

already attending our meetings.

They don't contribute at meetings,

but they observe. Many of the

toddlers enjoy the company of

Mermaid Spirits and as a result, a lot

of them grow up enlisting as Marine

Agents. By the time these toddlers

grow to adulthood, the females

amongst them would have had

spiritual babies in the water without

knowing this physically. As a matter

of fact, by the time they become

teenagers they’d have had two or

three children in the aquatic realm.

Satan: Post-Modernism has been working

with Promiscuity and Immorality,

what do we have in this regard?

Wickedness:The Queen of the Coast has taken

control of all the coastal areas on

earth. You know that a lot of world

capitals are located near the sea,

which makes the movement of

attractive ladies straight from under

water very easy. We are now short of

female spirits. We’ve requested for

h e r m a p h r o d e m o n s a n d

demonamphibians, who can also

change into beautiful girls to join us

in this assault against men who have

little self control.

Satan: Move them against church leaders.

I’ve told you to always aim to strike

the shepherds, since doing this

would naturally scatter their flock.

Wickedness:There are eight hundred and twenty

eight thousand pastors under our

control on the earth. The pastors

have been involved at one time or the

other in illicit relationships.

They’ve had sex outside wedlock.

Those who haven't married are

keeping secret girlfriends and

boyfriends with whom they satisfy

their sexual desires. We’ve put them

in spiritual chains and they’re our

spiritual prisoners. Yes our


We are also trying to set up

pastors that are having one form of

quarrel or the other with their wives.

Spirits are working against them to

make them toy with the idea of

e n g a g i n g i n e x t r a m a r i t a l


Satan: The population of prostitutes is


Wickedness:Notmerica, Atly and most of

Acrifa are still under our control.

Some of their leaders who campaign

a g a i n s t p r o s t i t u t i o n a r e

homosexuals, bisexuals or are

patronising the prostitutes

themselves. They’re only paying lip

service. A lot of their cabinet

members also patronise prostitutes

under cover of the dark. When some

of them travel out of station, they

fling caution to the wind and go after

professional prostitutes. Some of

the eight hundred and twenty eight

thousand pastors share the same

hotels with the leaders I’m referring

to when they travel out of station.

Let’s now initiate our new convert as

I end my session.

(They move into the initiation room.

Satan and Wickedness discuss in

whispers and the new Initiate looks

on. Satan addresses the Initiate).





Satan: In this initiation you must shed

blood, to do so, let me demonstrate

what I mean to you and how to crush

your victims.

(Satan waves his cloak around in his

front, a basin of water and a mirror

appear. He looks into the water, it

doesn't reflect his image. He then

beckons on the Initiate to also come

and look into the basin).

Initiate: I can see myself in there.

Satan: Not only yourself. You can see

whomever you wish to kill. Anyone

you don't like, you can see and


Initiate: You mean I can kill just anybody.

Satan: Well, yes. Those Christians may

prove a little difficult. But kill them

if you can.

Initiate: I have a lot as enemies.

Satan: You have to be careful when you

deal with them.

Initiate: Thanks for your care and concern.

Satan: Not that I care. I don’t really; I’m

only concerned about what trouble

you might bring on this Kingdom.

Initiate: I see.

Satan: You have more to see. Now, call up

any one you hate and wish dead.

Initiate: (In thoughts). This is an opportunity

to destroy one of my neighbours.

Her prayers have caused me


Satan: We’re waiting.

Initiate: (Suddenly recovers herself). Oh let

me call up Mrs. Nephi.

Satan: (As she does). Be ready to stab her

as soon as her image appears on the

water. Once you stab the reflection

in the water, she will die physically

wherever she is on earth. (Turns to

an aid). Give her a dagger.

(The Initiate begins to yell)

Initiate: Mrs. Nephi! Mrs. Nephi!! Mrs.


(Suddenly there is earthquake,

thunder, fire and smoke occurring in

quick succession. The basin is

consumed. The place is engulfed by

fire and confusion sets in. Satan

makes a quick dash to safety. Other

observers for dear live. The Initiate

is dumbfounded. She doesn't know

whether to join her masters in their

flight for cover or stay back and face

this strange fire. While she remains

undecided, she is hit and felled by a


It has been two days (by human

calculation), since this incident.

Satan is yet to return from his flight.

He eventually does and comes in,

talking tough).

Satan: Let this be the last time you’ll act

foolishly. You’re hereby sentenced

to seclusion. And you’ll have to

starve for thirty three days starting

from tomorrow. In addition, you’d

be required to submit one of your

offsprings as sacrifice to atone for

your foolish act.

Initiate: I beg for your pardon and for mercy

your highness.

Satan: Mercy isn't a word in the spirit

realms. It’s an Angel’s. And that

Angel doesn't belong here. He’s of

another Realm - heaven. You must

serve your punishment.

Stand aside and be ready to call up

another enemy you wish dead.

Initiate: (The Initiate calls up a church goer.

The victim doesn't have a personal

relationship with Jesus Christ,

although, she is a regular church


She yells again)

Chechen! Chechen!! Chechen!!!

She appears in the water and the

glass at once.

Satan: Strike the glass now!!

Initiate: She strikes.

Satan: Well done.

(Elsewhere, Chechen is taken ill.

Her temperature rises and is

promptly administered first aid. But

she doesn't respond. Chechen

passes away. Her silver cord is

broken. She dies).

(Back in the coven, the water basin

turns to blood. A communion holds.

Chechen's blood is served. The

blood of a victim must be used for

this initiation; this time around it is

the blood of Chechen. Only God

knows whose turn it will be next time

and it is inevitable).

(Satan addresses Hell Warder).

Satan: Tell me what’s been happening in hell?

(This warder is tall and has on a dark

green military uniform and a black

beret on his head).


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