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Literature Discussion -



Screenplay By Phillip Ghee (USA)

Chapter Seventeen



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DeBaptise acknowledges to Jared that he is a policeman but he elaborates no further than that. However he does espouse his ideology on the at-risk youth;
that he would rather deal with them here and now at the center and try to affect a change in their behavior rather than to deal with them later at his House.

DeBaptise then changes the subject. He wants to find out more about Braxton and the Professor. He starts off by soliciting a bit more information projects the boys
are currently working on at the Professor’s house. Jared tells DeBaptise about the West African Artifacts they are cataloging. When referring to a Mask that he happens to think is extraordinary, Jared references the Dogon people. DeBaptise is somewhat familiar with this term. The conversation fades. Later that night we find DeBaptise back at a sparsely populated station house, searching the internet for information on the Dogon. He finds a site linking the Dogon peoples to Voodoo and he finally reaches a site which pronounces the Dogon region as the birthplace of Voodoo.

The next morning we find DeBaptise at the Central library. He is referencing books on ancient Dogon culture. In one books he spies knives and daggers
that are similar in form to those he has already been acquainted with.


Continued next week...


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