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 French and US Presidents Get Confused


By Rutagengwa Claude Shema

Regional Coordinator

Great Lakes Peace Initiative (GLPN)


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French & US presidents Get Confused

Once, the American president was invited for a special cocktail with his counterpart, the president of France at that time. They were having wonderful time together in a place called Toulouse in France.

But the French president couldn't speak English, nor could the American president speak French, so they had interpreters for translation.

Then before the end of the American president’s visit to France, they had some talks about politics, the economy, etc. And the French president asked, “Dear friend, soon it will be the end of your first term.”

“Yes!” the US president replied.

“Do you have any plan to go for a second term through general elections?” asked the French president.

“Of course! That is the reason why I am here as well, just to get some ideas.”

“Oh! That is great.”

They took some cognac for "cheering" the good news. Then, after a while, the French president asked him, “Do you like Toulouse?”

The American president got irritated and replied vigourously, “No no no, never!”

The French president got confused and hurt somehow, as he felt disappointed that his counterpart didn't like the place - Toulouse!

Meanwhile, the American president was wondering why he French president seemed to want him to lose (the election).



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