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Literature Discussion -



Screenplay By Phillip Ghee (USA)

Chapter Two



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In time, scholastic discipline pays off. Jared is elevated to the post of TA (Teaching Assistant). Finals are approaching. Knowing that Jared is in possession of the keys to Philosophy Department, Braxton hatches a devious plan to lift the keys from Jared. He plans to sneak into the offices and find the master copy to final exams.

On the night his plan is launched, Braxton is unaware that Jared actually witnesses him lifting the keys. Once again Jared's curiosity overwhelms him; he trails Braxton to the scene of the crime. Braxton illegally enters the offices and helps himself to copies of several exams. Braxton plans not only to benefit himself with answers but also to turn a small profit by selling off the answers to the finals to some of the less studious, yet large, members of the college's football team.

Much to the dismay of Braxton’s clients we discover that Braxton has inadvertently copied the correct answers but to the wrong exam. The uniformity in incorrect answers given by certain exam participants triggers an investigation meanwhile Braxton finds himself on the outs within the sporting community. An anonymous phone tip fingers Braxton as the mastermind of the ploy. Due to the fact there was no forced entry into the offices and since Jared had keys to the offices and is Braxton's roommate, Jared is suspected as being a possible participant in the caper.


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