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By Rutagengwa Claude Shema

Regional Coordinator

Great Lakes Peace Initiative (GLPI)


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 A woman was very particular about her lawn.  The height of the
mower had to be just right, and the edges to be cut clean.  Her
lawn was a great source of pride to her.  So she did not let just
anyone cut the grass, and certainly not her husband!  If he tried,
she usually blamed him for the unevenness of the cut and the many
areas he missed.

But one day she had to leave early in the day and the grass
really needed to be cut. Since rain was forecast, she gave in to
her husband's repeated offers to help.

When she returned, she found that he had done his usual poor
job, but he had a big smile, thinking that he had improved on his
past efforts. But rather than scolding him yet again, she found
herself unexpectedly praising the work he had done.  He was
overjoyed with her response.

She finally realized what was more important: to cultivate her
closest relationship, or to cultivate grass.