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Lost at Midnight


By Angela Adame



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     It was a crisp, cold night with a heavy fog floating over the Sierra Pass.  A lonesome silence filled the open territory of the Sierra Pass, and on that midnight drive, it was one that young Jolene would never forget it.  The wind blew her hair all over her view, she closed the window.  She loved the wind when taking night drives, but this night was a little too cold for her.

     Singing to her favorite CD, she drove through the night.  The fog was so thick it covered the sparkling stars, even making the trees invisible.  Her eyes couldn't adjust to the dark mist, leaving her squinting as she looked at her radio which read ten P.M;  Suddenly, a shadowy figure passed quickly in front of the car.  Jolene abruptly jolted the wheel, swerving to the other side of the road and slammed on the brakes.  "Oh, my God!" She studdered as she leaned forward, horrified that it might be human, she couldn't bear the thought of it.  Sitting in the car, she was so petrified that for some time, she didn't even dare to look sideways. Her hands still clenched on the wheel and her heart hammered with fear. She could feel the sweat beading on her body.  With the CD still playing, she looked frantically from side to side, and only then she heard a tap on the window, the shadowy form pointing a bony finger at her.

     Jolene was horrified beyond belief as she locked eyes with the thing.  She let out a piercing scream.  The creature had an evil glare so malevolent that the hairs on her arms-hair on the nape of her neck stood up.  Breathless, Jolene strove to ram her foot on the gas but was simply too terrified to move.  In an instant she felt the fear of death wash over her. Now, she realized that the figure was not human.

     Finally, she managed to throw the car into gear and roared off down the dark Sierra highway.  Some time later, her heart almost stopped beating when she spotted the same figure standing near the end of the road going into town.  "Please" Oh, God, Let this be a dream. Please!" Tears streamed down her face as she turned for home, finally pulling into her driveway.

     Her muscles felt like they were locked up, as she wrenched open the car door and bolted for the front porch.  She reached in her purse, frantically gropping around for her keys.  Where are the damn keys! She mimicked to herself as she kept glancing out into the street, fearing that the thing was lurking near by.

      Horrified, she finally found her keys and opened the door, still shaking with fear. Her heart pounding she stumbled into the house and slammed the front-door shut, locking it behind her.  Daringly, Jolene peeked out the living-room window, and to her relief nothing was there.  The phone rang , jangling her already stretched nerves.  She lifted the receiver and in a trembling voice, said

"Hello," who is it?" who is this?

     There was no reply . All she could hear was the heavy breathing of some one, or something. She hung up the phone and walked into the kitchen. There, she opened the cupboard and reached for Chamomile tea hoping this would calm her, hoping this was a dream or nightmare.  The phone rang again. Breathlessly, she reached for it and said, "Hello." Again, there was no answer.  "Tell me! Who are you and what do you want?"  All she could hear was silence. She hung up the phone and backed away from it.

     Turning toward the living room window Jolene suddenly locked eyes with an apparition, staring dolefully in at her.  Jolene felt herself fainting, falling to the floor.  In no time at all, or  so it seemed, Jolene opened her eyes, and found herself back in the car with the CD still playing.  There was no sign of the shadowy figure anywhere, and the mist was gone as if it was never there.  Her car was moving slowly down the winding highway, still on the opposite of the road.  Glancing at the digital clock, she notice two hours had passed.  "Oh, my gosh, what just happened?" she cried, as tears  streamed down her terrified face.

THE END!------------------------------

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