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Rusa - A Wise Little Child with Straight and Clear Objective

By Rutagengwa Claude Shema

Regional Coordinator

Great Lakes Peace Initiative (GLPI)


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Hervé Rusa was 5 and half years when he was attending a local nursery school in Rwanda, the heart of Africa. It was time for exams before closing the semester. Sport and physical education was compulsory in school, even though it wasn’t major subject at his age.


Then, once, the instructor asked him to do that kind of sport and physical activity as competition with other students. The instructor gave a sign of running to all students in that competition. She said “I will count like this: 1,2,3 and then you run.”


All students got on standby mode. When the instructor started: “1,2,3…”all students ran as fast as they could in order to gain first or closer place to the first, so that they could maximize points. In doing so, they were supposed to run faster, and to touch a tree situated about 30 meters away and back to the first point they had started from.


Unfortunately, Rusa consciously refused. Then the instructor got confused because normally he was/is very obedient child. So the instructor asked Rusa “Why don’t you run. Rusa?”


There was no answer from the poor little  boy!


But at least he was watching them and see what his classmates were doing. And the instructor repeated again, this time trying to encouraging him with more motivation: “Please Rusa,  do it. If not you will get 0 point to your school report(bulletin).”


Still there was no willingness from Rusa! The instructor gave him more than 3 chances to do it, and with different approaches, but still the poor wise little boy didn’t dare to change any thing on his position. He refused without saying anything.


The time for proclamation day came. When Rusa’s parents looked at his school report, they figured out that he had 0 point in the sports and physical exercises column.


“Rusa, what is that? you didn’t do participate? Were you absent?” Father asked Rusa!


“No, I was there,” Rusa answered!


“Then what has happened?”


“It is because there wasn’t reason to run away, since there wasn’t any attack of any kind. Secondly my stupid classmates were running only for touching a tree, without even extracting it and bringing it to the instructor. What should I have ran then for? No reason! I would prefer more than 3 times 0 points to my certificate, instead of doing any meaningless stuff!” Rusa said to his parents.


That wise little child surprised his parents with his straight and clear objective.

In our daily life, how often do we think twice before we act?






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