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Literature Discussion -


Screenplay By Phillip Ghee (USA)

Chapter Twenty-Three



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Although still on campus grounds, the Professor’s house sits towards one of the far end of the campus, bordering a heavily wooded area and with earshot of the ocean, which crashes upon the rocky shores far beneath the cliffs.  Very little resembles campus life out in this desolate area. Facility building and other houses are spaced far enough apart as to ensure maximum privacy.

Unlike the front of the mansion, the rear of the premises is left relatively unkempt and more or less blends into its wooded surroundings. The pathway leading to the rear basement door is cracked and crumbling, strewn with down branches and large stones and rocks. DeBaptise observes some of the larger rocks, that appear to have been overturned. The seemly un-traveled path may not be so un-traveled after all. Unfortunately the rain has washed away any other potential clues. Dirt, now, muddy paths lead from the back area presumably to the woods and onwards perhaps to a view of the ocean.

The downpour continues as DeBaptise waits. He hears the rustling and moving around of items from inside, by the time the door opens, DeBaptise is thoroughly soaked. The door only opens halfway. A solemn faced Jared still obstructing entry. DeBaptise sees that he has to compromise a bit more and goes over his intentions yet again.


Jared, I promise you. I won’t touch a thing. I don’t even have a search warrant. If I did see something, it would be invalidated.

I just want to return the knife OK? Just give me five minutes. (he waits for reaction, receiving none he continues)

I know that I step out of bounds here. I also promise you that I won’t ask you to do this sought of thing again. I am sorry


Jared says nothing, his look now more grim than anything else, he allows DeBaptise to pass. Once inside, DeBaptise first glances at the inner door, nothing. He moves slowly and purposefully. He had not been in this area of the basement on his previous visit. He notes standard basement junk, the type you would find in any basement: old tools – old pieces of furniture – a collection of dust and discarded rags. Sitting high on shelving are bins and hampers. Some of the bins have prefitted covers. Some have makeshift covers.
Some are simply covered with old blankets, old wool blankets, the type given out in shelters and the likes. Others are left uncovered or have had their covering removed.
In one corner is a furnace. DeBaptise visualizes items of Esmele clothing being brunt in it. He also visualizes the matching dagger lying somewhere deep in the burnt residue.
DeBaptise is brought back to reality by Jared whispering to him to hurry. As DeBaptise approaches the area where the Dogon Peoples artifacts are stored, Jared motions for him to stop. Jared indicates that he hears noise from upstairs.


Where did you park?


After I let you out. I pulled over to a wooded area, The car is quite concealed.




Jared motions to upstairs once again and motions for DeBaptise to wait. Instead of taking the lift, Jared uses the stairs. DeBaptise would love to take advantage of the situation.
He first goes over to the area where the hampers and bins are stored. He would love to have a look but they are stored too! high and precariously placed. It would take him too! much time and effort to have a look see. Next he ventures over to the furnace. Inside he sees nothing but the pile of ash but the freshness of the pile indicates that the furnace has been in use in the recent past. He picks up a poker and starts to poke. Just than, He hears footsteps coming down the stairs. Jared whispers and calls out his name. He goes over to meet Jared. Jared is still halfway up the stairs concealed mostly in shadows. As Jared take a few more steps down and is bathed in the light, we see a shiny reflection from behind. DeBaptise is frozen, as a menacing Professor Alagore emerges from the shadows, holding a very large gun, pointed directly at the detective.


Continued next week...


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