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 The King and the Cow Troupe


By Rutagengwa Claude Shema

Regional Coordinator

Great Lakes Peace Initiative (GLPN)


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Once upon a time in a marvelous country of cows and milk, a land of thousand hills and a nation of eternal spring, there was a man who owned a wonderful cow troupe.

Once the King was visiting the area, and  suddenly the King’s limousine had to stop to avoid an accident with the cows, which were going down to the foo of he hill for drinking and watering.

While the King was admiring the nice look of the cows, an ugly man in his 40’s appeared.

King got curious and called that man, and the man bent down on his knees, as it was a tradition and sign of respect towards his Majesty the King.

The King asked him: To whom does it this herd of cows belong?

"They do belong to me and to the King, your Majesty!" the man replied.(Because whatever belongings owned during that time, according to the tradition in that country, for the reason of respect, have to belong to someone jointly together with the King.)

"How come those beautiful cows belong to you, with your ugly face?" the king asking with astonishment.

You are right Majesty. But I am simply their shepherd and owner, not the bull that mated with them!



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