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 Psychotic Man, Wife, & Catapult


By Rutagengwa Claude Shema

Regional Coordinator

Great Lakes Peace Initiative (GLPI)


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Far away in Africa, there is a neuro-psychiatric hospital where psychotic people are supposed to spend some days or months for special  madical care.Then after getting better,those people used to go back back to their homes after confirmation by a psychiatrist doctor. Normally this confirmation would come after checking that the person is really better than before. 


Right.Then once a person spent more than three months in that hospital,and finally he felt like he had gotten better, sohe went to doctor's offic ,and told him that he would like to go back home.

The doctor replied, "OK, what will you do if  I let you go home now then?
"I will hug my wife,"The guy said.
Dr: "Oh.That will be good.And after? Only that?"
The man:"Well, nxt I will take her to bed."
Dr ":Oh.Good boy".
At this point the doctor thought that the man was getting better,since he was repplying normally to all questions,and he was conducting polite conversation, so the doctor was thinking of preparing a discharge form for the man.
"What will you do after taking her to bed then? - Dr.asking.
"I will take off her underwear, and immediately remove the elastic rubon from it then make a catapult, and run away into the forest to hunt wird birds,"the man replied.


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