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Literature Discussion -



Screenplay By Phillip Ghee (USA)

Chapter Four



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Professor's Easton is influential, and as a result of his esteemed tenure, he is afforded a large estate on Campus in which to reside. The boys are introduced to their new duties and time passes.

On one particular Saturday morning we find Braxton and Jared waiting for the campus shuttle bus. Braxton is off to the side, playfully flirting with a young woman who is also on route to the professor's house.

She is Mele (Esemele Gutierrez), by way of agency; she assists some of the more experienced maids who clean properties at the college. Occasionally she is assigned to help Professor Easton's maid with cleaning duties on the weekends. Braxton whispers something in her ear. She goes at him with a half hearted swing of her backpack. Braxton dodges into the street causing an approaching car to suddenly hit the brakes. The car squeals to a halt.

Inside a car we hear a thickly accented Haitian voice. The voice gives a peppered appraisal of Braxton's actions.  As the trio board the campus shuttle, the girl playfully sticks her tongue out at Braxton.

Our tale of Campus life is about to take a radical departure.


Continued next week...


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