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Learning Early

By Rutagengwa Claude Shema

Regional Coordinator

Great Lakes Peace Initiative (GLPI)


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    LEARNING EARLY Donald L. Livingston went with the U.S. Peace Corps to Guatemala for two years. He showed the mayor of a small village improved farming methods. The mayor's six year old son came with them to the fields, playing and watching what they were doing. Twenty-five years later, Don returned for the first time to Guatemala, and visited the village where he had been in the Peace Corps. The old mayor had retired, and his son was now the mayor and working in the fields. He used all the new farming methods that Don had showed to his father. Don said, "That is wonderful, did your father teach this to you?" The son said, "My father!? He never changed anything. But I saw what you showed to him." Grownups often have a more difficult time to learn something new than children, because the most difficult part is to unlearn what they already believe to know.



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