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 Elderly Woman in a Thunderstorm


By Rutagengwa Claude Shema

Regional Coordinator

Great Lakes Peace Initiative (GLPN)


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Elderly Woman in a Thunderstorm

Once, in her 100’s, an elderly woman was tired with her unpleasant life, and she wanted to pass away so that she could relax in eternal life according to her faith.

Then one day, sitting on balcony of her house, under a breezy rain, she said: “I am really tired with such a life and endless pain all over my body. I wish I was dead instead”

Immediately and coincidently, the strong lightning flashed in the sky.

The elderly woman got terribly scared and trembled, and then she said, “Oh my God! I was simply joking. I don’t want to die so suddenly. This nature of today never jokes.”


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