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Literature Discussion -


Screenplay By Phillip Ghee (USA)

Chapter Nineteen



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We find DeBaptise back again at the butcher’s shop. This time as the attendant help the detective out to his car he comments “man you must hold some serious barbeques.”

That night we find DeBaptise back at his home; this time we are privy to his experiment.
On the wall we see enlarged photos of the marking produced of the Gutierrez corpse.
The second row we see a series of photos taken from the DeBaptise's first experiment.
We see that although those marks are similar there are enough difference to show that they were made by different instruments. DeBaptise draws close to the pig’s carcass and dabs away at a surface pool of fresh blood. As he cleans the wound and glances at the markings to that of the photos on the wall, we can see that they are practically identical to the photos on the first tier. DeBaptise collects his camera and take a photo. We close out by seeing the flash of a camera.

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