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Literature Discussion -


Screenplay By Phillip Ghee (USA)

Chapter Twenty-Six



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Jared looks at DeBaptise with disbelief. He then turns a confused glaze towards the professor. The professor corrects his stanch, rearranges himself and gives continuance to the story. We now view the incident through the flashbacks from the professor’s point of view.


Cut to Flashback: A hysterical Jared is shown seeking out the professor. He
confides that something horrible has happened. The professor calms him down and is able to wrestle from him the story.

He gives Jared a mild sedative. First the professor clears the house. He summons Braxton. He gives Braxton the car keys and asks that he take the maid over to the valley to pick up specialized cleaning materials for artwork and antiques. He is assured that errand such as this will take a couple of hours given the LA Traffic.
Once they have left and once Jared is in the full the embraces of the sedative; the professors ventures downstairs to access the situation. There he finds Esmele; she is wheezing for breath but, nonetheless still alive. He goes over to her still collapsed body.


(muttering, more to himself than to the girl)

“You had to mess with his life, didn’t you? Damn you. You know that he’s chosen. Destroy his mission in life, that’s what you want, you Jezebel?”

The girl makes signs of greater recovery. The professor is now alarmed.

“Well! I won’t let you do it. He’s mine. I know who you are.
 I won’t let you win this one.”

He franticly looks around. He spies the dagger.

“From Hell you came and to Hell you will return.”

He plunges it into her chest. We hear the last gurgles of life escape from the girl. Now as the scene slowly start to fade: We see the Professor from hindsight, bending over the girl, meticulously making arm motions as to indicate that he is doing a little more than just stabbing the girl. He mutters ancient phrases in Latin as he performs his precisioned work. The scene fades out.

Now feeling vindicated, by way of confession, The professor he turns his attention to Jared. However, Jared now looks at the Professor with contempt. The professor realizes this. He attempts to regain the boy’s confidence.


Continued next week...


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