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Mother Moon

By Gbenga Adeosun  (Nigeria)


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Stella, the beautiful little princess is the only child of The Royal Family of Ayedun Kingdom. She has been curios about the nightly journey of the moon across the sky. Her curiosity rises strongly with the advent of the full moon. On a fateful night during the period of the full moon, Princess Stella came out of her bed chamber, stared curiously at the moon and said, "Dear Mother Moon, can I go with you on your journey tonight so Ill return home tomorrow as you always do?"
Mother Moon smiled graciously and replied to her saying, "Oh no beautiful princess, the journey I make is not the type that humans can go with me, and return to this world again. There are a lot of excellently beautiful things on the way that can permanently hold you down over there. And, if you do not return to the palace sorrow will rule and ruin the hearts of your parents and the whole kingdom as well."
"But I would love to travel with you tonight," said the princess.
Mother Moon replied to her saying, "It is not safe for you to travel with me tonight, for tomorrow morning I shall meet the sun in full circles, and the heat of the sun will be too hot for you. It's good for you to continue your earthly journey with your parents, and wait patiently until the black shining hair of your head takes on the color of my body. Only then will I love to take you with me."
Then Princess Stella quietly walked back into her bed chamber and thereafter lived expectantly, waiting for when Mother Moon will come for her.



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