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A Typical Day in the Kingdom of Darkness


By Tony Esezobor

Copyright August 2004 by Tony Esezobor



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FIFTH REPORT;  Hell Warder

(Satan addresses hell Warder)


Satan: Tell me what’s been happening in hell?

(This warder is tall and has on a dark green military uniform and a black beret on his head).

Hell Warder: You promised that you'd help me to mend and restore the broken wings and bones of many of my most efficient demons. Many of them had their wings broken when they were resisted and tried to flee from Christians. Others had their wings clipped when the Sword of the Spirit was used against them. Yet others were bound and cast out by the Christians and as they fell, they landed on their backs, breaking their wings. Those that were bound were tied with strings so firmly that the strings broke their skins and cracked their bones beyond remedy. Today, many of them can’t fly any longer and they find it difficult to get to their duty posts. Some crippled demons have been left redundant. We’re still looking forward to your fulfilling this promise sir.





Satan:     Physician, heal thyself.

HellWarder: I don’t get your meaning.

Satan:     You heard me. Move on to something else.


Warder: I see. The Civil Engineering Department has a heavy task on its hands. Hell is now very congested. We’re trying to expand the place. There are over a hundred prisoners in each of the cells originally designed to take six prisoners.

Satan:     When did you turn a humanist? Let those fellows cramp together and don't moan over their comfort.


Warder:  Not so my commander. It is required that we expand, so that our work as

warders will be easier. When we bring out prisoners for torment and torture, it’s sometimes difficult to reach many of them when it is their turn to be drilled. Beyond this, humanity has responded favourably to our temptations. They conduct themselves quite sinfully and when they die, you know that they must come here. How are we to welcome and receive them? They certainly can't stand on top of one another. And because human needs

have become insatiable, we’ve had to enlarge Hell several times since Greed would certainly bring them here anyway. Also, because they’ll do anything for the love of money, women and pride.

We are also looking to construct another bridge between Hell and what used to be Paradise. Since we took over Paradise from the time the patriarchs Abraham, David and the rest of them left with Christ. Passage to that section of Hell has been difficult for demons, especially the wounded ones who no longer can use their wings.





Satan:     I have reports that the demons that have been cast out of the earth and from within men, women, animals and trees have also contributed to the congestion in Hell.


Warder: That's not untrue. Most of them are wounded and can't be sent back to earth for combat immediately.

Satan:     Replace them quickly. Release the same number of casualties we have back to earth. If you don't replace them and Christians continue to bind and cast out demons, in a month's time, we’d be short of combatants and then revival will take place. People will be liberated, socio-political problems will reduce, and peace will reign. Do something immediately!!!



Let the wounded demons look for men and women to possess. If they can't achieve that, let them squat with the demons who have possessed people already and hang out with them, while looking out for other opportunities.




Warder: What do we do about the wounded soldiers? Where do we keep them in the meantime? That is, until they can get men and women to possess

Satan:     Threaten them!! I say Threaten them!!! Tell them if they don't recover quickly, they’d be sent back to the hottest part of the earth's wars. The forefront of the battle, where there are Christian crusades, camp meetings, revivals and conventions.

So much light is permeating hell through the earth's crust. Inform the engineers of this observation. Absolute darkness must be maintained. Those prisoners didn't do anything with the lights they had while alive and on earth. They don't need any lights here in Hell.


Warder: You are correct. The earth-cracks occur when a Christian dies and is buried in the earth. I really wonder why this allowed millions of people to escape, including King David. And those Christians can now talk to me anyhow, particularly the baby Christians amongst them. Christ disgraced me in front of my subjects; I will make his creatures hurt Him in return. I declare total war on humanity. The rage is on. Vengeance must be accomplished.

This happens, but it’s my observation that


whenever a true Christian dies and the


body is committed to earth, we usually


know. I think it’s a kind of protest. It ’s


similar to the earth's reaction when


Jesus died on that day on the cross.




Satan: Are you saying that there isn't solution


to this problem? Are you such a






Warder: There’s no solution my commander.




Satan: I am worried about the number of


people who now believe that there is


Hell. If you can keep them ignorant,


then it won't be necessary for them to


live their lives in such manner as to


keep from coming to Hell.




Warder: Oops!  Well, recent statistics show that


the number of men and women who


believe that Hell exist has reduced by


one hundred and twelve percent. We’re


increasing the number of cults,


churches, sects, societies and clubs that


encourage the idea of the non-existence


of Hell. They’ll believe there’s Hell

only when they get here.


Also, concerning Evil Escorts, we need

more hands in the Department. As I

earlier observed, the daily influx of

humanity to Hell has increased owing to

the improved activities of our

colleagues. We’d need more Evil

Escorts to force show-men and women

the way into Hell.


Satan: I’m on a vindictive mission. You must

increase the punishment on our Hell

inmates. Vengeance, because I earned

the authority and position I have over

the earth. I struggled and paid heavily

for it. My investments so far have not

been worthwhile because of the

foolishness of my Generals with respect

to the death of Christ. If you people

weren’t dumb you wouldn't have

crucified Him. That was the beginning

of our woes. He died and came here and

we had a party thinking that we had

captured Him, only for you all to allow

them to over- power you, and then, you






Warder: Since Christ came here to take the keys of Hell and Death away, security situation has been very loose, so that anyone of God's Angels can just come in here to punish errant demons.



Furthermore, the quantity of fuel required to keep the fires of Hell burning has to be increased. Human flesh performs better as fuel. Once dehydrated, they burn longer. We also need more worms to help us torture inmates. There aren't enough demons available to torment them, increasing the worms will help tremendously. We want to ensure that there is no respite for the prisoners. This is your desire my Commander.



Satan:     I’ll do just that. I’ve told you to increase the torment on those who were once preachers and backslided, those who preached against me and cast out my demons. Double the worms.


Warder: The sections reserved for backslidden Christians are the hottest parts in Hell. This can be verified from the wailing and noise of despair coming from the tormented in that part of Hell.

Satan:     Before we bring this meeting to a close, last week I directed you to release six hundred and sixty-six new demon spirits from Hell to earth weekly. You were required to induct them. Are you ready to present them now?


Warder: Yes my Commander.  They now await your order to bring them in here for commissioning.

(At the wave of his left hand, Satan collapses the walls surrounding the meeting room. The new walls reveal two doors just ahead and behind have been de-spirited in a matter of minutes as Satan continues to address them).

Satan's seat. The door ahead is massive.

It slides to the left and to the right like

the doors of an elevator. The door ahead

has since opened and has revealed six

hundred and sixty-six combatants. They

do not have the looks you would expect,

they are slim, attractive ladies and

gentlemen. The clothes they have on are

lovely and very expensive. The ladies

appear like princesses and their male

counterparts appear like princes.

They’re of perfect demeanour and look

too decent to associate with Satan).


(Satan's appearance has since

changed. No one noticed how or when

it occurred, or when and how he turned

his back on the six hundred and sixty-six

selected combatants. Not even his

Council Members know.


Now dressed in a long robe and a dark

cape to match, he emits an intense evil

aura.  The combatants take a bow.

They cannot see the face of Satan. It is

privilege enough to come into his

presence. They chant, "Hail Satan, hail

the boss". Satan raises his hand to

command a hush).


Satan: (After a long delicate silence, Satan

speaks). I hate God. I hate all He stands

for. I’m hungry for souls; we all are

starving and thirsty for blood. You are

my special strike force. You’ve been

trained to upset God by overcoming His

children. You are my sons and

daughters. (Satan laughs wickedly and

continues). Now, to remind you of my

capabilities, I’m going to demonstrate

what will happen to all of you if you do

not obey me explicitly.


(Satan waves his arms ahead of him and

the floor on which the combatants stand

opens apart and they dropped into a hot

pond of acid. The combatants’ flesh fall

off.  Satan's laughter rends the air. He

waves again and the acidic liquid

instantly drains away. Large serpents

emerge and swallow the helpless

combatants one by one. They’re

quickly vomited and left in very frail

and unattractive looks.

These Spirits listen and obey me. We have one enemy we must all defeat, God with His Children. The best way to fight Him is to fight His children, by making them sin against Him. I did this to the generation that Moses brought out of Egypt. I frustrated God and He succeeded in taking only two people to the Promised Land.  You are not allowed to be defeated. If you are defeated, I will make what you’ve just experienced perpetual. I am sending you on a suicide mission. Don’t surrender, if you do, don't retreat or I’ll get you, deal with you and finish you off.


(Satan raises his hands again and draws a square in the air. Immediately, a massive movie screen unveils and on the screen is displayed pictures of common everyday places on earth. Satan points to the movie screen).



Go to these places, live and act like normal people. Deceive men and women and turn as many as you possibly can away from God. Invent sins and make men and women to commit them. Enter these nightclubs, stores, motels, hotels, bakeries, shops, banks, circuses, wedding ceremonies, churches, stadiums, disco clubs, restaurants, villages, cities, markets, shops, homes, government houses, highways, rivers and everywhere, unto the uttermost parts of the earth and do havoc upon humanity. You have no restrictions. Enter Heaven if you can, and fight!

I have given you all the power you need. You can change to a woman or a man. You can even change to an animal.  You have the power to change to a plant or to disappear. You can look extremely beautiful or, if the occasion warrants, very old. You have no excuses whatsoever.

Above all, I want you to plunge humanity into a World War, through

terrorism. Don’t just concentrate on spiritual terror. Make terror on humans a common occurrence. Increase death figures resulting from terrorism to tens and hundreds of people daily and ensure that your activities make newspaper headlines and breaking news on TV. Lure nations into wars by making them react against terrorists. This should eventually lead to a World War. 

Do everything to discourage dialogue between governments and rebels, especially in the Thirdside countries; also between people of different religions. I make people’s nightmares realities. I don’t read news, I make news. I make tomorrow’s news today. I allow the very things that nations fear to come upon them. You must all emulate me. Now Depart!!!.

(Instantly, the ceiling above them slides open like a spread sheet. The combatants fly out swiftly unto the earth. Satan roars like a lion).



I am hurt. I am enraged. I must avenge and defeat God. He planned a coup against me. See my strike force, they will do my will, they won't dare disobey me.

(The screen reveals the combatants as they are seen carrying out their commission. Satan laughs on. There is an earthquake, as he disappears in a puff of smoke, leaving his officers to bow in fear while the earth sleeps on, quite oblivious of this ageless brigandage).






Mary Baxter’s “Divine Revelation of Hell” and Howard O. Pittman’s “Demons -An Eyewitness Account” were helpful to this work.


If you have been touched by this text and you want to give your life to Jesus Christ today, please make a decision now by saying this prayer below and note the date thereafter.

Lord Jesus, I come to You today as a sinner who needs help as I cannot help myself. Forgive me all my sins and wash me with Your blood which You shed for me. Come into my heart and reign.


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