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Literature Discussion -


John and the Children Trafficker

By Olatunbosun Adetula (Nigeria)


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Chapter 9


                   CHAPTER 9

             Mr. and Mrs. Peter were sad for the past two months; the police had no clue to the sudden disappearance of their son John. The only evidence they got was from his friend Tade and Emeka but the police promised to get to the root of the matter.
The police try to follow the statement of Tade and Emeka and they point accusing finger at Uncle Junaid.
When they got to Junaid supermarket, the receptionist told them that he had traveled, but his whereabouts remained a puzzle for the next two months.
Teacher Steve was so sad, when he was told that the boys were trying to raise money for the children that were rescued from the kidnapper thereby becoming the victim. He promised to do his best to find them.
Alli’s younger brother Idris told the police that Alli informed him that he was going to Uncle Junaid office to look for work and since that time he had not be found. All eyes were fixed on Mr. Junaid, his supermarket was closed, and he was declared wanted.
Inspector Jimmy told his men to look for uncle Junaid wherever they might find him; he gave them his description and his car plate number.
John lay awake all night trying to figure out how he was going to escape, how he was going to escape remain a mystery to him.

He was woken by the terrific shout of the guards, the three guards, opened the dormitory door, the dormitory was just a small but long rooms carved out of the factory, the dormitory led directly into the factory, from John calculation there were six people working in the whole building.
Razor was the gate man, a tall cruel young man, with broad chest he loves playing with the Alsatian. Ringo, kabonski and Tobi were all big hefty men supervising the children in the hall, they were all cruel and wicked, they do not pity the children condition because they are cruel and wicked.Mr. Bruno was the caretaker, he sat inside his office all day long, Maria was the secretary, and she also worked in the kitchen.
The guards called ten boys, among them was John, they were ordered to go and fetch water for the others, just as they were going out of the building, they saw the gate flung opened, they saw a twins headlight, a big jeep came inside the compound. Madam Patricia stepped out, the guard left their duty post and hurried to her side, from where he stood, John could hear Madam Patricia steel voice as it echoes in the compound.
"I want all these children to be transferred fast tomorrow, morning.” said Madam Patricia steel in her voice.
"But to where madam" said Bruno.
“To my factory in Ibadan, I want it to be fast."
"Okay ma, we shall do as said." said Bruno bowing down.
Deep hatred was burning inside john heart as he saw Madam Patricia got down from the car, he felt like rushing at her and inflicting heavy blow on her face, she soon left. John reason that the guard will soon change the course of the work, and true to his prediction, the guard order the children inside and ordered them to start packing their personal effect.

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