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Literature Discussion -



Screenplay By Phillip Ghee (USA)

Chapter Nine



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CHAPTER 9                          



DeBaptise and Garcetti share a couple of coffees. DeBaptise inquires about progress on the Paper Mill Murder, the name given to the case of the murdered girl. Garcetti whines about of being stretched too thin. He is assigned to another murder. The shooting of a party-goer in the more trendy section of East LA. This area is a good source of revenue and they don’t want to lose the trendy foot traffic. The local Councilman is busting Garnett’s chops over the case.

Getting back to the Paper Mill Murder, Garcetti doesn’t believe it is the work of a psycho. He figures that the oddity of the cuts and stab wound are due to the girl being sliced and diced with a homemade shank. The one strange mark that almost looks symbolic he attributes to an attempt gone bad to slice out a gang logo. He bellyaches about the area having so many gangs that it going to take him months just ID-ing the recent discharges from the Prisons, Jails – Halfway House and Juve. He believes who every did it, was recently released, therefore they might still be more inclined to use a homemade weapon. DeBaptise confides that he listened in on the questioning. He expresses sympathy for Garnett’s work load. There is only one Catholic church in that section of East LA who does blanket ministry. Since the Mission is on his way to the Youth Center, as a favor, DeBaptise offers to pick up some of the slack. He will drop by and see if any of the Priests saw anything strange that night.


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