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 First Day in the Office


By Rutagengwa Claude Shema

Regional Coordinator

Great Lakes Peace Initiative (GLPN)


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First Day in the Office


You have got a job, and you have the boss as your superior.

What will you do as the way to bring new energy and inputs to make better your job?

-Right. Just to smile to him/her.

Well, yes, the smile is so important, but I wonder what would happen if you are in a rebellious group or in any other military wing would get troubles with your commander. Because military soldiers never smile.

Any other idea?

-Yes! I will be smart with nice clothes, and change styles every single day, and show him or her that I am a brilliant worker.

Ok. That is wonderful, but it will be worse if you work in an oil company or a common garage.

The last idea?

-Here I am with some. Taking notes and keep all documents in their places, cleaning the office every day, making the coffee without waiting the boss to do it, being punctual, seeking advice from the boss and never doing any thing which implies our responsibilities without his her opinion, greeting him or her when I come to the job and saying good bye to him or her when my day is done, and more similar good attitudes.

Excellent! But the best thing to do and to keep in mind for the first day and following days, months and years at the job, is “To know what to do, and what is forbidden”. Be wise. J.

That is all.


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