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Literature Discussion -


John and the Children Trafficker

By Olatunbosun Adetula (Nigeria)


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Chapter 7

                 The time was getting to twelve in the afternoon, when Madam Patricia ushered them into another office, later he went outside. The first inkling that John had that something was wrong was when the front door was widely opened, from the office they could see a boughless trees as it shook in the rushing wind.
Two hefty men came into the office; followed by Madam Patricia she rubbed her well manicure fingers and addressed the boys.
"Welcome to my world, I don't want to keep you here for so long."
The two men came forward.
"Mr. Junaid told me, you needed a job desperately."
"Yes madam, we need this job, so as to raise money for children, who were rescued from children traffickers." said John explaining himself.
"Don’t worry children; you have come to the right place."
"Thank you madam, God will reward you in a big way." said Alli.
"You will work for me and I’ll reward you handsomely."
"Are we going to work here in this office." said Alli as curiosity seized him like a pang of death.
"No, I have a big factory, an hour journey from here that is the place, where my men will take you to.” said Madam Patricia.
She gestured to the two hefty men behind him.
"Take the two boys to the factory, take good care of them." said Madam Patricia.
 John and Alli were ushered inside a Mercedes Benz car, they sat at the back, the driver name was Sunmi, he had a broad chest, he is tall and dark in complexion, he had a melancholy smile and his hand were very broad. The car soon left sending smoke to the sky.
The car was racing away, Sunmi was a reckless driver, when he put on his dark glass, he looked like a devil.
"Sunmi, accelerate this car, I want to go and meet my girl friend." said Bambi.
"Ol boy, I am over speeding, this car is not a rocket, remember." replied sunmi.
"Move faster, biggie, you are making my blood run cold.” said Rosco.
“Very soon, I’ll drive this car to the sky." replied sunmi angrily.
It took John one hour to know that they have become victims of child traffickers. Alli was crying, Bambi drew out a glistening knife and threatened him, he quickly shut up his mouth, John became so sad, he didn't informed his parent, they would be looking for him now.
They saw a police checkpoint, John thanks his star but he was disappointed when the policemen wave the car on. They soon swerved into one adjoining road. Minute later, the car was driven inside a large compound.
At the gate a man hold an Alsatian dog. Inside the compound was a large building and a small one. As they came out of the car, John and Alli could see some children in tattered cloth rushing toward a tap, they wondered whether the place was a children factory.
John tries to scrutinize the building, looking for an escape route, but he could not see any because the fence was tall and smooth. Alli eyes were soaked, he was sad because he had brought John into this predicament.
They were ordered to get down by Sunmi and he ordered Bambi to take them to the caretaker.
They were dragged into the caretaker office.
His office was very small; he had a desk, a chair, a computer and a large frame on the wall, embedded with the picture of Madam Patricia.
Mr. Bruno was the caretaker, he was a fat man of around forty years old, he had a long unkempt moustache, he wore a white shirt, he was not tall, but a short, sturdy man.
"Good afternoon children." said Mr. Bruno looking into their eyes.
"Good afternoon sir." said John and Alli simultaneously.
He lit a cigarette and told Bambi to get out, he ordered them to change their clothes, and he threw two yellow clothes at them he gave them a number and embedded it in their uniform. Alli was given No. 599 and John number 600.
"This is your working cloth, put it on every time."
"Yes sir," said the children in fear.
"We have our rules and regulation." said Bruno.
"Yes sir,"
"Maria will give you the rules, she will show you your working place and rooms don’t be afraid you have many friends to play with here."
He called his secretary, Maria came into the office, and they exchanged glances, he nodded to them to follow Maria outside. Maria was a lady of thirty years old, she had this melancholy looks which spoilt her beauty. She took them to her office, a small dingy room. She held a paper and started reading from it.
"You should wake up exactly 6:00 am every morning, work start immediately and work stopped exactly 12:00 pm in the afternoon, breakfast is serve immediately after the morning work, work resumes exactly 2:00 pm and in between work, you don't talk to anyone, work closes exactly 9:00 pm." she stopped reading and look into their eyes.
"Do you have anything to say?"
"Nothing ma" said John and Alli simultaneously.
"Now follow me."
She took them to the front of the building, she knocked and one of the guards came to open the door. Maria discussed with him for some second, later they went inside the building.
They were amazed to see more than five hundred lean, small and little boys working inside the factory, some of them were sweating heavily, and they looked dirty, unkempt and unclean.
Emotion overwhelmed John, he vomited, and the putrid odors emanating from the factory affected Alli so much that he fainted; two boys took him out of the factory.

Continued next week...

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