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Screenplay By Phillip Ghee (USA)

Chapter Fifteen



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That night DeBaptise succumbs to a nightmare, he is in a lush jungle setting, standing in front of an alter, in voodoo priest robes. He is streaked with sweat. His eyes are a washed in craziness. The chants and drums of the crowd pecked into a fevered pitch. DeBaptise raises his hands. The dagger he holds is the same one he borrowed from the Boukman.  At a climatic pause the drums and chants come to an abrupt stop. He brings the dagger down upon the body of a live pig, held down by assistants. The blood spatters his face. When he looks down at the pig, it has morphed into the innocent face of Esmele Gutierrez. He awakes gasping for breathe. He locates the dagger, prays and makes ready its return to its owner.

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