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Literature Discussion -



Screenplay By Phillip Ghee (USA)

Chapter Five



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Subscript: East Los Angeles 3:00 A.M.

Outside an abandoned warehouse a crime scene is in progress. Several disheveled detectives gather in front of a body on a gurney. An even more disheveled detective exits his car with a series of grunts and very creative curses (he has a thick Haitian accent). Detective Jean D'Baptise is a veteran of The Los Angeles Police department.

He exchanges unpleasantries with his fellow detectives. They brief him on the details. Some of the officers believe they may be dealing with a serial killer or a whacko. The stab wounds are numerous and odd shaped. D'Baptise carefully examines one of the wounds; he has seen wounds like this before, but where? He motions for the sheet to be brought up over the girl's face. He pauses momentarily, pulls the sheet back down from her face. Something seemed familiar about the girl but he just can't place it. He comments regarding the childlike innocence of her face. Damn shame, such a pretty girl, he muses and departs.


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