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Literature Discussion -


Screenplay By Phillip Ghee (USA)

Chapter Twenty-Eight



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We fade into a conversation already in progress. DeBaptise sits casually on Garcetti’s desk.



So the Braxton kid never did tap the girl? (DeBaptise silently nods)


Damn, I guess she just wanted to hit’em where it hurt.  (he pauses, and with his finger as a pointer, simulates thinking aloud)

You know Jean, she wasn’t pregnant? Nope, not even a day, she must’ve known that.
She had a dresser full of cash and a modest bank account. I mean, no Fort Knox but enough for a teenage girl to get her freak on. So it couldn’t have been about money. Looks like she she wanted to ruin him, make him bleed. (he pauses again)

Hey ya think that nutty professor may have been right with all that Exorcist crap?




(silent for a moment. He stares off into space, subconsciously rubs the scar, well hidden beneath his high collared shirt then utters an unfinished sentence)

More things in Heaven and Hell my Dear Horatio…

Fade to Black

Blank Screen: run scroll

Professor Alagore’s attorney successfully argues the additional kidnapping charge in order to get the case tried in Federal Court. The professor is given two consecutive life sentences for the murder of Esmele Gutierrez and kidnapping of a police officer.
Because of his connections he sent to the minimal security:
Poway Federal Prison knick named Club Fed. Here notable prisoners and those with friends in high places serve out there time. The professor is quite happy in his new post as Prison Chaplin.

Fade to Black,


Continued next week...


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