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The Mouse Trap

By Rutagengwa Claude Shema

Regional Coordinator

Great Lakes Peace Initiative (GLPI)


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     A mouse peeked with his eye through a crack in the wall and
saw the peasant and his wife open a package. "Interesting to see
what food is in the package," thought the mouse to himself, but
he began to shake upon seeing the pair taking out a mousetrap.

     The mouse went out in the yard and began to cry out,
"There's a mousetrap in the house, a mousetrap!!" The hen clucked
and, raising her head, said, "Respected mouse, I know that it is
an unfortunate situation for you, but for me it's really not that
important." The mouse headed straight for the pig in the yard,
who appeared sympathetic, and who said, "I'm so sorry, mouse, but
I can't do anything except pray for you." The mouse headed for
the cow, but she received him in scorn: "I believe you are in
danger, but what can I do?"

     Sad and frightened, the mouse returned to the house to deal
with the mousetrap on his own.

     At night he heard a click, such as when a mousetrap closes.
The wife of the peasant jumped from bed to see what was caught
in the trap. In the dark she didn't see that it was the tail of
a poisonous snake that was caught in the device. The snake bit
her, and she was transported to the hospital. She was treated and
returned home with a high temperature. We all know that in the
case of a high temperature the best treatment is soup made with
a fresh hen. The peasant took the hen, slaughtered her, and made
the soup. Neighbors and friends visited the sick and took turns
in staying with her. In order to feed them, the peasant had to
slaughter the pig. The woman was near death, and after not much
time she died. Many acquaintances came, and for the meal after
the funeral the peasant had to slaughter the cow.

     Moral: Next time you hear that someone has a problem and it
appears that it does not touch you, remember that when the
weakest is threatened, we are all in danger!




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