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John and the Children Trafficker

By Olatunbosun Adetula (Nigeria)


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Chapter 1

         It was 7:30 am Monday morning, John was late for school, he quickly sipped his tea and went outside. He had missed the school bus. He could see the back as it made it way down the dusty street. Trekking to school would be too difficult for him, although his school was not too far, but the joy of mixing and jesting inside the school bus always give him a sense of belonging. He loves his friend Tade, whom he especially looked forward to seeing this Monday morning. He looked at   his wristwatch; it was about quarter to eight as he continued walking down the street that led directly to his school.

He knew that teacher Steve would scold him for coming late to school, although he always escaped his punishment, but today he had nowhere to hide, he could not understand what kept him in bed so late.

He was about entering the class when teacher Steve called him, with nervousness, he went to meet him.   He was shaking in front of his teacher like a fowl that has just been beaten by the rain.

"Why did you come late to school John?"

“I woke up late sir," said John with fear

“You know I don't like students coming late to my class."

“Yes sir," said John nervously.

"I will forgive you, next time you will not be spared."

"Thank you sir," said John as he hurried to his seat.


Continued ...

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